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The Week Ahead: 9 February 2009

Posted by rajiv on 9 February 2009

Reza’s testimonial is scheduled for tomorrow, 9 to 10 pm, at The Cage. As a non-regular unranked session, we’ll be playing with rolling substitutes, so no one is guaranteed a full hour. If anyone down for tomorrow wants a full hour, please switch to the sessions on Wednesday or Thursday.

The following are confirmed for the testimonial –  Reza, Bret, John S, Joel, Tim, Jonathan, Boris, Rajseran, Melvin, Murray, Chris, David, Andy M.  Colours – Red, White.

Boon Yick and I are contingent.

Everyone bring both colours, so that we can swap players liberally.

As a non-regular session, I should have put it up under the monthly “Other Activities” post, but it will take a while for that feature to get going.

I propose that after the session, we proceed to Brewerkz at the Indoor Stadium for drinks.  Even if you’re not playing tomorrow night, do join in for the drinks if you can.

We have four other regular sessions this week – tonight at The Cage, a double bill on Wednesday night at The Cage, and the regular one at Sports Planet on Thursday night.

In other football, the FA Cup fifth round ties will be played this weekend:

  • Saturday
    • Blackburn Rovers v Coventry City
    • Sheffield United v Hull City
    • Swansea City v Fulham
    • Watford v Chelsea
    • West Ham v Middlesbrough
  • Sunday
    • Derby County v Manchester United
    • Everton v Aston Villa

After a hard-fought victory over Liverpool over two games in the fourth round, Everton face another tough game at home to Villa.    Raj (Santi) has been monitoring Villa’s sequence of away wins through his status on Facebook.  It’s now 7 away wins in a row.

Swansea City are the most likely to cause an upset.

Chelsea face another tie against a Championship side, but will Luiz Felipe Scolari still have a job tomorrow?

The fourth round replay between Arsenal and Cardiff City is scheduled for next Monday (16 February 2009).   The winners will be at home to Burnley.

Feel free to discuss below any sporting action or other activity-related matter in the week ahead.

23 Responses to “The Week Ahead: 9 February 2009”

  1. rajiv said

    Scolari sacked, who’d have thunk it?

    As time on the internet isn’t necessarily linear, I’ve added the line shown underlined in the post above.

    In hindsight, it was inevitable wasn’t it? At this stage last season, Chelsea were doing better, but Avram Grant still got sacked at the end of the season.

  2. rajiv said

    Boris informs me that he is due to be transferred to Jordan in a couple of weeks time, so it can be a shared testimonial. I don’t think we can manage another testimonial game within the next couple of weeks.

    Of course, Boris might still be around for the 11-a-side game on 21 February 2009.

  3. rajiv said

    In response to:

    • Reds: Reza, Bret, John S, Joel, Tim, Jonathan (6 players)
    • Whites: Boris, Rajseran, Melvin, Murray, Chris, David, Andy M (7 players).

    Reza said:

    With Murray, Borris and Andy M all playing tomorrow night and potentially on the same side, I’m having serious doubts that it will be a balanced game!

    Can I suggest everyone brings a red and a white top, so the lineups are a bit more flexible?!

    Like I’d said earlier:

    Reza, no worries about numbers or line ups for your testimonial tomorrow (which is an unranked game)

    As a non-regular session, we can be as subjective as we like. 🙂

    As it is now a testimonial for both Reza and Boris, one way to do it is for Reza and Boris to take turns to select 5 or 6 players each.

    Or we can leave it for the session itself.

    In any event, everyone bring both red and white tops.

  4. MaNual said

    Wat Economic Recession? Heh Heh Heh.. Obviously it doesnt affect Russian Zillionaires (or Russian Mafia).. Ha Ha Ha.

  5. MaNual said

    Losing Boris would mean we lose a sticky leg player.. Ha Ha.

  6. Boris said

    A sticky leg player? 😮

  7. rajiv said

    A bad day for Premier League managers. Tony Adam also loses his job, after just 15 weeks at Portsmouth.

    Liverpool beat Chelsea and Portsmouth in their last two Premier League matches:

    • The game against Chelsea was level at 0-0 until Frank Lampard was wrongly sent off in the 60th minute. Liverpool went on to win 2-0.

    • Portsmouth were 2-1 up at home with 5 minutes to go before two late goals sealed a 3-2 win for Liverpool.

    Would Scolari and Adams still be in their job if the results had been different? I have to blame Liverpool for something. 🙂

  8. yaseen said

    Wow sad that Boris going away.. Anyway that is life.. People come and go in a person’s life journey 😦

  9. rajseran said

    At least Ferguson did not loss his job when losing to Liverpool 🙂

  10. shank77 said

    Dude, Boris,

    Jordan…. my Boss is telling me that it is a real nice place. Enjoy man. ( My boss used to drill for oil in the middle east a long time ago)

  11. Boris said

    Nice place? Really? My colleagues told me the only thing nice about the place is that 80% of the women are just stunningly beautiful. LOL

  12. rajiv said

    There’s always Petra.

    My wife and I were quite keen to get there from Dahab when we were in Egypt a few years ago, but in the end, we didn’t have the time, and it wasn’t as easy to travel from the Sinai Peninsula to Jordan as we might have hoped.

  13. rajiv said

    Murray will be late, and Rajseran called me to say he’s likely to be held up at work tonight, so we only have 11 confirmed for the game tonight.

    I’m out of the game – in addition to the groin strain, I’m coming down with a sore throat – but I’ll be there for the drinks.

    We should have a few more for drinks.

    I trust no one else is going to be late, otherwise, we won’t have enough to start, or we’ll have to start with 4 v 4.

    Reza and Boris can pick their teams with each picking a player in turn. As tonight’s game started off as Reza’s testimonial, Reza can pick first. You can do it at the session itself, or call each other to do it over the phone.

    Anyway, it’s advisable for everyone to bring both red and white tops.

  14. rajiv said

    A friend of Jonathan’s e-mailed me this afternoon to say he’d like to join our sessions once he’s fully recovered from ankle surgery.

    I’ve invited him to come along to watch the game tonight, and to join us for drinks after.

  15. Boris said

    OH!! I didn’t know Petra was in Jordan lol. Something to look forward to now.

  16. rajiv said

    Chris withdrew from last night’s session as he wasn’t keen on rolling subs. David couldn’t find me, met someone he knew, and joined them at Pitch 1.

    I went down at about 9.45 pm. The sides were lined up as follows for the testimonial:

    • Whites: Reza, Andy M, Joel, Melvin, Jonathan
    • Reds: Boris, John S, Bret, Tim

    As Reds were 1 player short, they played with modified rules. I understand that Whites could only score from within the D for the first half hour. For the second half hour, it was modified so that Whites could not score from beyond the penalty spot.

    I took some photos, which I’ve uploaded on the FIOFAFI Facebook Group page.

    Reza paid for the session, and we later proceeded to have drinks at Brewerkz at the National Indoor Stadium. On arriving, we found a group of fans screaming. We later learnt that Fall Out Boy were in the vicinity.

    Bret has said he’ll put up a post about last night. As it was a non-regular session, I’m not concerned about the time frame.

    Bret, feel free to use the pictures from Facebook in your report.

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  18. rajiv said

    Numerous World Cup qualifiers are being played today, including several in the Asian groups.

    Mind games have raised the stakes for Japan’s home tie against Australia, as the top two sides in Group 1 face off tonight.

    The top two sides in Group 2, Iran and South Korea, also meet today, in Tehran.

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  20. rajiv said

    Japan and Australia drew 0-0 in Tokyo, while Iran and South Korea drew 1-1 in Tehran.

    Other Asian group results from yesterday:

    • North Korea 1 Saudi Arabia 0 (Pyongyang)
    • Uzbekistan 0 Bahrain 1 (Tashkent)

    The Group standings can be found here.

    The S. League Charity Shield is on tonight at Tampines Stadium at 7.45 pm – “Locals v Foreigners”. Funny that.

    The inaugural Charity Shield last year saw “Double Winners Singapore Armed Forces FC [squaring] off against league runners-up Home United at the Jalan Besar Stadium … with the S.League pledging S$5,000 to the charity of the winning team’s choice.”

  21. rajiv said

    Foreigners won 2-0.

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