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The Team That Gels

Posted by rajiv on 14 November 2008

When Edardy withdrew yesterday morning from last night’s session, two players came in, so having played on Tuesday and Wednesday, I decided to sit out last night’s session at East Coast. The teams lined up as follows:

  • Blacks: Murray, Andy C, Llion, Kenneth, Kian Kiat
  • Reds: Andy M, Steve F, Joel, Boon Yick, Kumar

As I live nearby, I went down to do the usual admin stuff (ball, payments), and to watch. I also thought I’d record a few clips for the blog, but when I got there, I found the battery on the camera was flat. Another day.

Both sides had several players playing together for the first time, but Reds gelled quickly, took an early lead, and never looked back as they ran out 16-6 winners.

Overall, Reds moved the ball around faster, and though Blacks had their chances, were never really in the game.  It also helped Reds that there was a lot more communication between the players.

Andy C rushed back to work after the session, which might explain why he seemed a bit out of sorts.

I also learnt that Llion’s “nemesis” is Liverpool. It wasn’t a good day for Everton supporters, with Llion and another Evertonian, Murray, playing for Blacks, while Steve in his Gerrard shirt was with Reds. A mini-Merseyside derby.

I’ll credit the match report to anyone else who gives a more thorough or interesting account of the session (as comments below). Andy M, Murray, and for that matter, anyone else, if you open a free WordPress account, I can add you as an author, and you can post future summaries or reports yourselves as a new post.

2 Responses to “The Team That Gels”

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  2. rajiv said

    In low voting, Kumar takes it from Andy M.

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