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Match Report

Posted by rajiv on 2 December 2008

Blacks: Clive, Kevin, Kumar, Mark C, Santi, Shankar, Tom, Yasseen
Reds: Bobby, Damian, Franco, George, Gilbert, Kin, Mark L, Rajesh

No fancy reportage today, folks, just the facts.

Reds beat Blacks 3-1, with Kin, Gilbert and Franco scoring for Reds and Mark C getting a goal for Blacks.

Both teams played really well, were organised and everyone gave a good account of themselves. Blacks had enough decent chances to win the game but it was not to be.

So much for the broadsheet report; now for the tabloid rant.

The game started off played in good spirits but got a little niggly at the end. The silliness started, Clive rightly observed, when both teams got a little too “professional” with the line calls. Reds claimed for every ball that went out of play, Blacks claimed for every ball that went out of play. Soon enough, the little disputes escalated into fouls and name calling.

It’s the responsibility of the captains to set the tone. The two captains – Tom and Gilbert – were at fault for letting things get out of hand. We should have risen above the quibbles and imposed more fairness into proceedings. Perhaps we should have even called a “time out”.

The game ended rather abruptly (just before 10) and painfully when Kumar was fouled by Kin. It really put a dampener on things. Having played with Kin for years and years, we know that he isn’t a malicious player. Unfortunately,  this is not the first time that his robust style has caused an injury. The solution, as has been stated here many times, is to adapt our play to the game. This means staying on our feet, and putting an end to unnecessarily dangerous challenges.

In the aftermath of the injury, for which Kin immediately apologised, we saw the good side of FIOFAFI thanks to Shankar (for getting an ice pack) and Gilbert / Damian (for providing the spray).

We also saw the ugly side: there are also wrong ways of behaving when a player is clearly in distress and we feared the worst. One of them is to stand above the injured player, with a sneering grin and ask:

Why so serious?

Franco, that is just despicable.

29 Responses to “Match Report”

  1. redseason said

    By the way, Franco, just for the record, there is no need to elbow / hit me in the kidneys.

  2. Santi said

    Get well soon Kumar.

  3. redseason said

    Oh yah, forgot to update you on Kumar’s status. By the time he got home, he was able to gingerly put some weight on the ankle. I doubt that there is a fracture, but it will be some weeks before he is back.

  4. Santi said

    Did the grinner wear a red bib and smelt like Sauerkraut?

  5. Man. Mark L said

    Hee Hee. Kumar, hope to see you back soon.

    i think the other thing as well for games on the Premier Pitch, would be to seriously consider wearing some shin pads. i mean, it wouldnt have prevented last nites unfortunate mishap between Kin and Kumar, but would have prevented some further injuries to mistimed/ misplaced unintentional knee to knee actions. If you are serious about getting basic shin guards at cheaper prices, i am sure i can ask Kevin to arrange a group buy. But its really in the spirit of enjoying the game and not worry too much about swollen shins 😛

    Other than that, yes, good game. Perhaps the capts MAY have stepped in to prevent over zealousness, but too be fair, we are all adults and should also exercise some form of control over our game.

    Santi, apologies if i got you last nite.. i really didnt realise that i went through you (cos i didnt do it or intend to do it)… So if it was for real (the part that you fell down), then please do accept my apologies. i am a dirty player.. but not so dirty 😛

  6. Franco said

    Tom, sorry I guess you just were under destress, perhaps more than Kumar…;-) and forgot what I really said…if so, than ask Kumar as I guess he understand it much better and in the right way…;-)
    Kumar all the best and hope to see you back soon.

    And by way the way, your proudly announcment to kick me and to try to get hurt like Kumar got, should be put under the section “No Fairplay” and have to be banished immidiately and is not worthy to be a captain!!!

  7. Franco said

    Tom, did I hit you? Sorry and my apologize but 1.) it were 100% with no intension, as I would call myself a quite fair player and I can count all my received red cards over the last 35years on one hand 2.)I even have not realize or heard you calling for a fault.
    But anyway sorry again if i did so.

  8. Gilbert said

    It was great game with top quality skills displayed by both sides. A close match even though there were plenty of chances but I guess Reds had more luck on their side. Both sides defended and moved the ball really well even though there were 16 guys on the pitch which got a bit crowded a times.

    I feel that it is every players’ responsibility to respect each other and the rules of the game. If you were the last the touch the ball before it went out, simply call out ‘your ball’, give the ball to your opponent and get on with it. Don’t cry foul when you are not fouled so that you can have that penalty and score the winning goal. You are disrespecting your opponent, yourself and the game. Your Captain can’t help you with this, only you can.

    We all know that football is a contact sport and it can sometimes become very physical. I think we all need to understand that it is risk we take each time we get on the pitch. Styles of play can be subjective. ‘Robust’ to you may be ‘Soft’ to me. Granted that we may one day be able to clamp down on dangerous challenges or sliding tackles but misjudged challenges and accidents will still happen.

  9. Santi said

    Mark I am sure you didn’t intend to kick me. But it did lead to the Red’s goal immediately after. When the score was 1-1 or 1-0.

  10. yaseen said

    get well soon kumar…

  11. redseason said

    @Manuel: Yah, I was going to wear shin pads but my order from is taking far too long.

    @Manuel & Gilbert: Yeah, you guys hit the nail on the head. Captains can only do so much. The rest is, as Gilbert says, about respect:

    Your Captain can’t help you with this, only you can.

    Where captains can still help is to cool things down and take the sting out of the game, and sometimes, we’re so caught up with the game, we genuinely believe it is OUR ball.

    @Franco: There were things I said to you after the Kumar incident which I should not have said. For that I apologise. I get a little hot-headed (as you know). Let’s draw a line and, before we next play, I’ll give you a big hug 🙂

    OK enough of this Oprah love-in. This is so un-Tom like. I feel like I’m turning into a girl (again).

    By the way, let’s not forget the main thing: it was a damm good game.

  12. Mark L said

    @ Santi- i am really really sorry.. cos you know i am not that dirty a player intentionally. So if i hurt you (and you know how i dont even know if i did cos hee hee everytime you call foul i have to think carefully if there really was a foul…), please accept my apologies. The score for last nites game should be minus one goal, so its 2-1 to Reds since the goal that came after should have been disqualified.

    @ Tom & Gilbert- Yes, i agree we should call our own.. like when i called for Blacks out after our little interaction between Tom and Me in the Reds half. Thats the gist of it.. i mean, if we play fair, but hard, all will be well.

    To not detract from the report, Kumar, enjoy the flight to UK? i suggest you dont get well, so you can get wheelchaired at Changi Airport, perhaps an upgrade even from Economy to Business or Business to 1st Class so that the steward/ stewardess can take care of you better… and best yet, wheelchair means no need to walk, plus no need to queue at customs…

    @ Tom- Man U Shin Pad i think Kevin can get from you from his contact.. you want? 😛

  13. Santi said

    This thread is making me tear…..

  14. Damian said

    Hey Kumar! Take my advice and go for some physiotherapy today since u will be travelling to UK tom! BTW as I told u last nite Kin’s tackle tho’ mistimed was not deliberate or malicious, I know cos I was tackling you from the back at the same time and had a good view on what was happening.

    Agree with Gilbert on Captain’s role, end of the day we are all responsible for our own actions and we are supposed to be grown, mature men 😉 It seems rather funny to me at times when the tone of the game is to contest and challenge every call or decision…a trend set by a few “chronic actors” 🙂 But integrity is key and how each individual looks at himself at the end of the day is what matters.

    I personally don’t feel that our FIOFAFI games are too rough or physical (c/f the traditional 11a-side games). Of course there will unfortunately always be that odd overzealous tackle when guys get pumped and things get heated but the overall good spirit and sportsmanship that dominates the outcome always prevails. Having said that, there is a fine line betw overzealousness and deliberately blinding oneself to and being indifferent to consequences of simply going in at all costs. The latter of course is malicious in my books. Hopefully being part of FIOFAFI our better judgement will prevail 😉

  15. rajiv said

    FIOFAFI’s second Oprah-inspired episode. Better than Oprah even.

    I SMSed Kumar to see how he was. His reply a short while ago:

    Note as bad as I thought but it’s still all swelled. Hope to be back in the 15th dec week.

    Here’s wishing him a return on schedule.

  16. Kumar said

    Hey boys, thanks a million for the above. My ankle is fine. I’m sure there was no malice in the tackle. It was just bad timing. I myself have mistimed tackles in the past. So I perfectly understand Kin’s position.

    It was a damn good match indeed. By the way, my trip to London has been postponed to Sat. So that gives me more time to rest. See you guys in a couple of weeks time.

    take care fellas!

  17. rajiv said

    A hard-fought, quality game then.

    And 3-1, a real football score. We haven’t had one of those before.

    No man of the match poll though.

  18. rajseran said

    Hi Kumar

    Get well Soon . Take care .


  19. rajseran said

    Hi Damian

    Based on what you have said
    Agree with Gilbert on Captain’s role, end of the day we are all responsible for our own actions and we are supposed to be grown, mature men It seems rather funny to me at times when the tone of the game is to contest and challenge every call or decision…a trend set by a few “chronic actors” But integrity is key and how each individual looks at himself at the end of the day is what matters.

    If these games that we play are not competitive , we dont even need to have a forum . If you realise majority of FIOFAFI players do take this game seriously while also having fun . If every individual do play their part , you would probably see less chronic actors .

    I agree that we are all adult , matured and at the end of the day responsible for our own actions but take note we only have 1 hour of play , Its not FREE neither its a charity game and if we keep having this mentality abt is ok to do this mistake over and over again cause we are all adults , we probably might have 90% of chronic actors in no time.

    Cheers – Just my thoughts .

  20. kin said

    Sorry abt the tackle again kumar… totally unintentional… tired mistimed tackle more then anything… hav a goiod trip to UK…regards…

  21. Franco said

    just to encourage you guys that even a high score game is a fair and normal result…=> I played last night with my wedweek team and we beat my german fellows..12:0!!!..:-)

  22. rajiv said

    Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have referees.

    From the Leicester Mercury:

    Mr Preston, who has been thrown out of the club, said he had an appointment with a doctor yesterday to “sort out anger-management classes”.

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  24. Boris said

    On the note of tackles, slide tackles are not allowed according to FIFA’s Futsal Laws of the Game. Just thought I’d mention that. =)

  25. rajiv said

    Sliding tackles have been a issue of some controversy for a while now. If that’s what the Laws of the Game say, then it’s time we disallow them too.

    Any tackle where the tackler ends up on his bottom or breaks his fall with his hands/arms on the ground behind him in the course of making the tackle.

    So we stay on our feet!

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  27. Santi said

    Having played quite a few games now on the various pitches, I really don’t think that anyone needs to make a sliding tackle to win the ball. If anyone needs to make a sliding tackle in the games we play, perhaps he/ she should focus more on speed-work and fitness outside the pitch.

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