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FIOFAFI's Last Comic Standing, And Anakin Skywalker

Posted by rajiv on 11 March 2009

The Official FIOFAFI Joker poll brought out the ambiguity in the term “Joker”.

As it currently stands, the voting is as follows:

  • Franco – 4 votes (33%)
  • Tom – 4 votes (33%)
  • Rajseran – 2 votes (17%)
  • Yaseen – 2 votes (17%)
  • Mark L – 0 votes (0%)

I suspect voting was along the lines of whether the voter saw the term “Joker” as having a light-hearted meaning, or a darker meaning.  Even the darker meaning could have several senses.

The Joker in a pack of cards:

[The Joker] is truly a “wild card.”  When the Joker appears in a reading, it means that something unexpected and uncontrolled can occur.

Or Batman’s archenemy, the Joker:

Throughout the evolution of the DC Universe, interpretations and incarnations of the Joker have taken two forms. The original and currently dominant image is of a fiendishly intelligent lunatic with a warped, … sense of humor and a disregard for society’s rules. The other interpretation of the character, popular in the late 1940s through 1960s comic books as well as the 1960s television series, is that of an eccentric but harmless prankster ….

Rather than abandon the poll in the light of such ambiguity, I figured I’d abandon the use of the term “Joker” instead, and do separate run-offs between the candidates more suited to the lighter meaning, and those more suited to the darker meaning.

For the lighter meaning, I’ll borrow the title of the reality show currently showing on STAR World – “The Last Comic Standing”.   As Mark had no votes from the earlier round, he’s been eliminated (as is the way in reality shows), so the run-off is between Rajseran and Yaseen, both of whom had two votes in the earlier round.

Click for larger image

Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker - not as good looking as either Tom or Franco

For the darker meaning, I’ll continue with the Darth Vader theme.  Who is FIOFAFI’s Anakin Skywalker?  Who will fall to the dark side of “The Force”?

Voting will close at midnight on 31 March 2009 (guess why).

Like I said, I hope no one takes this seriously, it’s just for fun.

28 Responses to “FIOFAFI's Last Comic Standing, And Anakin Skywalker”

  1. rajiv said

    Even the term “comics” has come to have two separate meanings:

    Comics (via Latin, from the Greek “Κωμικός”, kōmikos, of or pertaining to “comedy”, from kōmos “revel”.) is a graphic medium in which images are utilized in order to convey a sequential narrative; the term, derived from massive early use to convey comic themes, came to be applied to all uses of this medium including those which are far from comic. It is the sequential nature of the pictures, and the predominance of pictures over words, that distinguish comics from picture books, though there is some overlap between the two media. Most comics combine words with images, often indicating speech in the form of word balloons, but wordless comics, such as The Little King, are not uncommon. Words other than dialogue, captions for example, usually expand upon the pictures, but sometimes act in counterpoint.

  2. Yaseen said

    The biggest joke of it all is Franco whose disappeared, is in the running for Joker poll.. Thats a good joke..

    • rajiv said

      Yaseen, Franco is still on the Participant List. There are a few people on the list who haven’t played for much longer than Franco.

      By the way, I replied to your query about Franco.

      Anyway, the “Joker” poll has been superseded by the two polls above, so he’s only in the running for the “Anakin” poll now. You and Rajseran are in the running for the “Comic” poll.

    • rajseran said

      Someone must have given him the Witch Broom instead of the Joker Hat . Probably the reason why he flew 🙂 . They could have given to you too but ran out of stock for XLLLL size 🙂

      • Yaseen said

        From what i heard, the last time when he played at east coast, he saw an indian guy from FIOFAFI changing his shorts and saw something so horrific that he is traumatized till today. Thats y he is still out of action. What i heard is it looks something like a cross breed between a mealworm and centipede. The big question here is… WAS IT RAJSERAN AKA (RAND OR LANDU) OR BORIS SMALLFRY..

      • rajseran said

        If it is a cross breed between a mealworm and centipede then it could be a tough competition between Boris and you 🙂 . Should we have a poll on that too . You might win the contest though

        Winner gets $10 voucher at The Condom SHop. You could get yourself a PUMP YOUR P!@$# thingy .

      • Yaseen said

        ha ha.. you’r mistaken.. i was not present at east coast the other day 🙂

  3. rajiv said

    Yaseen and Rajseran are inseparable – second round of voting, and they’re still tied at 3 votes each.

  4. rajiv said

    With less than two weeks before the polls close, Rajseran and Yaseen are still neck and neck in the Last Coming Standing poll. Tom is well ahead in the Anakin Skywalker poll. Must be his dashing good looks!

  5. rajiv said

    Funny how several of the terms used in connection with these polls and the earlier version have come up in relation to Fabio Capello’s comments on Wayne Rooney before England’s friendly international against Slovakia on Saturday. For example:

    “Wayne Rooney brings out the comedian in Fabio Capello – whether he is talking about the “crazy man” who saw red at Fulham or the “crazy joker” in the pack who can be England’s World Cup wildcard.


    Capello was effusive as he is ever likely to get after the game – describing Rooney as England’s “joker card…a crazy joker.”

    It was a remark that brought laughs – but there was a serious side to the argument because you knew exactly what Capello meant.

    Rooney is a free spirit. An untamed talent. There is a dark side to this personality, but when it is a force for good it can be unstoppable.”

    A reminder that the polls close at the end of tomorrow.

    • Yaseen leads in the “Last Comic Standing” poll by 6 votes to Rajseran’s 4.

    • Franco has closed Tom’s lead in the “Anakin Skywalker” poll – 4 votes to 5.

  6. rajiv said

    Franco wins the Anakin Skywalker award by 7 votes to 5. As runner up, Tom gets the newly-created Wayne Rooney award.

    In a close finish, Rajseran wins the “Last Comic Standing” poll from Yaseen by 7 votes to 6.

    Perhaps the winners’ good looks swung the voting. Or perhaps it was late night, multiple voting. Does it matter?

  7. rajseran said

    I am surprise to see me winning the LAst Comic Standing .
    How can one do a multiple voting ?? i thought you are only allowed to do once , Right ?

    Do i get a FIOFAFI JOker HAT , i could keep that in my car 🙂

    Anyway it doesnt matter , we are all Jokers in our own way.

    • rajiv said

      Multiple voting shouldn’t happen, but I think it might be possible if there a long gap (one week or more?) between the first time and the second time. I’m not sure either.

      Anyway, you probably just about deserve it, with your “Jokes To Share”.

      I’ll see if I can arrange a Joker’s hat for you. 🙂

      And a Darth Vader mask for Franco should he ever come back. 🙂

      • Bobby said

        Multiple voting quite possible – just access the poll from a different device or IP address. The only realistic way to prevent this is to have a proper user log-in process with user-ids and passwords.

        Probably too much effort to set this up just to ensure polling accuracy, but it may become useful in the long-term as the number of active FIOFAFI users increase.
        Eventually, you’d probably want to automate things like session sign-ups and line-up creation – some form of formal user management framework would be necessary for this.

      • yaseen said

        I have to agree with Bobby on this.. The same loophole can be done for player voting system and with the points system kicking in, things will spize up a little..

      • rajiv said

        The maximum number of points from each player poll will remain 2. If anyone votes more than once, or those who didn’t play vote, and the total number of votes exceeds 10, I’ll pro-rate the 2 points.

        It’s really not worth the effort for anyone to go out of their way to get more votes in the player polls. 🙂

      • rajiv said

        Automation is still a long way away. A lot can happen between now and then. 🙂

      • yaseen said

        No need to trouble yourself Jiv.. Just try to steal 1 lipstick, draw it on Rand ‘s lips to cheek and there we go… Mr Joker… Just like batman’s joker 😉

    • rajiv said

      How about a jester’s spike hat?

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