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Blog Developments: 11 April 2009

Posted by rajiv on 11 April 2009

Since mid-February 2009, if no author has posted a session report or summary by the following morning, I have put up a bare summary, comprising of:

  • The scheduled line ups.
  • A player poll.

Where the first person to comment is an author providing the result, I have replaced the contents of the post with the contents of the comment, and attributed the post to the author, both in the post itself, and in the list of posts by author.

It is not uncommon for participants, after playing a session, to check the blog from home on the same night itself, and even comment on the blog about the session.  As no session summary or report is up yet, they usually do so under the post by which the session was scheduled.

From next week onwards, I will put the bare summary up after 10 pm on the night of the session itself.  As before, if the first person to comment is an author providing the result, I will replace the contents of the post with the contents of the comment, and attributed the post to the author.

Any regular participant can be added as an author by opening a WordPress account and letting me know the e-mail address with which the account was opened.

Threaded comments have been available since February 2009.  The WordPress options allow threaded comments to be nested between 1 and 10 levels.  Initially, I set the level at 5.  I’ll try 10 for a while.  To nest a comment, reply to a particular comment, rather than to the post, by clicking on “Reply” below the comment you wish to reply to.

If you wish to be notified of follow-up comments via email, tick the box below the reply box before submitting your comment.

A “Search” function has been available on the blog for some time now (see top right hand column of the webpage).  The search is only of posts and pages.  As administrator, I can search comments from the dashboard.  Any editor can also search comments from their dashboard.

Other recent changes to the blog:

  • “Categories” (below “Search” in the right hand column) is now a pull-down menu.  Sub-categories are being added – so far, “System” and “Blog” under “FIOFAFI B & S”, “Seven Days” under “NIT Picks” and “System” under “Schedule”.
  • “Archives” (near the bottom of the right hand column of the webpage) has been a pull-down menu for a few weeks now.
  • The “Fitness & Safety” page, previously variously called “Health”, “Health Etc”, “Health & Fitness”, “Health, Fitness & Safety” and “Health & Safety” has been re-named “Sustainability”.   The contents of the page have remained largely unchanged since it was first written on 7 June 2008.  The contents will be re-written in due course.
  • Attendance records have been re-named as “Participation Records”.

51 Responses to “Blog Developments: 11 April 2009”

  1. rajiv said

    The “FIOFAFI Last Week” sub-category has been added under “Summaries & Reports”.

    Initially (27 October 2008), the participation records and rankings were addressed in the “Week End” (or equivalent) post over the weekend or on Monday, together with coverage of other football and sports news. Likewise with the player poll results, included from 23 November 2008 onwards.

    From 28 November 2008 onwards, the participation records and rankings were dealt with in the “End Of Week Stats” (called “Week End Rankings” up to 23 January 2009) post on Fridays, so that the rankings for the following week were reported the day after the last session of the week, while the results of the player polls and the summary of the sessions that week continued to be covered in the “Week End” post together with other news, to allow those who play the Thursday night session more time to vote.

    As the votes from the player polls are now are taken into account in the ranking formula, the rankings will only be out on Sundays, to allow those who play the Thursday night session sufficient time to vote.

    A summary of the week on FIOFAFI, including the updated rankings, will now be dealt with under “FIOFAFI Last Week”. Other football and sports news will now be addressed separately on Mondays and Fridays under “Seven Days”.

    Between November 2008 and January 2009, until the end of March 2009, the summary of the week’s sessions came to include variously who had written the session report, and the line ups and scores for each session. I don’t intend to continue to include these details, as they are in any event found in each session report.

    An attempt to rationalize and streamline the regular posts. 😉

    • rajiv said

      The summary of the week on FIOFAFI, including the results of the player polls for each session during the week and the end-of-week rankings will be posted on Sunday mornings.

      The cut-off for voting in the player polls is therefore the end of Saturday.

      Is Sunday the end of the old week or the start of the new week? I think it’s more rational to see it as the end of the old week, so the sub-category will be re-named “FIOFAFI This Week”.

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  3. rajiv said

    I’ve added a “Regular Sessions” sub-category added under “Session Reports & Summaries”, with separate sub-sub-categories for each venue and each night of the week.

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  6. rajiv said

    I’ve added a “Weekly Sessions” sub-category under “Schedule”.

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  10. rajiv said

    “Other Matches” sub-category has been added under the “Schedule” category.

    The “Participants” page has been renamed “Participation”, to be broader. The contents of the page have also been revised.

    The “Venues & Scheduling”, “Numbers & Priority”, “Teams” and “Payment” sub-pages under “Current Schedule” have been revised, as has the “Session Summaries & Reports” sub-sub-page to the “Blog & Communication” sub-page under “About FIOFAFI”.

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  12. rajiv said

    Tom, I’ve created a “MTPMTM” sub-category under “People”. If you’re so inclined, you could use this sub-category not only for future MTPMTM posts, but for the 15 earlier ones too.

  13. rajiv said

    A reminder that “Current Schedule” only covers the regular weekday night sessions.

    All other games and sessions come under “Other Activities”.

    It’s best to keep it separate. I’ll be streamlining both in the next week or two.

  14. rajiv said

    I’ve divided the Videos and Images category into the following sub-categories:

    • FIOFAFI Videos
    • FIOFAFI Photos
    • Other Videos
    • Other Images

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  16. rajiv said

    For the end-of-week rankings, I have started to list the top 40 on a separate webpage.

    The full listing can still be found on the first page of the participation records Excel document, in which the workings are shown.

    • rajiv said

      In keeping with the fact that anyone who hasn’t played at least 5 sessions is considered new or relatively new, from now on, I’m not including anyone who hasn’t played at least 5 sessions in the current participation period in the top 40.

      However, the full end-of-week rankings on the first sheet of the participation records Excel document will continue to show everyone who has played at least one game in the current participation period. The full rankings will continue to be used to determine seedings for the default method of determining line ups.

    • rajiv said

      I have removed the following columns from the top 40 listing:

      • LWR: Last Week’s Ranking
      • M: Movement (between last week and this week)
      • HPR: Highest Position Reached (since 1 February 2009 Or later entering / re-entering the rankings)

      They remain in the full listing, which can now also be downloaded from the top 40 page as well.

  17. rajiv said

    A Session Previews feature to preview each week’s sessions has been added today. It will go under the “Weekly Schedule” sub-category of the “Schedule” category. Each sessions line ups will appear under “Session Previews”.

    Polls have been removed from “Other Activities” to make it simpler to find “Other Activities”. Until I find somewhere better to put the list of polls, they’re currently under “Participation”.

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  19. rajiv said

    The “Other Activities” page and category have been renamed “OPSAGE”.

    The “Current Schedule” page has reverted to its original name, “Regular Sessions”.

    The “OPSAGE” and “Current Schedule” pages cover all football, sports, activities, projects and events in which our participants are take part or are involved in. A “Project FAFI” sub-category has been created under the “OPSAGE” category.

    Likewise for the “OPSAGE”, “Schedule” and “Summaries & Reports” categories.

    From now on, the “Other Football” and “Other Sports & Events” categories will limited to those we merely follow or watch.

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  22. rajiv said

    Nick has been added as an author.

  23. rajiv said

    If the comment to be inserted into the post is added within a day of the session, I’ll change the date and time of the report to match the comment, otherwise, I’ll leave it as it is.

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  25. rajiv said

    The Home page originally comprised of some generic images and amusing GIFs. Later, I included some general information on navigating the blog. In the middle of last year, I changed it to comprise of a selection of recent comments.

    In December last year, I changed it to comprise of video clips from the last two sessions at which I recorded clips, and general information about pages and the links in the left and right columns.

    I have now modified the general information. It now reads:

    Click on “ROUTINE SCHEDULE” or “OPSAGE” above to see what’s available.

    Click on any title under “RECENT POSTS” in the left column to read the post. Anyone can add comments. All that is required is a name or pseudonym and your e-mail address. It is advisable that you do not include other person details in your comment.

    Click on any link under “RECENT COMMENTS” in the left column to read the comment.

  26. rajiv said

    If you use Twitter, it is now possible to follow how many places are left for each session via Twitter. You can also confirm for a session by replying via Twitter.

    See top right hand corner of the page and

    I’ve also added a widget for the total number of page views at the bottom right hand corner of the page.

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  30. rajiv said

    As our core activity is “indoor football”, not “futsal”, I’ve amended the tagline accordingly.

  31. […] by rajiv on Thu 30 July 2009 Our core activity remains 5 or 6 a-side indoor football.     If we have enough players, and the larger pitch is available, we can have 7 or 8-a-side […]

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  33. […] the players for a session are finalized, line ups will be proposed under the weekly “Session Previews” post.  Anyone can express their views on whether the two teams are balanced or not.  All views will be […]

  34. rajiv said

    With OPSAGE now switched to Fridays, the regular posts, apart from session summaries and reports, are now as follows:

    • Mondays/Tuesdays – Seven Days, Session Previews.
    • Tuesdays – Weekend Schedule.
    • Wednesdays – Monday Night Football.
    • Thursdays – Mid-Week Schedule.
    • Fridays – OPSAGE.
    • Saturdays – Eye-Catcher.
    • Sundays – Weekly Round-Up.

    Session Previews, Weekend Schedule, Monday Night Football, Mid-Week Schedule and Weekly Round-Up relate to our regular sessions and games.

    Seven Days and Eye-Catcher relate to sport internationally. OPSAGE relates to other sports and activity available for us to participate in or attend.

    A fuller description of the various posts are set out here. An aid to navigating the blog can be found here.

  35. […] Posted by rajiv on Mon 21 September 2009 As there is an extra routine session today, the “Session Preview” post is out a day earlier. […]

  36. rajiv said

    This week’s “Seven Days” will be held over to tomorrow.

  37. rajiv said

    The weekend schedule will be posted tomorrow together with the Monday night football post for next Monday.

  38. rajiv said

    From this week onwards, the Weekend Schedule and the post for the FAFI game on Monday nights at Turf City will appear as a single post on Wednesday.

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