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Schedule: Week Of 2 February 2009

Posted by rajiv on 29 January 2009

Like I said yesterday, from now on, the schedule for the next week will come out on Thursday morning.

The Premier Pitch at Turf City e-mailed me yesterday to say that “The Pitch won’t be ready in February as well”. I don’t know why it’s taking so long, but it looks like it will be March 2009 before we resume sessions there.

After switching the sessions on Monday and Tuesday this week to Sports Planet @ East Coast to take advantage of their Chinese New Year special prices, next week’s schedule reverts to the usual venues:

  • Monday, 2 February 2009, 9 to 10 pm, at The Cage, Kallang.
  • Tuesday, 3 February 2009, 9 to 10 pm, at The Cage, Kallang.
  • Wednesday, 4 February 2009, 9 to 10 pm, at The Cage, Kallang.
  • Thursday, 5 February 2009, 9 to 10 pm, at Sports Planet @ East Coast.

If the sessions fill up quickly, and we can get up to 20 for Wednesday, we can have two regular sessions on Wednesday, both from 9 to 10 pm at The Cage.

Franco, if you and your colleagues would like to play this Sunday (1 February 2009) at FICO, I’ll deal with it under this week’s schedule, so add any confirmations there, not here. Thanks.

62 Responses to “Schedule: Week Of 2 February 2009”

  1. Boris said

    Monday and Tuesday for me! Thanks.

  2. Damian said

    am in for Mon pls! Tks

  3. Manuel said

    Mon for me please.

  4. philipp said

    Wednesday at the Cage please! Thx

  5. Lukas said

    Wednesday at the cage please…thank you

  6. Dirk said

    Wednesday at the Cage for me as well, please!

  7. Yuchi said

    wed @ the cage for me !

  8. Bobby said

    Wed @ The Cage pls.

  9. luke said

    Monday at the cage for me please.

  10. Nick said

    i can do monday and thursday

  11. Murray said

    thursday at ECP is good for me

  12. Joel said

    hi rajiv – can you put me down for tues and thurs next week.
    many thanks

  13. Franco said

    MO, TUES, THUR for me pleace.

  14. Clive said

    Monday please

    Cheers, Clive

  15. sushil george said

    Monday at the cage pls.

    Sushil George

  16. Gilbert said

    Wednesday @ the Cage, thanks.

  17. Kevin said

    Pls put me down for Thursday, 5 February 2009, 9 to 10 pm, at Sports Planet @ East Coast. I will figure something out again this week in order to get my Futsal fix.

  18. Andy N said

    Wednesday night at the cage for me please.

    Andy N

  19. Steve F said

    Thursday at ECP please.

  20. Edardy Sukayman said

    Wednesday for me pleaase!

  21. rajseran said

    Monday and Wednesday for me please . Thanks

  22. Boris said

    Put me in for Wednesday too please. Grazie mille.

  23. John J said

    Monday or Tuesday (as required) and Thursday please. Cheers John

  24. rajiv said

    I have been in e-mail communication with Franco, and he is out of next week’s sessions.

  25. Tom said

    next Thursday at East Coast for me, please.

  26. Franco said

    Whoever intended to see me banned …=> just happen..:).well done guys…congratulation…yes, it’s easier to do it in this way as to deal with people like me…:)….even if someone think I might be mental sick…just wrong…enjoy your game…cheers….
    and keep in mind, Healthy first…:)

  27. rajiv said

    Franco, as stated in my e-mails to you, I asked you to withdraw from next week’s sessions. You have not been “banned”.

    If you wish to play anytime after next week, I need to know that it will not undermine the principles by which we play. This applies both to you and to those who you believe want to see you banned.

    I think we should all take at least a week to think this through.

  28. Duncan said

    Hi Rajiv.

    I’m in for Thursday at East Coast.



  29. melvinl said

    Tues, at the Cage, pls..

  30. Chris said

    Put me down for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, I can also be a reserve for Wednesday as well if needed.

    What can I say, I cant get enough of it!

    Cheers, Chris

  31. John S said

    I’d like to play on Monday at the Cage please

  32. Shankar said

    HI there guys,

    Monday and Thursday for me.


  33. rajiv said

    We have 12 for Monday and 4 for Tuesday. John J has said he can play Tuesday instead of Monday, but we need 1 more person to switch from Monday to Tuesday.

    Wednesday and Thursday are full. If anyone confirmed for those days can switch to Tuesday, please do, as it will help to fill up the Tuesday session, and leave a few more places open for Wednesday and Thursday.


    Chris, I’m trying to figure it out myself, there’s usually an initial buzz in playing FIOFAFI sessions. I wouldn’t recommend playing all 4 days. Four sessions a week does increase the risk of injury, and the aim of FIOFAFI is sustainability. Based on the priority system, you should get to play at least 2 sessions, and perhaps 3. Of course, if there is enough place for you to play 4 sessions, I’ll still put you in.

  34. Bobby said

    Pls switch me from Wed to Tues.

  35. rezarino said

    Tuesday at the Cage for me please plus possibly one more. will let you know on Monday about the plus 1.

  36. rajiv said

    Current Schedule updated.

    We now have 7 for Tuesday. 3 more places.

    We still have 11 for Monday, while Wednesday and Thursday are full. It would be good if one more person can switch from Monday to Tuesday, and if anyone else down for Wednesday and Thursday could switch to Tuesday, to leave one or more places open for Wednesday and Thursday, so anyone else who would like to play on those days, please confirm your availability as usual.

  37. Chris said

    Sorry guys, I am out for Tuesday, forgot that I have something else on.

    Apologies for the hassles.

  38. AndyM said

    I can’t play this week but should be back next week

  39. andy pidden said

    i can play tuesday. andy p

  40. luke said

    put me down for a reserve on wednesday.


  41. rajiv said

    Damian has agreed to switch from today to tomorrow, so we have 10 for today and we’re up to 8 for tomorrow. 2 more for places for tomorrow. If anyone confirmed for Wednesday or Thursday can switch to tomorrow, please do so.

    Tonight’s line ups under Current Schedule.

    Shankar, Clive, Mark or John, could one of you pay for the pitch (S$80) and collect each player’s share (S$8). The Cage provide balls.

    Shankar, if you can put up a session summary or report by lunchtime tomorrow, add a comment below to let me know you’re doing it, otherwise, I’ll put up a bare summary by lunchtime tomorrow.

    Thanks, and have a good game.

  42. Geoff L said

    I’m ok for Tuesday 03/02

  43. rajiv said

    Yuchi has agreed to switch from Wednesday to tomorrow (which makes a place for Luke on Wednesday), and has a friend Din who would also like to play tomorrow. Adam is back in Singapore but doesn’t have internet access and would like to play tomorrow.

    We now have two extra players for tomorrow.

    Boris and Chris are the only two down for three sessions each, so I’ll have to put each of them in reserve for one of those three under the priority system.

    Boris is on reserve for tomorrow. If I moved Damian back from tomorrow to today, Chris would be on reserve today but I imagine he’d rather be on reserve on Thursday, and Damian is okay with switching to Thursday.


    Current Schedule updated.

    Although this week’s sessions are full, places do sometimes become available on or before the day of a session itself, so if you’d like to play on a particular day, please add your name, and I’ll let you know if a place becomes available. You need to confirm by the day before the session or by the end of Tuesday (whichever is earlier) to be entitled to any priority that may be available under the priority system.

  44. Boris said


  45. Shankar said

    Hi there Jiv,

    I can do the report for the game today. No worries.


  46. […] I might have tried to fix a second session on Wednesday, 9 to 10 pm, at The Cage.  However, as Franco and I are not playing this week (between us, we usually fill 4 or 5 places over the course of the […]

  47. rajiv said

    If anyone is not up to playing tonight, Wade would like to play.

  48. yuchi said

    If you can read this,
    My friend, Din is pulling out tonight (Flu).

    Thanks !!

  49. rajiv said

    Tonight’s line ups under Current Schedule.

    Reza, could you pay for the pitch and collect each player’s share? Thanks.

  50. rajseran said


    Can someone take over me tomorrow . If there is any place for Thursday i dont mind playing. I have something on tomorrow. Thanks

  51. Tom said

    I am out injured for Thursday’s game. Sorry!

  52. rajiv said

    Ok Tom.

    Either Rajseran or Chris can take your place. Chris is already playing twice this week, and if Rajseran doesn’t play on Thursday, he’ll only play once this week, so based on the priority system your place goes to Rajseran.

    1 place left for Wednesday.

    If anyone down for Thursday can switch to Wednesday, then Chris can play on Thursday as well.

  53. rajiv said

    Under the Current Schedule, tonight’s line ups were supposed to be:

    * Reds: Reza, Adam, Joel, Andy P, Melvin
    * Whites: Bobby, Yuchi, John J, Wade, Geoff

    I popped in halfway through the game to record a few clips. Adam was with Whites while Yuchi was with Reds. Although I thought the teams were not playing to the scheduled line ups, when I asked Reza after the sessions, he thought they had lined up as scheduled.

    I wasn’t sure until I got home and checked.

    I’m not sure how or why the two players got swapped round. Probably one or both came in the wrong colour.

    I also found that the session had been switched from Pitch 3 to Pitch 2. I asked at the counter why this was, and they said that the lot before us on Pitch 3 had asked to extend for an extra hour, and rather than move them to Pitch 2, we had agreed to switch.

    The surface on Pitch 2 is much better than on Pitch 3, so I wouldn’t agree to switch in future. 🙂

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  55. Boris said

    Could anyone gimme a lift from Kallang MRT? :p

    If not i’ll try walking to The Cage from the MRT 🙂

  56. rajiv said

    Wade has gotten permission from the missus to play tonight, so we have 10 for tonight.

    Tonight’s line ups under Current Schedule.

  57. […] 5 February 2009 With the Premier Pitch at Turf City still not available, we’ll stick to the same venues for this week’s […]

  58. rajiv said

    Rajseran is out of tonight’s session, so Chris is in.

    Tonight’s revised line ups under Current Schedule.

    Don’t forget, if you put yourself down for a game, and you subsequently can’t make it, remember to withdraw on the blog as soon as you can, whether there’s a place for you yet or not.

  59. Steve F said

    Help! Can anyone take my place tonite?

  60. rajiv said

    Sze Kuan is in.

    Tonight’s further revised line ups under Current Schedule.

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  62. […] of 1 February 2009, it was Monday, until several players switched to […]

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