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Schedule: Week Of 9 March 2009

Posted by rajiv on 5 March 2009

I’ll stick with the basic Monday to Wednesday at The Cage and Thursday at Sports Planet for next week:

  • Monday, 9 March 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at The Cage, Kallang.
  • Tuesday, 10 March 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at The Cage, Kallang.
  • Wednesday, 11 March 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at The Cage, Kallang
  • Thursday, 12 March 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at Sports Planet @ East Coast.

With two sessions on a Wednesday twice since the start of February (on 8 February 2009 and again yesterday), Wednesdays are by far the most popular, followed by Thursdays, then Mondays.

On the other hand, we have not had a session on each of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays since 9 February 2009:

It’s all in the numbers.

Confirmations below as usual.   I’ve noticed three basic responses:

  • You are able to play a session, and want to play (“confirmed” for short).
  • You’d like to play, but can’t confirm yet (“contingent” or “tentative” for short).
  • You are able to play, and will play if we’re short, but if others wants to play, they can have priority.  Perhaps “available if required”.  “In reserve” was used quite often to mean this, and although I use the phrase to mean something different, I guess it works.

Use any suitable words to convey the meaning you want in your comments below.

If we reach up to 20 for either Wednesday or Thursday, it will be a “double bill” or a mini-tournament if it’s on Wednesday, and a “split bill” if it’s on Thursday.

69 Responses to “Schedule: Week Of 9 March 2009”

  1. rajseran said

    Wednesday for me first . Thanks

    Hope to have another Mini League

  2. Bobby said

    Thursday confirmed. Tks

  3. Neil said

    Monday and Thursday next week for me please.

  4. Shankar said

    Hi there,

    Monday and Thursday for me as well.


  5. Man-U-El said

    Mon for me at the moment Thanks!

  6. Julius H said

    Wednesday next week for me, please.



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  8. rajiv said

    Current Schedule updated.

    The first session next week will be the 100th game or session since I first started maintaining attendance records on 1 September 2008, but will it be on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday?

  9. nethercleft said

    Wednesday at the cage for me please.

    Andy N

  10. andy pidden said

    can play weds night if there are spaces. andy p

  11. Lukas said

    Wednesday at the Cage please…Cheers

  12. Nick said

    Im in for monday cheers, like to do wed too but again depends how I pull up after monday. Right now taking the protein, trying to build up the muscle etc.

  13. Amaury said

    Wednesday at the cage. Thanks

  14. John J said


    Please can you put me in for Monday and Thursday. Cheers

  15. yaseen said


  16. Gilbert said

    Wednesday @ the Cage thanks

  17. Rand aka Rajseran said

    Hi Rajiv

    I can play on Monday too . Thanks

  18. Yuchi said

    Monday for me.

  19. Sushil George said

    Monday and Wed at the cage for me pls.

  20. melvinl said

    Monday, but prefer moving to Tues if there’s a game on.

  21. rajiv said

    Rajseran called me earlier today to say he can’t make it tomorrow as he has had a family bereavement.

  22. rajiv said

    Current Schedule updated.

    Places still available for this week, including for tonight.

    Unless we get 6 or 7 confirmed for tomorrow’s session by this evening, it will be cancelled. If you can play tomorrow night, confirm as usual, but do state your alternative (if any).

  23. Joel said

    Hi Rajiv – can you put me down for Thurs night please?

  24. Geoff Lambrou said

    Please may I join for Wednesday 11th at the Cage
    Geoff Lambrou

  25. Edardy Sukayman said

    Hey Rajiv, if there is no band practice on thursday, then I’m in on Thursday for football. Thanks

  26. Chris said

    hey guys,

    monday, tuesday and wednesday for me thanks.

  27. reza said

    Thursday at East Coast for me please plus possibly one newcomer (Andy T). Will confirm for him shortly.

  28. reza said

    Andy T has confirmed for Thursday. Rajiv – I’ll email you his contact details.

  29. redseason said

    I do believe Reza misses my ankle. Thursday for me.

  30. rajiv said

    Tonight’s line ups under Current Schedule.

    Shankar, could you pay for the session and collect each player’s share? Thanks.

  31. Jonathan Siu said

    Rajiv, is there space for me on Thursday 12 March? Let me know.

  32. rajiv said

    Tomorrow’s session is cancelled due to insufficient numbers.

    Jonathan, you can take my place for Thursday. I’ll be in reserve for both Wednesday and Thursday. If we have 6 to 9 more for either Wednesday or Thursday, we can have two sessions on that day.

  33. Clive said

    Please can I add my name onto the reserve list for both Wednesday and Thursday.

    Any last minute drop outs and I should be able to fill the gap.

    Cheers, Clive

  34. Damian said

    Hiya just got back from NY today…if any slots avail on Wed or Thurs I cld fill tt. Tks

  35. rajiv said

    The remaining sessions this week (tomorrow and Thursday) are full.

    The same 3 players are in reserve for both sessions.

    If we have another 3 to 7 players for tomorrow, or another 5 to 7 for Thursday, we can have 2 sessions on either of those days.

    One or the other though, not both. Which one (if any) will depend on the responses we get.

    • rajiv said

      If it’s on Wednesday, as both sessions will be at The Cage, we can do an impromptu mini knock-out competition (instead of an impromptu mini-league tournament).

      If we only have 16 players, it will be 4 players per team. I still maintain that 4 v 4 is enjoyable if we play to the side-lines, that is, the other side will have kick in if the ball touches the side-wall. It slows the game down sufficiently to make 4 v 4 more skilful and not too exhausting.

      If we get to 20, then it will be the usual 5 players per team.

      If it’s Thursday, then the original session will remain at Sports Planet while the second session will be at The Cage. The session at Sports Planet will remain 5 v 5, while the one at The Cage will be either 4 v 4 or 5 v 5 depending on how many players we have.

  36. rajiv said

    I SMSed a few participants whom I thought might play tomorrow but they’re not available to play tomorrow. As no one else has responded, it appears that the option of having two sessions tomorrow is not viable, so there’ll only be one session tomorrow.

    The option still remains of having two sessions on Thursday. For there to be two sessions, we’ll need at least another 5 players to confirm by about this time tomorrow.

  37. Nick said

    IS there any chance of having two sessions tonight ?

    Would love to play if there is ?

    Nick 🙂

    • rajiv said

      Doesn’t look likely Nick.

      If we got 2 more players, we’d be up to 16, and we could have two 4 v 4 sessions, or a mini knock-out competition.

      However, I’d also need to check if a second pitch is still available at The Cage for 9 to 10 pm tonight, as I gave it up last night.

      There’s always next week.

  38. Nick said

    Rolf is interested tonight

  39. Nick said

    Hi I now have a mate Rafi, Rolf and Myself.

    If I get any more would anyone be interested in comp ?

    That’s if we can get second pitch of course

  40. rajiv said

    The second pitch is still available.

    We’re up to 16, so we’ll go ahead with 4 teams of 4 in a mini knock-out competition.

    Line ups will be up after 5 pm.

  41. rajiv said

    Alan can play too, so we’re up to 17. 3 more and we can have 5-man teams.

  42. rajseran said


    YASEEN what abt you . Get out of your Bathroom and play the REAL MAN game 🙂

  43. Yaseen said

    Sorry Rajseran.. today working.. wish to come.. another day.. you guys enjoy.. hope you will bang soon.. oops i mean the goals 😉
    Enjoy Cheers

  44. rajiv said

    Just spoke to Nick. Rolf has only played once before, a while back, and he did struggle even in a 5 v 5, while Rafi hasn’t played with us before, so as discussed with Nick, Rolf and Rafi will take turns.

    We’ll stick with a mini knock-out competition.

  45. rajiv said

    Line ups:

    * Team A (Whites): Gilbert, Sushil, Lukas, Rolf/Rafi
    * Team B (Blacks): Clive, Rajiv, Andy N, Amaury
    * Team C (Whites): Damian, Nick, Andy P, Julius
    * Team D (Blacks): Alan, Rajseran, Chris, Geoff

    Semi-finals (9.00 to 9.28 pm):
    • 1: Pitch 3 – Team A v Team D
    • 2: Pitch 4 – Team B v Team C

    Third & Fourth Placing (9.32 to 10.00 pm):
    • Pitch 4: Losing team in Semi-final 1 v Losing team in Semi-Final 2.

    Finals (9.32 to 10.00 pm):
    • Pitch 3: Winning team in Semi-final 1 v Winning Team in Semi-final 2.

    If teams wearing the same colours meet in the Final and Third/Fourth Placing, The Cage has bibs.

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  47. rajiv said

    For tonight’s mini knock-out competition, we’ll play to modified rules – we play to the side-lines, that is, the ball is considered out of play and the game resumes with a kick-in when it touches the the side walls.

  48. rajseran said

    My prediction is TEAM A to win followed by TEAM D Walkover 🙂

    Team A looks really strong .

  49. Reza said

    I think Team B have quite a good shot at winning.

  50. rajiv said

    Yaseen called me to say he’s keen to play, so he can take my place. Revised line ups:

    * Team A (Whites): Gilbert, Sushil, Lukas, Rolf/Rafi
    * Team B (Blacks): Yaseen, Nick, Andy N, Amaury
    * Team C (Whites): Clive, Rajseran, Andy P, Julius
    * Team D (Blacks): Damian, Alan, Chris, Geoff

    We’ll do a mini-league tournament instead!

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  53. Edardy said

    Sorry to do this again. I have to cancel today again. Sorry boys!

  54. Andy M said

    i can play tonight if nobody else has taken the spare place

  55. yaseen said

    i can take Edardy place if there is space 🙂

  56. James B said

    Hello, I would to play tonight………..

  57. rajiv said

    I’ve spoken with Andy and Yaseen, and they’d have played if there were no one else available, but as James would like to play tonight, and hasn’t played for ages, he’s in.

    The line ups will be up by 5 pm.

  58. rajiv said

    Tonight’s line ups under Current Schedule.

    Could any one of the regulars pay for the pitch, and collect each player’s share. Thanks.

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  60. […] that the session on Wednesday, 25 February 2009, was cancelled due to insufficient numbers, the Wednesday session is the one that is most consistently oversubscribed, even with several regulars away.  We even […]

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