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Writing For The Blog

Posted by rajiv on 11 August 2008

Apart from being used to arrange our weekly sessions, the blog is also a useful way to record our activities, and to discuss football generally.

A feature that continues a tradition started by Dennis several years ago is the session report. In his mass e-mail scheduling the next session, Dennis would usually include a colourful report on the last session.

I continued writing session summaries when I took over arranging the schedules in November/December 2007, albeit my reports or summaries are far less colourful than Dennis’s.

Anyone who plays in a session is welcome to write the report for the session. To date, apart from me, Tom has done three, Bret two, and Raj one.

Each has his own style of writing.

If you enjoy writing, give it a go. Just let me know, either by a comment below, or an e-mail to me.

If you would like the report to appear as a separate post, you will need a WordPress account, otherwise, it can be added as a comment to an introductory post that Tom or I put up.

13 Responses to “Writing For The Blog”

  1. rajiv said

    Reza has joined the list of those who have written a session report, and Joe has agreed to do one, perhaps for next Monday’s session at Bukit Timah campus.

  2. rajiv said

    If anyone would like to write a match report for any 11-a-side game they watch, whether live in person or on TV, let me know, and I’ll arrange to put it up on the blog.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s S-League or Premier League, or even a refereed game on a neighbourhood pitch, as long as the report is entertaining!

  3. rajiv said

    Bret has done three, and Raj two, session reports, while Reza and John have done one each.

    Tom and Bret have also done one post each on the week’s football news.

    Tom/Ian, as I assume at least one of you will be playing every Monday at Bukit Timah campus from now on, for each Monday’s session at Bukit Timah campus, I’ll leave it to you to either get a volunteer to do the session report, or to do it yourself. If whoever volunteers doesn’t have a WordPress account, Tom, can you put up an introductory post in response to which that person can submit the report as a comment? If Tom is not around, Ian, please e-mail me to let me know who will be doing the report so that I can put up the introductory post.


  4. rajiv said

    Tom, are either you or Raj doing the report for last night’s session? If it’s Raj, can you put up the introductory post for him?


  5. mark leong said

    Hi guys, if you are reading the blog, help to update Tom on your goals scored as he is helping us already to track numbers.
    Eh.. i think i scored only 2 after a zillion attempts. Crap.

  6. rajiv said

    Mark, do you know if Tom is doing the report for last night’s session?

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  8. rajiv said

    I’ve put up a listing of the session reports written by each of us here.

    Anyone who plays in a session and has the time and inclination to write a report within a day or two is welcome to do so. Even a short summary – line ups, score lines at various stages of the game, and final result – will do.

    The quid pro quo for sessions organized through the blog is that a report, or at least a summary, is put up within a day or two of the session.

    It is meant to be entirely voluntary and fun. You might find reading Dennis’s old reports inspires you to volunteer.

    Raj, reading Dennis’s old reports might even inspire you to come up with something better than this for Monday’s session at Bukit Timah campus.

  9. rajiv said

    With his report on Thursday night’s session at Sports Planet @ East Coast, Murray joins the list of session report writers.

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  11. rajiv said

    Reza, John, Raj and Murray, for future reports and other writing, you might each like to open a WordPress account as soon as you can and let me have the e-mail address used to open the account so that I can add you as “Authors”, which will allow you to start a new post, in the same way Tom and Bret can.

  12. rajiv said

    Shankar has now done his first report.

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