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Schedule: Week Of 20 April 2009

Posted by rajiv on 16 April 2009

The usual schedule for next week:

  • Monday, 20 April 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at The Premier Pitch, Turf City, Bukit Timah.
  • Monday, 20 April 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at The Cage, Kallang.
  • Tuesday, 21 April 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at The Cage, Kallang.
  • Wednesday, 22 April 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at The Cage, Kallang
  • Thursday, 23 April 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at Sports Planet @ East Coast.

Confirmations below as usual.

For those confirming for Monday night, again, please state whether you will (a) only play at a particular venue, (b) have a preference for a particular venue, or (c) are open to either venue.


132 Responses to “Schedule: Week Of 20 April 2009”

  1. Joel said

    Hi – can you put me down for Tues and Thurs next week.
    Many thanks

  2. Shankar said

    The usual for me.

    Monday @ PP and Thursday @ SP.

  3. Benjamin Yeo said

    Pls put me down for Tue @ The Cage and Thurs @ SP. Thanks.

  4. philipp said

    Tuesday at the Cage please!

  5. andy pidden said

    put me down for weds 22nd old boys game pls

    • rajiv said

      Unless it is the second of two sessions on Wednesday, whether it’s an “old boys” session will depend on the ages of those who confirm. 🙂

      Quite a few younger players confirmed for this Wednesday. Still, a 2-pointer in any event, as a couple of those playing are relatively new having played less than 5 sessions.

  6. Neil said

    Monday at the Cage please, or if there are insufficient numbers, I’ll play Tuesday at the Cage (but can’t do both).


  7. rajseran said

    MOn PP and WED Cage thanks

  8. Poh Keng said

    i am in on tues at the cage

  9. Lukas said

    Tuesday at the cage please…

  10. Dirk said

    for me tuesday at the cage as well, please

  11. Mza said

    Count me in for thursdays session at East Coast, ta

  12. Amaury said

    Tuesday at the cage. Thx.

  13. philipp said

    I would like to bring a friend of mine, Con, for Tuesday please.

  14. Andy N said

    Tuesday at the cage for me please.

    Andy N

  15. rajiv said

    Tuesday is currently full. Anyone else can only be on reserve.

    Lots of places left for the rest of the week. At least one place will become available for Tuesday if the session on Monday at The Cage goes on.

    If we do not have enough for 2 sessions on Monday, we’ll go ahead with the one which has more players if the other one is cancelled. I’ll come back to this at the end of tomorrow.

  16. rajseran said

    Hi Rajiv

    Boris might never be able to play again 😦

  17. Julius said

    Wed next week for me, pls. Unless there are going to be enough players for a mini-tournament on Tue…?



  18. jujing said

    Monday@ The Premier Pitch

  19. Nick said

    mon and wed for me at the cage please

  20. Boris said

    very funny Rajseran.. Monday PP, Tuesday(if possible) and Wednesday for me..

  21. Julius said

    Wed for Yet Yen please. I’ll ask him for his e-mail…



  22. rajiv said

    We have a total of 6 for the two sessions on Monday night. The two down for The Cage have not played at Turf City before, while the 4 down for Turf City have all played regularly at The Cage. It therefore makes more sense to cancel the Turf City session and proceed with The Cage session.

    Joel can switch from Tuesday night to Monday night at The Cage, so one place left for Tuesday. Julius, would you rather switch from from Wednesday to Tuesday or stick with Yet Yen for Wednesday?

  23. Gilbert said

    I’ll like to play on Wednesday @ the Cage

  24. rezarino said

    Can you put me down for tuesday at the cage please in case a space becomes free.

  25. Sushil George said

    Put me on for Wed at the cage pls.

    Sushil George

  26. rajiv said

    Julius, I take it you’d rather stick together with Yet Yen with the Wednesday session rather than switch to one vacancy on Tuesday, leaving Yet Yen on Wednesday. If that is the case, Reza gets the one vacancy on Tuesday.

    • 3 places left for Monday at The Cage
    • Tuesday at The Cage is full.
    • 2 places left for Wednesday at The Cage.
    • 6 places left for Thursday at Sports Planet.

  27. yaseen said

    HI jIV.. jams and me for cage tommorow.. this will be my last game before i take a break from football.. 1 request for me and jams to be on same side.. he cover my ass pretty well when im not on form.. thanks 😉

  28. LinKang said

    Wednesday for me at the cage


  29. rajseran said

    Hi Rajiv,

    Meantime can you get a reserve for today. My right feet heel has been giving me pain and it comes on and off . Not sure what it is but when it comes , i cant walk.

    I will check again this afternoon if the pain comes back . I am still on at this moment but just incase . Thanks

    • Yaseen said

      Macan you weak lah… 1 day heel, 1 day ass pain.. Just come lah.. small fry is here… we can do lots of stuff to him 😉

      • rajseran said

        Bro your ass is covered by the rest and you are fortunate while i have to and rather take care of my own ass. But by this afternoon i should know if i can still play . THis heel thingy is something new to me .

    • rajiv said

      Rajseran, I was going to say why risk it, and to save yourself for Wednesday, but since Yaseen is also probably carrying an injury, if either of you can’t continue, you can both sit out and have a chit-chat, and the game can continue 4 v 4. 🙂

      • rajseran said

        I cant imagine me watching then playing and if i sit out to watch , i probably go back with HEART PAIN TOO .

  30. Shankar said


    I have to sit out this week under doctor’s recommendations. My X-ray had revealed one hairline fracture. Have to sit out for at least the rest of the week.

    Sorry for the late notice.


  31. Chris said

    I can make it tonight at the cage.

  32. Clive said

    Happy to play tonight if it helps.

    If not tonight then Thursday please.

    Cheers, Clive

  33. rajseran said

    I will advice by 4pm today if i still can play and if the pain do not come back . Thanks

  34. Andrew Tangye said

    I am interested to play on Thursday at Sports Planet

  35. Boris said

    Anyone from the west going to play tonight? :p

  36. Damian said

    Hi Jiv, Wed @ Cage for me pls! Tks

  37. Nathaniel said

    Wednesday for me at the cage please


  38. rajseran said

    OK Rajiv

    I am out tonight . I will rest well for Wednesday .

  39. Boris said

    I would also like to pull out of tonight.. Playing Futsal yesterday after 2 months of inactivity took a toll on me.. I will play if there aren’t enough replacements though..

  40. Boris said

    Fine I’ll come to watch at least. If I deem myself capable of playing then I’ll play.

  41. Con said

    Hi guys, I am scheduled to play on Tuesday 21st April, but due to an unexpected guest arriving in Singapore, I will not be able to play this week. Would anyone like to take my place? My apologies for the balls-up.

  42. Yaseen said

    First 10 then now down to 7.. if its gonna be 4 against 4 then im not in favour Jiv.. Pls try to see if othes can make it..

    • rajiv said

      I made a mistake. It was 9 not 10. Sushil was confirmed for Wednesday, not Monday. I have corrected that.

      Tried quite a few, no one else can make it tonight. Might be better to cancel.

      • Yaseen said

        i messaged boris and he says he can play.. Clive says he can also.. so that works out to 9.. if die die Boris dont wanna play and cannot get the numbers then no choice 😦

  43. rajiv said

    I think it’s safer to cancel tonight’s session. Joel has been switched back to tomorrow. Neil also gets in for tomorrow as he had confirmed earlier (see Comment 6 above) and is not able to play any other day.

    Boris, I’m afraid you go into reserve under the priority system.

    4 places left for Thursday.

    If several more want to play, we can have two sessions on Wednesday. In the meantime, Damian has switched from Wednesday to Thursday.

  44. nick said

    oh no cancel, can’t we rally the troops come on lads, its monday night football, i need my fix

  45. Boris said

    not even 1 more can make it tonight?

  46. rajseran said

    Hi Guys

    i am sorry and would have really love to play tonight but the heel is giving me too much pain . I have seen the doctor and was asked to rest but i am still in for Wednesday .

  47. Alan L said

    Please put me down for Thursday.

  48. nick said

    Hi Raj I don’t think Geylang are playing tonight mate, rest your leg mate, see you wed.

    Rajiv thanks for the invite but I don’t think Abi will understand the non – fitness aspect to your kind offer.

    Oh well, cannot even 4 v 4 tonight

  49. Boris said

    I won’t be able to last a 4 v 4 i think hehe..

    • rajiv said

      It would have been 4 v 4 without you. I think we would have been stretching it.

      You’re in reserve for tomorrow (see Comment 43 above). I could see if anyone can move from Tuesday to either Wednesday (Gilbert is able to switch to Thursday) or Thursday, but I think you should rest. Like Rajseran, save yourself for Wednesday.

  50. Yaseen said

    Tommorow and wednesday also you better rest Boris.. You were saying you cant even walk up the stairs and urine properly right? So better rest.. If tommorow you can play then WOW, you recover super fast like wolverine…!

    • rajiv said

      Yaseen, if you can’t make Wednesday, try the 11-a-side game on Saturday. At least there will be substitutes available. 🙂

      • Yaseen said

        Hi Jiv , Weds i cannot make it and saturday game also cant as i wont be in town.. Thanks..

      • rajiv said

        Ok Yaseen. Take care.

        There’ll be something up on the blog next week that you might like.

    • rajseran said

      LOL Boris cant urine properly and also cant Aim properly.I think that might be 1 week rest at least .

      Boris you better go for check up and straiten It for better Aiming . They might bandage them first .

    • redseason said

      either a super fast recovery or an exaggerated injury in the first place…

  51. Boris said

    its not my legs only.. Basically every muscle I didn’t use this 2 months hurts… My back and arms are killing me too.. But nothing worse than the legs lol.. I’ll force myself to play 2moro even if it hurts as I’m leaving for Dubai on friday!!

    • rajseran said

      Hi Boris you meant you never use the JUnior B for two months cause i saw that you have urine problem too 🙂

  52. Nick said

    After receiving a sample my Doctor told me I had a urine problem once, but I realised he was just taking the piss

  53. […] one else is available, I’d rather cancel the session, even at a late stage (as was the case yesterday), than try to persuade players who are injured, unwell or not fully […]

  54. rajiv said

    Of those confirmed for last night’s cancelled session, only Yaseen, Jamil and Chris won’t be getting a game this week. Unfortunately, none of them can make either tomorrow or Thursday, for which there are still places available. Chris will be playing in the 11-a-side on Saturday at least.

    There is one place left for tomorrow night’s session at The Cage. If we get to 16 by this afternoon, we can have a mini-tournament. Doesn’t look likely though. A lot of people seem to have other things on this week.

    There is also one place left for Thursday night’s session at Sports Planet.

    I’m waiting for Jujing to let me know if he can make either Wednesday or Thursday.

  55. rajiv said

    Amaury SMSed to say he is not well and out of tonight’s session. Boris, are you sufficiently recovered to play tonight? Like I said above, it might be better for you to save yourself for tomorrow night.

  56. Chris said

    I can play tonight

  57. Boris said

    I’m still wondering whether I can play… Ok I’ll rest another day. If you can’t find a player I’ll play.

  58. Boris said


  59. Yaseen said


  60. rajiv said

    Tonight’s default line ups:

    • Reds: Lukas, Neil, Chris, Reza, Poh Keng
    • Whites: Philipp, Dirk, Andy N, Joel, Benjamin

    As there is at least one newer player who has played less than 5 games, and at least one who hasn’t played for a fortnight or more, it’s another 2-pointer.

  61. rajiv said

    As my wrist is much better, I’ll resume playing this week.

    As I have to hand Boris’s jersey to him in any event, I’ll play tomorrow instead of Thursday.

    Gilbert, I’ve effectively switched with you. 🙂

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  63. rajiv said

    The default line ups for tonight:

    • Whites: Rajseran, Sushil, Julius, Rajiv, Nathaniel
    • Blacks: Nick, Boris, Andy P, Yet Yen, Linkang

    As Boris hasn’t played for more than month, I’ve added a notional 10 places to his ranking before seeding the players.

    As a several of us haven’t played for two weeks or more, or are newer players who have played less than 5 games, it’s again a 2-pointer.

    Boris, don’t forget $18 for your jersey.

    • rajseran said

      Wow against the likes of Nick and Boris , its gonna be challenging .

      OK Whites , lets use the 1-3-1 strategy .

      Rajiv (Keeps)
      Sushil Julius Nathaniel ( is he new )
      Rajsera aka Torres

      Shhhhhhhhhhh please dont share this strategy with the Blacks . Sushil your job is to step on Nick Toes , he should be out . Julius do some of your SUMO Wrestling with Boris , he could be on his way to Dubai on the same night and we are all good.

      🙂 I shall only be worried abt Andy P

      • Yaseen said

        comparing julius and boris?? boris should be somewhere at julius’ hips.. Rajiv has an injured wrist. wiser to put him upfront and rajseran play keeper 🙂 julius is a good finisher too..

      • rajseran said

        Ok strategy change but who is this new guy Nathanie sound like NATHAN to me .

        RAJSERAN aka Reina(Keeps)
        Sushil Julius ( Nathaniel ( is he new )
        RAJIV aka IW ( injured Wrist )

      • redseason said

        Jiv, where is the Poll for tonight’s game? I want to vote for the Messiah!

      • Yaseen said

        my vote goes to Boris hands down!

      • rajseran said

        He has to have his hands down cause he is not wearing any balls guard .

        Anyway after confirming with my Team Manager

        the strategy has changed . I have to play defends since Nick and Mascot will be probably playing up front .

        Nathaniel aka Nathan
        Sushil -RAJ aka Carragher-JULIUS
        RAJIV aka Rooney

      • Yaseen said

        Rajseran aka aureola… SORRY got it wrong.. what i meant is Aurelio.. The guy whose good at DEAD BALLS situation 😉

      • rajseran said

        I guess the stadium should be packed tonight since Messiah is in town . Take note please come early cause we cant promise you any empty sits available by 8.45pm . Refreshment provided , just bring your own coins 🙂

      • Boris said

        lol… you know.. I’m still in pain but I have to play today as it is my last… Will try my best..

      • Yaseen said

        Boris…. You have the proclivity of being humble and low profiled with your injuries and lay off and all.. I like you 🙂

      • rajseran said

        Yaseen will be wearing his NURSE uniform just for you so dont worry. His speciality Groin Injury 😉

      • Boris said

        You will see that i’m not being humble at all tonight lol.. i’ve put on weight too ugh…

  64. Matt said

    Hi Rajiv,

    I can play Thursday.


  65. Boris said

    see yall later

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  68. redseason said

    am out for tonight, down with the flu.

  69. Boris said

    I was tempted to play tonight.. lol.. But its so far away..

  70. Boris said

    Can’t.. I have flight 2moro 12pm and I haven’t packed shit..

    • rajseran said

      Just bring along your toilet bowl then if you need to pack your shit 🙂 . I have a plumber that can help you .

  71. Andy M said

    i can play tonight if there is space. Let me know via SMS if i’m in

  72. Andy M said

    i don’t want to play rolling sub. No idea if 6v6 would be OK, is space a bit tight? just let me know happy not to play if 5v5 is preference, didn’t realise that John J was in reserve so thought you might need a replacement for Tom

    • rajiv said

      Sushil can’t make it, so I’ll just leave it as 5 v 5.

      We did 6 v 6 often last year, but now that we’re used to 5 v 5, it does seem a bit crowded.

  73. rajiv said

    Andrwew T can’t make it tonight. He was very apologetic, but fortunately, Andy M is available.

    The default line ups for tonight:

    • Blacks: John J, Murray, Alan, Damian, Matt
    • Reds: Gilbert, Clive, Andy M, Joel, Benjamin

    Feel free to swap players or re-jig the line ups.

    As at least two players either haven’t played for two weeks or more, or is a newer player who has played less than 5 games, it’s again a 2-pointer.

  74. rajseran said

    Handicap for today Blacks to give -1

    my $$$$ on the blacks

  75. Yaseen said


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  77. […] by rajiv on Sun 26 April 2009 Boris returned from Jordan at the beginning of last week, before leaving for Dubai at the end of the week.  He pulled out of the session on Monday claiming to be in pain after […]

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