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Meet the Player, Meet the Man: Marc H

Posted by rajiv on 11 November 2008

Here’s another of those who has gone missing recently. He knows what he’s talking about and, to date, he is FAFI’s most (ahem) decorated player! Let’s hear it for Mr. Marc H.

Name: Marc

Nickname: n/a

Highest level of football played: National under 19 level

Which Football team do you support: I have been using Dagenham & Redbridge to this question since 1992. It makes people who support Liverpool and Spurs feel good about themselves. (only one United)

The most memorable moment supporting your team: 1999 European Cup final

Favourite non-FAFI player: George Best. He was/is the best.

Who do you imagine yourself to be on a good day: I’m too humble a person to say, but if you twist my arm …..then it’s… PELE !!

Who are you on a bad day: Dirk Kuyt (Editor’s note: Heh heh. Thieving Scouse … snigger)

How do you celebrate scoring a goal: One arm up head down ……a la Dennis Law / Alan Shearer

Best goal you’ve scored during a FAFI game: Don’t recall

Worst miss seen in a FAFI sanctioned game: Don’t recall

Funniest thing you’ve seen on a football pitch (FAFI and non-FAFI): Don’t recall

Which position would the manager of your favourite team play you? midfield

When did you realise that you weren’t good enough to play for your favourite team: I still think they could do with my help……… (Dagenham & Redbridge)

Your favourite football-related book: Roy Keane’s Keane: The Autobiography in 2002

Your weirdest football-related dream: None

Your motto on the pitch: WIN

3 Responses to “Meet the Player, Meet the Man: Marc H”

  1. rajiv said

    Tom, for those who haven’t played with us for a while, you should add a question “When are you going to play again”?

    And start asking for photos as well, which can be added to the profile.

  2. redseason said

    OK 🙂

    @Marc: “When are you going to play again”?

  3. rajiv said

    And having included Marc H in my SMS, I’ve learnt that he’s taking longer than expected to recover from a hamstring injury.

    Despite our personal preferences, we need to keep all channels of communication open – the things you learn.

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