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Posted by rajiv on 28 August 2008

Various issues relating to equipment have come up recently, so I figured a post on the subject was due.


The courts at Bukit Timah campus are hard court, so any flat-soled sports shoes, with sufficient grip to prevent you from slipping (but not too much grip as to make turning and swivelling harder) would do. Simple enough.

The pitches at The Cage, Sports Planet @ East Coast and The Premier Pitch are astro turf, so with flat-soled shoes, you’ll be slipping a lot.

There appears to be two types of shoes for artificial turf, one with multiple rubber “pimples” on the soles, the other with fewer, longer, plastic “blades”. The latter seems to cause more pain and even cuts and bruising when it comes up against an opponent’s leg.

I therefore recommend the shoes with multiple rubber “pimples” on the soles. We won’t ban the other type for now, but if you do wear those, be careful not to raise your foot while playing. If you do buy a new pair, get the other type, and you can use the “blades” on grass for 11-a-side games.

Shin pads

After my bruised and swollen shin from last week, I recommend shin pads. Enough said.


Teams are either Darks, Lights or Brights, so it would be good if you have jerseys or T-shirts in black, white and red. A S$5 T-shirt would do.

Any dark colour (dark blue/green, dark grey) will do for Darks. Red is not dark.

Any light colour (light blue/green, cream, beige) will do or Lights. Bright yellow is not light. Unless it is very, very light, grey is not light.

Orange or bright yellow will do for Brights.


Look Liew previously recommended goggles, so you might want to read that.


Tom or Ian will bring the ball at Bukit Timah venues. I’ll bring the ball for The Cage or Sports Planet @ East Coast.

That will do for now.

22 Responses to “Equipment”

  1. Reza said

    I thought there was a red team too? Or are brights the new reds?

  2. rajiv said

    Yup, I still call them Reds out of habit, but orange and bright yellow should be acceptable.

  3. Raj said

    What about Claret, where does that fall into?

  4. redseason said

    Can you suggest the correct fabric material for the jerseys?

  5. rajiv said

    What about Claret, where does that fall into?

    That depends on how dark, light or bright the claret is. In all likelihood, Dark.

    Can you suggest the correct fabric material for the jerseys?

    Please see “That will do for now.” Anyway, if it’s a S$5 T-shirt, you won’t be concerned about fabric.

  6. Raj said

    Jiv, I would appreciate it if I be put into either Reds/ Darks in the future. The reasons are:
    1. I don’t have a proper white outfit for soccer
    2. I look better in dark colors

    Thanks man….

  7. redseason said

    Jiv, sorry to have to ask, but where can we get $5 T-shirts?

  8. rajiv said

    Raj, put the issue up to Ian, Tom and Teik. If the four of you agree (if necessary, by majority), I won’t assign teams or colours for the sessions at Bukit Timah campus anymore, and you can work those things out yourselves at the session itself, with the use of the red bibs. I’ll go with whatever you all prefer.

    Tom, look out for sales. I picked up a couple of S$5 T-shirts at Giordano’s at last year’s Christmas sales. S$10 T-shirts are common enough, but S$5 was a real steal.

  9. dennis said

    seriously – Raj you look better in dark colours cos you are piling it on! ha! so you better do something abt it!

    Tom, I cant for life of me believe you are hunting for $5 a piece shirts – but if you really must, there are plenty in HK – will bring some back when I am home next time round –

  10. rajiv said

    Dennis, I think Tom just couldn’t believe that you could get T-shirts for S$5. He evidently doesn’t shop at the same kind of places we do.

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  12. rajiv said

    In recent weeks, we’ve had some tops in dodgy shades of grey, Llion swimming in Shankar’s red top, and John forgetting which colour he was with.

    I might end up getting 2 red, 2 black and 2 white bibs to cover such situations.

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  14. rajiv said

    We should also get a few spare size-4 footballs. I’ll sort out out equipment needs this month.

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  17. rajiv said

    I don’t know how or why it happened, but two players got swapped round at last night’s session at The Cage, which I think did affect the evenness of the sides.

    It would be unfortunate if line ups get re-jigged because one player doesn’t have the right colour (rather than through the agreement of those playing in order to to make the sides more even). If you don’t have time to check on the blog before coming down for the session, bring both colours. I’ve been sticking with the following:

    • Monday: Black, Red.
    • Tuesday: Red, White.
    • Wednesday: White, Black.
    • Thursday: Black, Red.

    Some of you may feel it’s simpler to stick with just two colours, say black and white. Firstly, some us won’t wear white (see Comment 6 above). Secondly, for those playing more than once a week, it provides an extra option. Thirdly, it adds variety.

    I’ll try to sort out keeping bibs in all three colours in a locker at The Cage.

    As for FIOFAFI T-shirts/jerseys, we seem to have reached a dead-end. I’ll have to take a different approach.

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