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Session Report: 6 November 2008

Posted by rajiv on 7 November 2008

We lined up as follows last night at Sports Planet @ East Coast:

  • Reds: Gilbert, Murray, Andy M, Franco, Benjamin
  • Blacks: Reza, Andy C, me, Ladi, Kenneth

Reds dominated the game, but Blacks should have done better.

Reds took a 4-0 lead in a low scoring first quarter, in what was otherwise a fairly even opening. Both sides were playing well, and Blacks were working hard to stay in the game. Blacks were still in it at 6-9 down after 45 minutes, but then a quick burst of goals by Reds took them 14-6 ahead with 5 minutes to go. Blacks pulled it back to 8-14 but Reds grabbed the last goal to win the game 15-8.

Reds moved the ball around well throughout – good passing and movement finds you a lot of space when you play 5 v 5 at East Coast.

As is usually the case, the side that concedes a lot of goals in short spells usually does so because their players lose possession in the middle of the pitch, allowing the opposing side to break quickly and have an extra man over for the easy finish.

It arises either from holding the ball too long – taking too long to lay the ball off or trying to beat too many of their opponents before laying the ball off – or trying to put a killer pass through the opponents’ defence, which is intercepted. And if you lose the ball in the middle of the pitch, you have to run back immediately to close the gaps in defence, which all adds up to a lot of wasted effort. Not doing so may save you the effort, but you’re letting your team-mates down.

Keeping possession and moving the ball around quickly between players means your team does less work, and your opponents do more running. Often, the early, safe pass is the better option.

It also works better for your fitness if we pace ourselves better over the full hour, rather than starting with a lot of running early on, then flagging at the end.

Also, constantly running into space to receive the ball is a more effective way of getting a work out than doing a lot of running with the ball.

The player of the session poll:

One Response to “Session Report: 6 November 2008”

  1. rajiv said

    By a very narrow margin, the man of the match is Gilbert.

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