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Venues In The Bukit Timah Area

Posted by rajiv on 23 July 2008

As I have discussed with some of the Bukit Timah regulars over the past couple of weeks, I have been considering for some time now trying out The Pitch located at Turf City (the old Turf Club at Bukit Timah).

It is a covered facility with artificial turf. The introductory price for a 5-a-side pitch is S$80 per hour. We should be able to take up to 12. They also have a 7-a-side pitch, but that is much more expensive.

The advantages of playing at The Pitch will be as follows:

The disadvantages of playing at Bukit Timah campus are as follows:

  • There is a greater risk of injury on the hard court when you fall or crash against the wall / lamp-posts (which is to be avoided).
  • Even if the rain stops early enough and the game goes on, there are slippery patches on the court, increasing the risk of slipping and falling.
  • Not everyone arrives until after 8.30 pm, so not everyone plays 2 hours.
  • There are sometimes long breaks when the ball goes out onto the field or over the fence.
  • The courts can only be booked a fortnight before, from 1 pm onwards.
  • We are competing with the other lot who play from 7 to 9 pm on Mondays for the 8 to 9 pm slot on Court 2. This means booking at 1.00 pm sharp the fortnight before, and even then, sometimes they get in before us, and we are left with Court No. 1 from 8 to 9 pm. Court 1 is less flexible when it comes to accommodating varying numbers, doesn’t always have proper goalposts (in which case, we improvise with the netball poles), and involves a switch to Court 2 at 9 pm, which disrupts the game.

The advantages of playing at Bukit Timah campus are as follows:

Playing 2 hours was the norm when we played from about 10 am to 12 noon on Sunday mornings, first at RJC, and then at Bukit Timah campus. As it was under the hot sun, we used to have one or two long water breaks. Despite Dennis’s best efforts to improve punctuality, late coming was also the norm, so in fact, we only had just over an hour of actual playing time.

Now that we are playing evenings, we have no water break until the end of the session. Therefore we are getting about an hour and a half of actual playing time. However, due to late-coming, not everyone plays more than an hour in total, so in actual fact, a significant number are only get an hour of actual play.

Whatever your view may be on the respective merits of Bukit Timah campus and The Pitch, we’ll give The Pitch a try.

43 Responses to “Venues In The Bukit Timah Area”

  1. […] the reasons set out here, the session next Monday, 28 July 2008, is 9 to 10 pm at The Pitch, Turf City, off Dunearn Road. It […]

  2. rajiv said

    To all Monday night / Bukit Timah campus regulars:

    I haven’t booked the following Monday (4 August 2008 ) either. Instead, I have bookings for The Pitch on Tuesdays, 9 to 10 pm, all through August. If playing at The Pitch on Tuesday nights is not popular, I can cancel the bookings.

    If any of you are keen to continue playing at Bukit Timah campus from 8 to 10 pm on Monday nights, you can book online at Singapore Sports Council’s iBook Sports Facilities Reservation System.

    You need to register first. Make sure you choose “NRIC” or “Passport No.” correctly when you register. Teik tried to register some time ago, but may have wrongly selected “Passport No.” and has since not been able to log in, correct his registration or re-register.

    Once you are registered and log in, click on “Booking” at the left of the page.

    The Booking page with several pull-down menus will appear. You need to have Java installed to see the pull-down menus. Make the following selections/entries:

    • Under “Activity”, select “Netball (Spe Outdoor)”
    • Under “Venue”, select “Spe Outdoor Facilities”
    • Select the desired “Start Time”
    • Select the desired “End Time”
    • Select the desired “Date”

    Click on “Query”.

    The page showing the available time slots for Courts 1 and 2 will appear. Select the slots you want by clicking in the corresponding boxes to the right of the page.

    Payment has to be made within a day or two, otherwise, the booking lapses. Payment can be made online by credit card. There is a “no cancellation” policy, except for rain.

    Slots only become available for booking at 1 pm a fortnight earlier. Therefore, if you want to book for 11 August 2008, you can only book after 1 pm on 28 July 2008. If you want Court 2 from 8 to 10 pm, you need to get in fast, otherwise, the other lot take Court 2 from 7 to 9 pm, which will leave you with Court 1 from 8 to 9 pm and Court 2 from 9 to 10 pm. Sometimes, no matter how fast you are, the other lot get in first. If you leave it too late, the netball girls take Court 1 from 8 to 9 pm.

    After you get the slot you want, you can either:

    • E-mail everyone interested in playing on Monday evenings at Bukit Timah campus to confirm numbers and finalise arrangements for the session.

    • E-mail me, so that I can include the session in the preceding week’s schedule. From now on, I may not play every Monday at Bukit Timah, but I’m happy to help arrange it.

    At the session, whoever paid for the session can collect S$2 or S$3 per person to cover the cost of the booking. Sze Kuan, Ian, Tom and Raj are exempted for another 4 or 5 sessions each to cover the costs of the balls and bibs they have provided.

    Let me know how many of you are interested in doing the booking for Monday nights at Bukit Timah campus. You only need book for the sessions you are sure you will be attending (that is, in a fortnight’s time), and the responsibility can be spread out between a few people. As long as one person gets in quickly, the slots are taken, and the next person checking the availability will find the slots are no longer available.


  3. redseason said

    Thanks for the info. It was tough to (i) move from RJC to BTC, and then (ii) from Sundays to Mondays, let alone mornings to evenings, I’m sure there’ll be reservations about leaving BTC. But let’s give Turf City a good shot – the last thing we need is a breakaway FAFI! Speaking of BTC’s advantages though, you forgot: the netball girls and Abu.

  4. rajiv said

    Tom, it would only be a breakaway if whoever did the booking sent out e-mails and confirmed numbers on his own.

    If I continue to include a Monday night session at Bukit Timah campus in the schedule for the following week, and continued to collate numbers, it doesnt’ matter who does the booking or collects payment – it wouldn’t be a breakaway.

    I’m just looking for the booking of the slots and the collection of payment to be passed around between us, as long as the booking is done by someone who is sure to be playing in a fortnight’s time. The football and bibs can be passed around sometime in the preceding week. And I can check with the booking office whether they loan footballs.

    If the pool of people is large enough, it would be viable to have more than one session in the Bukit Timah area, in the same way that we have more than one session in the east. Having more sessions and a bigger pool means everyone has a choice, and there will usually be enough people for each session – the essence of FIOFAFI!

    By the way, the netball girls compete with us for Court 1, and instead of “Abu”, there are vending machines wherever else we play. In terms of “advantages” at BTC, you might have been thinking of the female joggers on the track, and their varying “abilities” as “ballgirls”!

    The other advantage of Bukit Timah campus is that it is a good place to “recruit” new players!

  5. Mark L said

    i’m fine with Mondays. Still the better day for me although i must say i have been missing last 2 weeks due to travel. But i do prefer an earlier slot. But also, i note the point about people coming late. 😦

  6. rajiv said

    Mark L (or anyone else for that matter), if you would like to play at Bukit Timah campus on 11 August 2008, why don’t you try booking Court 2 from 8 to 10 pm for 11 August 2008 on the iBook System at 1.00 pm today (as described above).

    If you get the slots, let me know, and I will include it in the schedule for 11 August 2008 when I put it out on 6 August 2008.

  7. dennis said

    well…to me BTC holds a sentimental feeling…but a point to note, redseason Says:
    Wed 23 July 2008 at 10:46 pm
    Thanks for the info. It was tough to (i) move from RJC to BTC, and then (ii) from Sundays to Mondays, let alone mornings to evenings,

    Tom, cant believe you said that?!! we all feel so slighted – the only reason why we shifted Sunday mornings to Monday nights – was cos of the hardy boys – Tom and Raj – Raj din want to get too dark or his gf no longer wanted him and Tom for life of us – just couldnt get it up on sunday mornings??! or have you forgotten – ?? boys please remind him -our dear friend has conveniently forgotten –

    BTC is still good hunting ground for newcomers – yes, the occasional hot bod running round the jogging track and I din know you guys had netball girls now too?? shite, I shouldnt have left – and its airier so breathing is not so laboured – compared to indoor pitches like the cage which is tad stifling for the claustrophobic – but having said that, so prone to temperaments of the weather so definitely a big minus there –

    guess its still good if some of you make the effort to arrange mondays at btc – more space as well to express anyone with cantonalike vision in thread passes – but otherwise if the majority is not too bothered then you guys only have 1 choice I guess!

    well end of the day, it takes effort to do all this – Rajiv, you are doing a smashing job!! I dont see Clive joining you guys anymore? anyone knows what happened to our resident englishman? remember to have fun – and improve yourself for love of the game!!

  8. rajiv said

    Read Tom’s “well laid” and “zippy” account of Monday’s game at The Pitch here.

    Next week’s game in the Bukit Timah area is at The Pitch (all the signs at the place said “Premier Pitch”, but their website refers simply to The Pitch) on Tuesday, but Yu Teik has booked a court at the Bukit Timah campus for the following Monday (11 August 2008).

    If Bukit Timah campus on Monday nights is the preference in the Bukit Timah area, I’ll cancel the bookings for The Pitch on Tuesday after next week.

    However, if there are sufficient numbers for a second session in the Bukit Timah area, I’ll see if Thursdays are available at The Pitch.

  9. […] Tuesday, 5 August 2008, 9 to 10 pm, The Pitch (Bukit Timah). […]

  10. rajiv said

    For next Monday at Bukit Timah campus, we come back to the question of whether to cap numbers at 14 (2 teams only) or to allow 3 teams if there are more people (capped at 21).

    Since Teik, Tom and Ian are the keenest to maintain a session at Bukit Timah campus and to develop sessions in the Bukit Timah area, I’ll go by the majority decision of the three of them (“the Bukit Timah Triumvirate” ) but the person who actually books the slot can “trump”, that is, override the majority decision.

  11. Raj said

    I’m in for Bt Timah Campus every Monday for the rest of the year.

  12. rajiv said

    Ok Raj, you can become part of the Triumvirate (which at that stage, will no longer be a triumvirate), once you start turning up every week, booking the Bukit Timah court a fortnight in advance, or writing match reports. Which will it be?

  13. Yu Teik said

    Welcome back Georgy!!!!!!

  14. rajiv said

    The Bukit Timah Triumvirate’s e-mail responses were as follows:

    From: Tom
    Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 12:33 PM
    Subject: RE: booking

    … I prefer 2 teams max. 14.

    From: Ian
    Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 12:45 PM
    Subject: Re: booking

    Yes I second that. 2 teams max on Mondays at BTC ….

    From: Yu Teik
    Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 12:04 AM
    Subject: RE: FIOFAFI Update (Monday, 4 August 2008 )

    Hi Fellas,
    Prefer three teams, but two is fine by me as long as I am in one of the team. Only trouble with two teams is that is does get pretty tiring, in which case I will probably score a couple in the last thirty minutes especailly if Tom is in the opposition team =).

    So that’s it, numbers capped at 14.

  15. […] by rajiv on Wed 6 August 2008 Yu Teik has booked 2 hours on Monday, 11 August 2008, at Bukit Timah Campus – 8 to 9 pm on Court No. 1 and 9 to 10 pm on Court No. 2. Numbers are capped at […]

  16. redseason said

    @Jiv: In the upside down world of FAFI, surely there’s nothing more appropriate than to have a triumvirate with 4 constituents?

  17. rajiv said

    Well, Raj has done a match report, so he can join the Triumvirate. In the world of FAFI, the Triumvirate can be 5 or 6 even.

    In fact, to be part of the Triumvirate, you should either have booked Bukit Timah campus or written a match report, so Ian doesn’t qualify anymore.

    So in fact, Raj replaces Ian on the Triumvirate, until Ian does his first match report (which he said he’d do next time he plays), in which event, we’ll have 4.

    One more thing for the Triumvirate + 1, you’ll need to decide what kind of ball you want to use on Monday at Bukit Timah campus, and you’ll have to get it before then. I suggest you collect S$1 extra per person for the next 3 or 4 sessions to recover the cost.

  18. […] Edardy and I were there by 8 pm, and joined Look Liew and a friend in a kick-about between the four of us. The others were late, probably due to the heavy rain earlier in the evening. I suppose that in any event, apart from the issue of the cost of 2 hours at Sports Planet @ East Coast, playing from 8 to 10 pm creates all the same time and numbers issues (punctuality and whether we have 2 or 3 teams) we face at Bukit Timah campus. […]

  19. […] Tom has booked 2 hours on Monday, 18 August 2008, at Bukit Timah Campus – 8 to 10 pm on Court No. 2. Numbers are capped at 14. […]

  20. […] Ian has booked 2 hours on Monday, 25 August 2008, at Bukit Timah Campus – 8 to 9 pm on Court No. 1, and 9 to 10 pm on Court No. 2. Numbers are capped at 14. […]

  21. rajiv said

    Tom thinks 14 at Bukit Timah campus is too crowded and numbers should be capped at 12. Tom, do you find that to be the case even when you push the goalposts to the outer-most goal-line?

    If there are no other views, numbers at Bukit Timah campus can be capped at 12 from next week onwards.

  22. […] by rajiv1965 on Wed 27 August 2008 After we played at The Premier Pitch (at Turf City, the old Turf Club off Dunearn Road) on 28 July 2008 and 5 August 2008, Tom and Ian […]

  23. rajiv said

    If we’re now playing to the lines at Bukit Timah campus, it makes sense to cap numbers at 12.

  24. […] Ian has booked 2 hours on Monday, 1 September 2008, at Bukit Timah Campus – 8 to 10 pm on Court No. 2. Numbers are now capped at 12. […]

  25. rajiv said

    As Ian booked the last session at Bukit Timah campus, and has booked the the next one, there can be no doubt as to his place in the 4-man triumvirate.

  26. rajiv said

    I’ll leave it to Tom, Ian, Raj or Teik to book Monday slots at Bukit Timah campus.

    Even if no one books slots for a session at Bukit Timah campus on Mondays, there’ll still be a session in the Bukit Timah area each week, at the Premier Pitch, on either Wednesday or Thursday.

  27. […] We started playing at an additional venue, The Premier Pitch at Turf City. […]

  28. […] Tom has booked 2 hours at Bukit Timah Campus for Monday, 8 September 2008  – 8 to 9 pm on Court 1 and 9 to 10 pm on Court 2. Numbers are now capped at 12. […]

  29. rajiv said

    Tom is currently doing most of the bookings for Bukit Timah campus. When Tom has not been available, either Ian or Yu Teik has done the booking.

    I’ll still put the booking for Bukit Timah campus out on the weekly schedule, and collate the numbers, but I’ll leave it to Tom, Raj, Ian and Yu Teik to do decide on the cap (10, 12 or 14).

    I’ll leave it to Tom, Raj and Ian to decide whether there are enough people to go on with the session (for example, if there are only 8, or there were 10 but 1 or 2 withdraw at a late stage).

    I’ll also leave it to them to co-ordinate attendance at the session itself, for example, take note of late withdrawals or find late replacements. For this purpose, I have provided them with the contact details of those who currently play at Bukit Timah campus, and I’ll provide their contact details to those who play at Bukit Timah campus.

    Going forward, line ups at Bukit Timah campus will not be pre-fixed, but will be decided at the session itself, and the teams differentiated with the use of Tom’s red bibs. If Damian is playing, and brings along the yellow bibs used in Saturday’s 11-a-side game, you could have Reds v Yellows! That would be neat.

    I’ll also leave it to Tom, Raj and Ian to decide whether the session goes on should it rain on Monday afternoon/evening.

    Before I forget, Tom is also handling the following:

    • Writing the report for the Monday BTC session, or at least putting up the introductory post for the person who will be writing the report. This responsibility can be shared once someone else who plays regularly on Mondays at BTC opens a WordPress account.

    • Updating the stats – win-loss ratios and goal charts – at least for the Monday BTC sessions. I leave it to him whether he wants to include win-loss ratios for sessions at the Premier Pitch or other venues.

  30. rajiv said

    Now that Mark L has done his first “session report”, he is technically part of the Bukit Timah campus “Triumvirate”, which now comprises of 5 – Tom, Ian, Raj, Yu Teik, Mark L.

    It’s always good to have odd numbers, so that decisions can be made by majority vote.

    Unless there is a coup of course.

  31. […] Tom has booked 2 hours at Bukit Timah Campus for Monday, 15 September 2008 – 8 to 9 pm on Court 1 and 9 to 10 pm on Court 2. Numbers are currently capped at 12. […]

  32. […] Tom has booked 8 to 10 pm at Bukit Timah Campus, Court 2, for Monday, 22 September 2008. Numbers are currently capped at 12. […]

  33. […] Bukit Timah Campus for Monday, 29 September 2008 – 8 to 9 pm on Court 1 and 9 to 10 pm on Court 2. Numbers are currently capped at 12. The following Monday, 6 October 2008, will see us resume sessions at The Premier […]

  34. […] me, that’s a lot of wasted time. We faced some of those issues when we used to play at Bukit Timah campus. I don’t mind playing that way once in a while, but not on a regular basis. We have various […]

  35. […] we are currently only playing on covered pitches, regular FIOFAFI sessions don’t get cancelled due to the […]

  36. […] Of those who have stopped playing, a couple (Nicolas and Juha) have informed me that they are recovering from long-term injuries (not picked up in a FIOFAFI session of course, although Nicolas’ may have been aggravated by playing on the hard courts at Bukit Timah campus). […]

  37. […] Hopefully, Geylang United’s “triumvirate” works out better than FIOFAFI’s own Bukit Timah triumvirate! […]

  38. rajiv said

    The Premier Pitch was first considered as an alternative venue about a year ago, on 17 March 2008.

    It had been raised with me by Mark L as early as in an e-mail on 28 January 2008:

    guess wat? i was at turf city yesterday. i thik they will be a new astro
    pitch there due to open in Feb.
    Little League Astropitch or some crap.. hee hee.

    Clive raised it with me again by SMS and e-mail on 10 March 2008.

  39. […] by rajiv on Thu 19 March 2009 I’ve made further enquiries with The Premier Pitch.   They inform me that the work has been completed, and they’ve obtained the fire safety […]

  40. […] haven’t played at BTC since the end of September 2008, and, for the reasons first discussed on 23 July 2008, I do not intend to schedule regular sessions there any time in the foreseeable future.  Since […]

  41. […] nights in the Bukit Timah area has always been different, even when we used to play at Bukit Timah campus.  Several of the regulars would like to have more say over line ups and colours.   Perhaps those […]

  42. […] 30 May 2009. The proposal is now for a 7-a-side game at Bukit Timah Campus from 4 to 6 pm (the way we used to play at […]

  43. […] advantage of alternating between Saturday and Sunday is that it brings in more participants who prefer to play at Turf City, but can’t make either Saturday or Sunday.  In time, some of them may also play the FAFI […]

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