Regular indoor football, sport and other activity for working adults in Singapore

Changes To The Blog

Posted by rajiv on 9 December 2008

With more posts, each week’s Schedule moves down the list of Recent Posts (to the left of the webpage), and disappears off the list, sooner. I’ve therefore added the latest schedule and updates to the schedule to the Current Schedule page (moved to the right in the horizontal list of pages at the top of the webpage).

The Home page has also been revised.

Hopefully, the changes simplify navigating the blog.

3 Responses to “Changes To The Blog”

  1. rajiv said

    You may have noticed more changes to the blog:

    • All the routine information about each session has also been moved to the Current Schedule page.

    The Blog, E-Mails & SMSs page is now a sub-page to About FIOFAFI.

    • A “Credits Etc” page has been added.

    • To reflect our broadening constituency, the original introductory passage has been moved to History of FIOFAFI.

    • Most significantly of all, the tagline to the blog title has been changed to “Regular futsal, football and other activity for working adults in Singapore”

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