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Today On Red Season

Posted by rajiv on 17 February 2009

A fantastic clip for your listening pleasure.  Peter Kenyon, you are a tool.

If you prefer a grounded view of local football, have a look at BoLASEPaKO. It poses as providing “a simple view on Singapore soccer” and, I hasten to add, a more authentic read than the local (toilet) papers.

Until recently, when an already poor distribution network of the fanzine into South East Asia further deteriorated and thus limited availability, When Saturday Comes was the football read not to be missed. Fortunately, their site has seen a tremendous re-design with the added benefit that some of its quality content is now accessible to readers on the net. There is no undue concentration of coverage on The Big Four, thankfully, and the humour is choice.

Go on, try it: When Saturday Comes! and don’t forget to sign up for their “Weekly Howl

  • Addendum

By the way, there is an e-book (in pdf format) entitled “Fitness After 40″.  I have a copy.

2 Responses to “Today On Red Season”

  1. rajiv said

    Tom, you have been prolific today. I noticed earlier today there was far more new material on your blog today than just the Peter Kenyon clip, so I added the other stuff to your post above, and renamed it accordingly. I hope you don’t mind.

    As for “Fitness After 40”, I have removed the copy of the book from the blog as I would rather not have the wholesale reproduction of clearly copyrighted material on the blog. I hope you understand. Anyone who is very keen to obtain a copy could always contact you of course.

  2. rajiv said

    Kenyon cottoned on much faster than Sarah Palin – Palin overlooked several bizarre references, and didn’t have a clue:

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