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Schedule: Week Of 11 January 2009

Posted by rajiv on 7 January 2009

As Franco has put together a team of Brazilians for this Sunday, I have booked a pitch at FICO (Jurong West) from 6 to 7 pm. How many do you have Franco? We should be able to put together our own team. I’ll play, so we need 4 more – Boris, Rajseran, Damian, Yaseen, Rizal, Sushil?

As Reza has a female friend who is available to play, and I’ve previously had enquiries from a female friend of Joel’s, Dirk’s friend May, and a couple of others, I’ve said I’ll try to get a mixed session going next week.

I have two pitches for 9 to 10 pm next Wednesday (14 January 2009) at The Cage (Kallang).  One will be our regular session. The other will be a mixed session.  To make it as inclusive as possible, the mixed session will not only extend to female players, but anyone under 18 who can play football and who has a  parent or responsible adult playing.

The mixed session will only go ahead if we get at least two female players. We can go up to 12 for the mixed session (6 v 6 or with rolling substitutes), and it will be unranked. If we don’t get female players, the mixed session will be cancelled.

If we get female players, but we don’t have enough players for two sessions, the regular session will be merged into the mixed session, so we will go ahead with just one, mixed, session.

When confirming, state your preference for the regular or mixed session, and I will try as far as possible to give you your choice if we go ahead with two sessions, but if there are too many for one, and not enough for the other, the higher ranked players will be pushed into the regular session, and the lower ranked players pushed into the mixed session.

The Premier Pitch can’t confirm yet whether their roof will be up by next Monday, so the session for Monday, 12 January 2009, will remain at The Cage, 9 to 10 pm.

The remaining sessions next week are the regular ones:

  • Tuesday, 13 January 2009, 9 to 10 pm, at The Cage (Kallang).
  • Thursday, 15 January 2009, 9 to 10 pm, at Sports Planet @ East Coast.

Confirmations as usual below.

There is also the 11-a-side game on Saturday, 17 January 2009 at 5 pm.

With so much going on, I think I’ll put off Cage cricket for at least a week.

105 Responses to “Schedule: Week Of 11 January 2009”

  1. Bobby said

    Monday & Wednesday (mixed or regular) @ the cage for me pls.

  2. John S said

    I’d like to play on Wednesday at the Cage (mixed or regular).


  3. Damian said

    Mon @ Cage for me pls! WRT Sun session, I need to check this with the BOSS 😉

  4. Sushil George said

    Monday & Wednesday (mixed or regular) @ the cage please for me.

  5. Franco said

    thursday, 15.11. EC for me please. Thx

  6. Boris said

    I’m down for Sunday and any other day Rajseran is playing. 🙂

  7. yaseen said

    hi Jiv, i am on for sunday and monday

  8. Kumar said

    Please count me in for Tues and Thurs. If possible, a friend of mine would like to play on Tues.

  9. rajseran said

    I am in Monday and Wednesday .

    Regular or Irregular i am ok.

    As for Sunday i can only confirm by Saturday cause i might be in Bintan for a golf game.

  10. Boris said

    Monday and Wednesday for me then!

  11. Duncan said

    Monday at the cage for me please Rajiv if there is a spot. Cheers

  12. Andy M said

    Thursday please

  13. Shankar said

    Hi there guys,

    I am out till the end of the month as i wil be traveling. See on Feb.

  14. Boris said

    Does that include today?

  15. yaseen said

    hi Jiv i have a friend i would like to bring to fico on sunday.. is it possible? he lives nearby.. wanted to introduce him to fiofafi

  16. Philipp said

    Wednesday for me please. Regular or mixed. both ok.

  17. Andy M said

    Shankar does that mean you wont be holding up our defence on the 17th

  18. Gilbert said

    Vincent and myself for Tuesday @ the Cage please. Thanks.

  19. Dirk said

    Wednesday @ The Cage, please. Mixed please!

  20. may said

    me 2! mixed of couse 🙂

  21. Reza said

    Tuesday at the cage please. Rajiv, as luck would have it, my friend returns to England on the 13th!

  22. rajiv said

    Reza, so soon! Is she coming back? In your e-mail to me of 30th, you’d said she’d be here for a month. Had she already been here a couple of week?

    Oh well. 🙂

  23. Yuchi said

    tues for me

  24. redseason said

    Thursday for me, please.

  25. rajiv said

    The knee ok Tom?

  26. yaseen said

    hi Jiv is sunday’s session confirmed? can u ask franco.. thanks

  27. rajiv said

    Current Schedule updated.

    Franco, how many Brazilians do you have for Sunday?

    Ronak, can you confirm who your two friends are who are playing on Sunday?

  28. Reza said

    I thought she would be around for the same length of time as her colleague. But it seems she has gone back to the UK early! Oh well indeed!

  29. M Leong said

    Monday @ the Cage for me please… i’m missing too much FIOFAFI…………

  30. Damian said

    Hey Jiv, sorry but am out for Sun but pls put me in for Thurs at SP.

  31. rajiv said

    Joel can’t access the blog, but he’s down for Tuesday and Thursday.

  32. redseason said

    According to the report, there is a slight “radial tear” between “the body and the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus” (Looks like Manuel was right). Anyway, it’s too minor to treat by surgery etc, but not minor enough to disappear. So what the fuck.

  33. John Jacques said


    Any evening next week suits me, so just put me in where you need another player. Many thanks.

  34. andy pidden said

    can play wednesday 14th at cage. dont mind mixed or regular. andy p

  35. rajiv said

    John, how many nights do you want to play? I assume you won’t play Sunday night at Jurong West 🙂 .

    Subject to the workings of the priority system, you can play every night if you like!

    I’ll put you down for Monday and Thursday first, but I might move you around depending on who else confirms, while trying to keep your two sessions apart (with at least one day between).

  36. rajiv said

    Ronak’s friends, Jit and Desmond, will play at FICO on Sunday, so we’re up to 6.

    Franco, get back to me as soon as you can as to how many of your Brazilians will play. I’ve SMSed you as well.

    Your post about the Brazilians is why I resumed the Sunday FICO session this Sunday instead of the following Sunday.

    If you have 5, you can manage your Brazilian team, and I’ll “manage” our FIOFAFI team 🙂 .

  37. melvin said

    Tues, thanks

  38. Murray said

    I’m up for Tuesday at the Cage and Thursday at Sports Planet if there is space

  39. M Leong said


    Guess the Ortho or Pshsio will say you will need to strengthen the muscles around the ligaments. So play with knee guards/ support, do light work and then work your way back to football.. i play with busted ACL’s on each knee.. still survive.. but that explains the lousy footballing skills then.. 😛

  40. Scott said

    I’m up for Monday if anyone needs to pull out last minute, cheers.

  41. Andy N said

    Can I play Wednesday at the cage. Either mixed or regular.


    Andy N

  42. Edardy said

    I’m up for thursday and if there is an opening for wednesday, I’m in too

  43. bret said

    Wed at the Cage for me please

  44. rajiv said

    The sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are full.

    There are 2 sessions on Wednesday at The Cage, one regular, one mixed. 7 more places to fill. If anyone playing Monday, Tuesday and Thursday can switch to Wednesday, please do so. It will open up more places. It would also be very good if we could get at least 1 more female player for the mixed session.

  45. Benjamin Yeo said

    I’m up for thursday at Sports Planet, ECP. Put me on reserve cos I think it’s full now. Thx.

  46. Benjamin Yeo said

    Put me down as reserve on either Mon, Tue @ The Cage (Preferably) and Thursday @ SportsPlanet. I’m keen to get at least 1 game in next week. Fitness level is really low now.

  47. Sam said

    Wed at the Cage please.Mixed or regular is fine with me.

  48. rajiv said

    Rizal will play tomorrow, Amrish will play on Wednesday.

  49. rajiv said

    With no reply on the blog or to my SMSes, I finally had to call Franco. He informed me that he has at least 3 for tomorrow at FICO, so tomorrow’s session is confirmed.

  50. Boris said

    On Wednesday, both sessions are at 9?

  51. Boris said

    I would like to play in both if it was possible. 😀

  52. rajiv said

    Boris, one leg in each pitch? It would slow you down 🙂 .

    Rajseran is available for this evening at FICO, Rizal is out.

  53. rajiv said

    Nick has agreed to switch from Thursday to Wednesday, and Scott from Monday to Wednesday.

    John J, you’re down for Monday and Wednesday now. Duncan will also play both Monday and Wednesday.

    Benjamin comes in for Tuesday and Thursday.

    Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are full.

    Current Schedule updated.

    There is 1 place left for the two simultaneous sessions on Wednesday. It would be good to have at least one more female player.

    Everyone who has switched from another day, or has not stated that they don’t mind the mixed session, will be placed in the regular session.

    To everyone who has said they don’t mind either the regular or mixed game on Wednesday, please let me know if you have a preference. You can’t lose in a mixed session. Also, for purposes of the priority system, a mixed session only counts for half.

    Dirk, as May knows you, I’ll put you down for the mixed session this time.

    Even if a session is full, places do sometimes become available on or before the day of the session itself, so if you’d like to play on that day, please add your name, and I’ll let you know if a place becomes available. You need to confirm by the day before the session to be entitled to any priority that may be available under the priority system.

    Tonight’s line ups will appear this afternoon.

  54. kin said

    like to play monday if ther is a slot….

  55. Boris said

    After consideration I’ve decided to pull out today and rest up for Wendesday and Saturday so Kin you can play today.

  56. rajiv said

    Thanks Boris.

  57. Edardy Sukayman said

    hey rajiv,

    I’ve double booked Thursday. Sorry for the inconvenience but i have to pull out from Thursday. Thanks.

  58. John S said


    Sorry, but I’m off to Taipei on a lst minute trip on Wednesday so can’t make the session that evening. If there are any drop outs on Tuesday though, I’m happy to be a reserve.


  59. rajiv said

    Ok John. Yuchi has agreed to switch with you. Thanks Yuchi.

    For Wednesday’s two sessions, I have 9 for the regular session and 10 for the mixed session. The first to ask to switch from the mixed session to the regular session will get in.

    If anyone would like to switch from the regular to the mixed session, they are welcome to do so as well, in which case, anyone else who wants to switch from the mixed to the regular session can do so.

    I have asked The Cage whether they know of any female player to take the last place in the mixed session. They will get back to me.

    We need 1 more for Thursday’s session to take Edardy’s place.

    Current Schedule updated.

  60. Boris said

    I’d play on thursday if it wasn’t so far away

  61. rajseran said

    Hi Boris

    i dont understand , one moment you have groin injury and cant walk up the stairs and u still wanna play on thursday . U might not even be able to walk to the lift by end this week if u do not rest .

  62. rajiv said

    Give yourself a break Boris 🙂 .

    You played yesterday evening with a groin strain, you’re playing on Wednesday, and you’re playing the 11-a-side game on Saturday.

  63. Boris said

    Football is like a drug for me you see. I suffer from withdrawal. 🙂

  64. kin said

    thanks for the slot boris!

  65. yaseen said

    boris you dont like hero play in out for the whole week 🙂 you know got injury rest lah.. withdrawal symtoms is only for a week.. once you recuperate, you can start to dazzle..

  66. Boris said

    Haha yea. This time I better rest until wednesday and see I can play or not. Pretty sure its a groin strain now.

  67. rajiv said

    Boris, shall I switch you to the mixed session on Wednesday? It should be a less physical game.

  68. yaseen said

    Groin strain???? i got a feeling its not a football related injury… maybe because of spending too much time in the toilet 😉

  69. rajiv said

    Tonight’s line ups under Current Schedule.

    I’ll leave it to each side to pick their own captain.

    Reminder that the session is at The Cage, Pitch 3. Please be there by 8.45 pm, and use any waiting time to warm up and pick a captain.

    A further reminder that sliding tackles are disallowed.

    Bobby, could you pay S$80 for the pitch, and collect each player’s share?


  70. Boris said

    Groin strain is a common soccer related injury and quite painful lol.

  71. Boris said

    I’m ok with the regular. But I don’t mind the mixed session if you can find another girl. Having only 1 female in the game makes it quite complicated.

  72. rajiv said

    Boris, with your groin strain, you could play as a girl 🙂 .

  73. Boris said

    Lol. Fair Enough.

  74. rajiv said

    I got an SMS from Rajseran at 7.07 pm (while I was out with my wife) to say he had a bad headache, and whether anyone could take his place.

    45 minutes and several SMSes later, I still hadn’t found a replacement. As Rajseran said his migraine was bad (bordering on migraine), I turned to The Cage for one of their staff to fill in, which they were able to do, and Rajseran was spared.

    At 8.14 pm, Clive called me back to say he could play. I left word with Bobby and Nick, and left it to those playing to re-jig the sides as necessary.

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  76. rajiv said

    Scott is out for Wednesday, but Luke and his friend Chris are in.

    There’s one place left for Wednesday. Hopefully, we can get a second female player for the mixed session on Wednesday.

    At present, I have 8 for the regular session, and 11 for the mixed session. The first two of the players listed under “mixed session” who ask to switch to the regular session will get in. Boris, with your groin strain, I think you should stick with the mixed session.

    One place left for Thursday, to take Edardy’s place.

  77. Damian said

    Hey Rajiv, the ankle finally took its final beating tonite, this time I think I tore some ligaments…so am sorry but hafta pull outta Thurs session and I am afraid Sat’s 11-a-side! CRAP!!! But i think if I keep on injuring it on a weekly basis, I will soon have to have an ankle replacement :0

  78. Boris said

    I’m playing regular.

  79. rajiv said

    Ok Boris, if you insist 🙂 .

  80. rajiv said

    Duncan is out of tomorrow’s game with a strain, but Ronak is in, so just the one place left for Wednesday.

    Also, two more places for Thursday, to take the places of Edardy and Damian.

    Nick, you can switch from Wednesday back to Thursday if you like. If Simon can play on Thursday as well, the two of you can take up the two places left for Thursday.

  81. rajseran said

    HI Rajiv

    if you need me to change to regular session , please do unless if you already have someone . Thanks

  82. rajiv said

    Rajseran, if you want to play the regular session, just ask 🙂 .

  83. rajiv said

    Tonight’s line ups under Current Schedule.

    I’ll leave it to each side to pick their own captain.

    Reminder that the session is at The Cage, Pitch 3. Please be there by 8.45 pm, and use any waiting time to warm up and pick captains.

    A further reminder that sliding tackles are disallowed.

    Gilbert or Reza, could you pay S$80 for the pitch, and collect each player’s share?


  84. Boris said

    It’s no use. Sliding tackles still keep coming in. The area where I got hit over and over again is so sore it feels like as if that bit of flesh in that area is waiting to fall off. Kinda feels alien to my body now lol.

  85. yaseen said

    True.. it will always come in and the worst part of all these, the opponent pretend as though nothing happen and walk off.. thats irritating.. Elbowing an opponent is also evident.. come on guys.. this is social football.. we come, play and enjoy.. if wanna take it real serious then i dont think fiofafi is the place..

  86. Boris said

    Yas, I don’t think anyone elbows on purpose in this group, but they might get carried away and get very aggressive sometimes.

  87. rajiv said

    My response to Comment Nos. 84 to 86 is here.

  88. rajiv said

    Nick (Nick C) will switch back to Thursday, and bring a friend, also called Nick (Nick2), so that’s Thursday full again.

  89. Benjamin Yeo said

    I’ll need to pull out for Thurs nite @ Sportsplanet. Need to recuperate for Sat’s 11-a-side.

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  91. rajiv said

    Reza, if you don’t have the time to do a report on last night’s session by lunchtime, I’ll do a brief summary.

  92. Reza said

    Thanks – can you post it up- i’ll try to add a detailed comment?

  93. Done.

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  95. rajiv said

    Current Schedule updated.

    Two places left for tonight. The next two who ask to switch from the mixed session to the regular session will be get to switch. It would be good to have one more female player for the mixed session. Anyone else who would like to switch either way, please let me know. Remember, you can’t lose in a mixed session. I was thinking perhaps a couple (male and female), or a father and a young son (under 16), or even daughter!

    I’ve also asked The Cage if they know of anyone. If we can’t find anyone, I’ll just ask The Cage if they can provide us with two members of staff to fill the places.

    Benjamin, having played last night, has pulled out of tomorrow’s session to recuperate for Saturday’s 11-a-side, so we need one more player for tomorrow as well.

  96. Andy M said

    Jiv i can play tonight if required

  97. rajiv said

    Only if you’d like to Andy. You’re playing tomorrow night and Saturday. Might 3 games in 4 days be a bit much? 🙂

    If you would like to play, do you have any preference between the mixed and regular session?

  98. Andy M said

    i would rather play regular but as a late replacement i’m happy to fill in anywhere. 3 should be Ok i think, especially as i’m intending to cycle to the cage tonight

  99. rajiv said

    Ok Andy M, you’re in the regular session.

    Anyway, I needed to move another two players from the mixed to the regular sessions. I figured I’d move the largest player, Andy N (so that he doesn’t accidentally squash our first ever female player!), and while I was at it, I thought I’d move the remaining Andy (Andy P) to the regular session as well, so we have three Andys in the regular session. We don’t have all the Andys on for tonight though, as Andy C isn’t playing.

    For the mixed session, we’ll go ahead with 9 players. We’ll play to the side lines, and the side with 5 can only score from within the D. Apart from Dirk, I’ve put everyone who I understand has experience of playing in a mixed session in the side with 5 together with May. If I’ve gotten that wrong, please let me know. If we get one more female player, we can revert to 5 v 5.

    The mixed session is unranked.

    Tonight’s line ups under Current Schedules.

    A reminder that tonight’s sessions are at The Cage, Pitches 3 and 4.

    Please be there by 8.45 pm, and use any waiting time to select team captains, and to warm up.

    A further reminder that sliding tackles are disallowed.

  100. rajiv said

    Benjamin, you might like to re-consider withdrawing from tomorrow’s session. You’ll get more of a game tomorrow than most are likely to get on Saturday.

  101. Boris said

    3 Andys today 🙂 Should be interesting.

  102. kin said

    can play tonite if there is a slot….

  103. Nick said

    Hi my friend Simon is available tonight to play.


  104. rajiv said

    Joel SMSed me to say he’s out with a dead leg from Tuesday’s session, so both Kin and Simon are in for tonight.

    Funny how these things manage to work themselves out.

    Current Schedule updated.

  105. rajiv said

    Simon can’t make it, but another friend of Nick’s, Wade, will take his place.

    Tonight’s revised line ups under Current Schedule.

    I’ll leave it to each side to pick their own captain.

    Reminder that the session is at Sports Planet @ East Coast. Please be there by 8.45 pm, and use any waiting time to warm up and pick captains.

    A further reminder that sliding tackles are disallowed.

    Also try to cut out any niggle.

    Andy M, could you pay S$80 for the pitch, and collect each player’s share?

    Tom or Andy M, if either of you can do a summary or report by lunchtime tomorrow, let me know, otherwise, I’ll do a bare summary by lunchtime.


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