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Posted by rajiv on 18 April 2009

Tom has put in some effort to argue that each participant should be “classed” according to their skills in order to aid in the player selection method of determining line ups.

While Tom ponders whether to do the classification himself, here’s an alternative – we each rate ourselves.

Rating players is in any event highly subjective.  Is Christiano Ronaldo the world’s greatest player, or just an over-hyped two-trick diving show pony?

So why not just leave each individual to rate himself?

To aid in the process, let us identify particular footballing abilities, each to be rated between 0 (completely useless) and 10 (world’s greatest).   Not surprisingly, the idea of rating specific skills was first raised by Tom.

The footballing abilities identified and described in the post on that subject on 16 November 2008, and in subsequent posts relating to the subject, were as follows:

Rate yourself on each of the above abilities as a comment below.

Like everything else on FIOFAFI, this is entirely voluntary.  “Volunteering” on behalf of others may be an excellent skill possessed by a select few, particularly useful in the workplace and at parties, but it is not a footballing ability, nor is it in keeping with FIOFAFI’s voluntary nature. 🙂

If you do rate yourself, try to be honest, or as honest as you can be in the circumstances.  As always, this is just for fun.

Another alternative is to use a rating site.  The FIOFAFI version of “Hot Or Not”?


29 Responses to “Self-Rater”

  1. Gilbert said

    Ha, for the fun of it, I’ll give this a go. Please let me know if anyone disagrees with my rating.

    First touch. (6)
    Player awareness & positional sense. (7)
    Passing. (7)
    Dribbling. (7)
    Shooting. (7)
    Tackling and closing down. (8)
    Communication. (6)
    Speed. (6)
    Stamina and durability. (5)
    Physical presence or strength. (8)
    Tactical awareness. (8)
    Goalkeeping. (5)

  2. Andy M said

    Seemed fair to me apart from i think your a bit faster than a 6, guess it depends on if you are being compared to the average within FIOFAFI

    First touch. (8)
    Player awareness & positional sense. (7)
    Passing. (8)
    Dribbling. (6)
    Shooting. (6)
    Tackling and closing down. (6)
    Communication. (7)
    Speed. (4)
    Stamina and durability. (5)
    Physical presence or strength. (8)
    Tactical awareness. (7)
    Goalkeeping. (5)

  3. Boris said

    First touch. (8)
    Player awareness & positional sense. (7)
    Passing. (8)
    Dribbling. (7)
    Shooting. (7)
    Tackling and closing down. (6)
    Communication. (7)
    Speed. (5)
    Stamina and durability. (6)
    Physical presence or strength. (6)
    Tactical awareness. (8)
    Goalkeeping. (5)

  4. rajseran said

    What about

    LAZY -7
    CANT RUN -10
    NO STAMINA -10
    OWN GOAL -5
    CANT PLAY -100
    NO SENSE -10
    NEVER SWEAR -10 🙂

  5. Reza said

    Reckon you guys are setting the bar quite high by giving yourself modest scores. Andy M’s “communication” should probably be a 10. he never shuts up! Same goes for Gilbert’s deadly long range shots.

  6. Reza said

    Maybe we need to simplify the categories?

    – Tacking
    – Shooting
    – Passing
    – Dribbling
    – Pace

    • rajiv said

      I suppose anyone can use different skills if they like. Or not rate all, just the ones they think are relevant to themselves.

      On the other hand, listing a wider range of skills might be useful in making us think about what is important to our games, both as individuals and as teams.

      • Rand aka Rajseran said

        Question is who will be there to rate the individual ?

      • rajiv said

        “Self-Rater”, so the individual rates himself. Like self-assessment. Only that on FIOFAFI, it’s entirely voluntary.

      • Yaseen said

        since Rajiv,s the moderator and he knows players pretty well, he can be the ‘acessor’ of the team 🙂

      • rajiv said

        “Self-rater” = each individual rates himself.

      • rajseran said

        Then it defeats the purpose incase some individual is desperate for points , he might vote all the max points .

        And end up you might get no True Value when comes to standings .

      • rajiv said

        There are no standings for this.

        Does someone else doing the rating make it any better? Either way, if the rating is way off the mark, others are free to point it out. It’s actually about discussion, not rating.

  7. Yaseen said

    First touch- depends who touch me first
    Player awareness & positional sense.- ya can see players around me.
    Passing.- ya should be able to.
    Dribbling.- okay okay lah
    Shooting.- so so.. sometimes tyco tyco go inside (but opponent think good shot 🙂 )
    Tackling and closing down.- by the time i close down, opponent already open up play
    Communication. – english, malay, tamil and sometimes arabic. play with ang moh got slang abit
    Speed.- sorry not in my dictionary
    Stamina and durability. – boleh tahan lah
    Physical presence or strength.- absolutely zero.. small built
    Tactical awareness.- football manager and winning eleven i always win
    Goalkeeping. i only know women are better goalkeepers.. i do catch some balls at some point 🙂

  8. Raj said

    Maybe we should assign scouts to games in order to rate players.

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  11. rajiv said

    I assume that everyone who wants to play indoor football with us can play football. However, on the very odd occasion over the past 2 years, we’ve had players who are so lacking in basic skills that it is questionable that they can play football at all.

    They may then want to consider other sport or physical activity. As I’ve said before, the blog provides opportunities to play any sport or participate in any physical activity.

    • rajiv said

      On the other hand, there are those who are keen on playing football, but never had much opportunity to play before now, for example, if they grew up in a part of the world where football was not popular at the time.

      While I am reluctant to turn away anyone who participates in the right spirit, the standard of play in our games has risen, and the games are often quite competitive, so it may be difficult for those with little experience of football to fit in.

      I’m not sure whether coaching would be useful. Most football training for beginners in Singapore is geared towards kids. While you have adult coaches for adult beginners in golf, tennis or even swimming, I am not aware of any for football.

      I’ll be giving this more thought. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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  13. RaFFianTeDDy said

    Bro, izzit for working adults onli can join and play??? I’m looking to get some football action b4 going in Ns…. Though i’m working part time, am i qualified??

    • rajiv said

      Sure RaffianTeddy. I use the term “working adults” because the weeknight games are from 9 to 10 pm to cater for working adults. It’s open to anyone who wants to play in the right spirit.

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