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Another Day At The Cage

Posted by rajiv on 10 December 2008

We lined up as follows at The Cage last night:

  • Black:  Andy M, Rajseran, Ladi, me, Melvin
  • White:  Gilbert, Murray, Franco, Yuchi, Boon Yick

My losing streak jinxed Andy M’s winning streak, as Blacks lost 7-13.

Blacks were 1-5 down, pulled back to 7-9, before conceding 4 more goals without reply.

Murray, having been away for three weeks, got a game without “birds”, and looked fresh.

I think we all should take a couple of weeks away from time to time.

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6 Responses to “Another Day At The Cage”

  1. Andy M said

    Blacks looked Jaded and didn’t gel or keep our shape at all. A quick review of the match. We were generally poor on the night, i gave away the ball to cheaply and didn’t feel sharp at all, Ladi’s form dipped after a good few weeks on the winning side, but he did score a couple of decent goals. Melvin & Jiv tried hard but were often too wide in the last 3rd of the pitch. Raj really was the only one who came out of the game with some credibility, due to Melvin & Jiv playing forward Raj had to play deep in an unaccustomed role, however he held us together for spells with some good goalkeeping & defending. Overall i take responsibility for the loss as i let the team lose shape, led by example but sadly that example was a poor one 😦

    The whites on the other hand i thought played well, good covering, plenty of running into space (which we seemed to take as an opportunity to try to find someone else to mark rather than tracking our man!). Murray scored a 3 with his left foot that is how bad we were! Whites link up play was excellent as they came forward with purpose rather than hope and never left themselves to exposed at the back. We often found ourselves out numbered as they attacked as we got caught in no man’s land neither defending or attacking so even when we managed to defend with a man down we didn’t seem to have forwards ready to hit them on the break in numbers.

    With some luck and good goalkeeping we did come back at one point but there only really looked like 1 team likely to win.

    Roll on Thursday

  2. rajseran said

    And i got up this morning with a Swollen Finger . I think could be Gilberts Shot that i saved .

    Andy you should not be taking the fault , it was the team that did not play well last night. If we had everyone defending and attacking at the same time like how the Whites did , the score would have been the other way round .

    We had too many ball watching last night . Impt of playing on a small field with 5 players as a team is to cover each other . If we have 3 of our players attacking and losing the ball midway and not covering back , you end up only have 1 defender and 1 keeper against the 3 or 4 attackers . That is what we were facing most of the time and eventually losing the momentum.

    Nevermind we learnt everytime and hope to do better .

    Another day of wearing black and never won a single match when i have to wear one . need to break this Jinx

    Overall it was a nice workout + a nice swollen Finger . 😦

  3. Santi said

    Raj, are you sure the swollen finger wasn’t from Monday when I stepped on them?

  4. rajseran said

    You are a classic lah Santi .

    One foot on my toes and the other one on my finger at the same time . Gotta learn from the MAster . And No , wasnt from Monday when i actually stopped you on time and pleaded you not to step on my fingers . You were nice on that day , for once 🙂

  5. rajiv said

    Andy M, it’s about time you opened a WordPress account and were added as an author.

  6. rajiv said

    A tie between Rajseran and Murray in the poll.

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