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18 & 25 February, 3 March 2008

Posted by rajiv on 19 February 2008

We had 11 yesterday – Nicolas, Channou, Mark L, Justin & Tim C (Blues) v Andrew P, Kevin, Boon Yick, Llion, Dede and me (Reds & Other colours, playing 5 at a time with a rolling sub).

We had one hour – a good work out, some good finishing, with fatigue coming into it towards the end.

I collected S$8 per person from most of you.

Next week (Monday 25 Feb 2008 ) is at Bukit Timah campus:

8 to 9 pm – Court No. 1
9 to 10 pm – Court No. 2

The following week (Monday 3 Mar 2008 ) is also at Bukit Timah campus: 8 to 10 pm – Court No. 2.

I am away from 23 Feb to 8 Mar 2008. The ball is with Channou – please confirm your attendance for 25 Feb 2008 to him. Channou, please collect S$2 per person for me on 25 Feb 2008.

The same will apply for 3 Mar 2008. Channou, if you can, hold on to the ball for 3 Mar 2008. If you cannot be sure that you can attend on 3 Mar 2008, at the end of the game on 25 Feb 2008, hand the ball to Teik, Bert or anyone who who is confirmed for 3 Mar 2008. Whoever brings the ball on 3 Mar 2008, again, please collect S$2 per person for me.

I had earlier put all previous e-mails relating to match scheduling and reports on a blog. I have now moved the blog to WordPress – Rather than send out mass e-mails (which, together with all the replies, clog up e-mail accounts), I am inclined to use the blog to schedule future sessions.

Anyone can post comments now.

Please check it out, and let me know if you have difficulty accessing the site, especially if you are behind a firewall at work.


5 Responses to “18 & 25 February, 3 March 2008”

  1. channou said

    Hi everyone,

    Rajiv, the website looks great. It will make communication a lot easier indeed.

    Guys (unfortunately can’t say “girls”), please confirm with me if you are coming for the next session (25 Feb) by Friday (ideally by noon time so that we can work out if we are short of players in time). Similarly same thing then for the following week regarding the 3rd of March session. Both are at Bukit Timah campus.

    Cahir, thks. Noted you’re in for the 3rd of March.


  2. tom said

    Rajiv, the site looks nice. I agree that scheduling and confirmations can be done in a 21st century manner.

  3. dennis said

    hey guys this is really good getting going – I am so proud of your
    efforts –

    Rajiv, you never fail to impress me with your ideas – you should think
    about going in business – football business – seriously – run games etc
    – organize websites – locations – also getting chicks as cheerleaders
    for games too! anything related to football –

    anyway thot I drop you guys a note – I am now officially plonked in HK –
    heard there’s alr a game on grass this weekend – but I guess its come a
    week too early – so probably give it a miss – nothing about weekday
    games – that’s when I really miss our sessions tog – and my regular
    outlet for screaming at you lot – and getting told off occasionally! ha!

    Thanks for organizing drinks last week and those who were able to head
    down to Lau Pa Sat – we had a reasonably good time – esp witnessing Tom
    trying to extort $300 from Clive – yes, Tom – those of us who know Tom,
    probably wouldn’t be too surprised – he’s a crook when you least expect
    it – worse was probably reserved for Glenn – Tom hates scousers – and
    he can smell one a mile away –

    seriously the rest of you guys should chip in whenever you can to
    organize the numbers – the more committed we are – the better the
    efforts to get everything going – remember I still want to have a team
    to come back in when I come back from HK –

    till we meet again – you guys have fun – and please have someone do the
    shouting – so when I am back – you guys will not be too fazed when I
    start bellowing again – then again for all you know – I may have
    mellowed by then –


  4. raj said

    Dennis, please find a pitch in HK. Perhaps we will have a Summer Tour to Hong Kong.

  5. rajiv said

    Thinking about it Dennis, so that I’ll have something to do when I retire.

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