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A Beginner's Guide To A Better Weekend

Posted by rajiv on 31 July 2008

It’s that time of the year again, when wives & partners have gotten a little too familiar and Saturdays need to be occupied in more fulfilling ways. Sure, there’s the usual stuff on television, with predictable wins for Arsenal, Chelsea and United.

But if, for once, you wish you could get more involved with the Beautiful Game, there is a remedy called “Fantasy Football”. Put simply, Fantasy Football (FF) is an online game in which participants (“managers”) select combinations of players from teams in the English Premier League and score points according to their players’ real-life performance. The goal, ultimately, is to compete against the other teams selected by the other managers and finish Top of the Table.

A group of us have been playing FF over the past 4 years. Last season’s League (called “SNL-iv”) was supremely exciting, with the title decided only by a goal in the last minute of the last game of the season.

What have we planned for this year? Well, we’ve decided to send an open invitation to everyone here and we’re hoping for more managers to sign up for our league and make it more exciting!

The platform that we play on is found here:

Visit and familiarise yourself with the format and auction details. It’s a little different from other FF platforms in that your 16 man squad is selected by bidding for each of them in an online auction against other managers. In other words, there is a SINGLE pool of players available to ALL managers. Once selected by the winning bidder, the player will cease to be available to the other managers until the winning manager decides to off-load the player.

The cost of registering one team at the site is £20 (S$55). If you have any questions, just post a comment here or email me.

We’re in this game for the fun of it (I hope!) so prize money is a secondary issue; a “flavour enhancer”, if you like. However, we must also assume that you will be committed to the game for the duration of the season. Our entry fee is designed for this dual purpose. With this in mind, we charge an entry fee of S$200 per team. We collect all fees into a secret Swiss bank account and bid for Gareth Barry. Just kidding. We will use this Stash of Cash to reward successful managers in the following way:

  1. Mega riches for the manager finishing top of the League (as a point of reference, last year’s prize was $500).
  2. A consolation prize and a sympathetic pat on the back for the runners-up ($280);
  3. Eight “Manager of the Month” awards ($50 per monthly award).

Details will be determined after we have confirmed Managers in the league.

If you intend to join our League, please register at the site above and let me know by the end of the working day Monday (4th August). Thereafter, the first round of Auctions will take place on Monday, 11th April, and continue until all managers have completed their squad allocation.

11 Responses to “A Beginner's Guide To A Better Weekend”

  1. Raj said

    Wow sounds fantastic…….count me in. Sounds more exciting then all those Nokia Fantasy League rubbish. Although it sounds complex at first glance, I think that the platform of this website is simpler then most which makes the game less time consuming.
    And the auction engine at the beginning of the season makes the game really realistic. So real it will probably teach Rafa how to make bids properly.

  2. rajiv said

    Raj, how do you always manage to sound so genuine? We always fall for your “simulation” when you roll around on the court/pitch.

  3. dennis said

    oi! Tom how come we didnt get a special VIP invitation for regular managers like us? What are the rules going to be like again this time round?

  4. redseason said

    @Raj: Glad you are joining us. You’re right, actually, I also find it less time consuming than other platforms; managing your team is a matter of player selection once a week. The other thing about this platform is that there is a real-time points update so the managers can see minute by minute changes in league standings and player performance.

    Plus, best of all, I budget my holiday on how well (or badly) I do in the League. 🙂

    @Rajiv: I’ve known Raj all his life and I still don’t know when he’s injured or not. Now that you mention it, I did apologise three times for that kick to his ankle. I’m not sure he deserves all three. 🙂

    @Dennis: I’ve sent invites and reminders over the past 3 weeks. Please check your Google (“[description]”?) account or visit your SNLiv homepage.

    @Everyone else: Give it a try; it may not be as fun as playing with your dog, but it’s almost as good.

  5. Bret said

    I think I’ll take a shot at this as well 🙂

  6. Raj said

    Wow, I had a dream about the Fantasy League last night.

  7. redseason said

    OK guys, today is the last day to sign up for the 2008-2009 edition of our Fantasy League challenge. We’ve got eight players signed up already and are waiting for Bret, who will make 9.

    If you want to join, visit and follow the instructions. Thereafter, look out for our League (PIN: 17963) and let me know your email address.

    Where else can you get 9 fun-filled months for the price of a registration fee (S$55) and entry fee (S$200)? Find out what’s making Raj so excited that he has dreams about the competition. Get in there!

    @Mase: You’re welcome to join in this as well; you might learn something. By the way, this site
    claims that Paul Masefield was a right back who played for Jurong. Any first hand confirmation of this?

  8. […] still finds the time to comment on the blog. If you’re playing in Tom’s Fantasy League, an occasional update on the blog of how it’s going might be […]

  9. rajiv said

    Tom, you might like to post regular bi-monthly updates on how your Fantasy League is going.

    It might generate more interest before next season. You can’t expect to generate much interest with just one post.

  10. rajiv said

    Tom, while you’re in the mood for adding content, how about a bi-monthly or quarterly review of your Fantasy League?

  11. […] Tom wishes to invite participants through the blog to his Fantasy League next season, it would also come under “Other […]

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