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Meet the Player, Meet the Mann: Philipp

Posted by rajiv on 22 April 2009

Philipp – so good his folks gave him three “P”s.

In the 16th of our increasingly series “Meet the Player, Meet the Man”, we meet our Ur-original Ich bin ein Berliner.

Name / Nickname: Philipp philipp with 3 ps

Highest level of football played: One game in Junior’s league (age ca.10) with SC Charlottenburg, Berlin. I was a failure, they never asked me again. (Editor’s reminiscence: ahhh, the sweetness of Charlottenburg!)

Which Football team do you support: Hertha BSC, since I am born there; FC Köln, my hometown, FC St. Pauli, when they used to be the left-wing underdogs

The most memorable moment supporting your team: Hertha beat Bayern in the Olympiastadion back in the 80s

Favourite non-FAFI player: Karl Allgöwer, VfB Stuttgart in the 80s. A free-kick genius and a humble guy.

Who do you imagine yourself to be on a good day / bad day: On a good day him, on a bad day him without any free kicks.

How do you celebrate scoring a goal: Like Eastern this year, not really

Best goal you’ve scored during a FAFI game: I remember a fantastic volley which accidentally met the goal

Worst miss seen in a FAFI sanctioned game: Don’t want to be  reminded on all my bad passes

Funniest thing you’ve seen on a football pitch: The unintentional humour of Berti Vogts, especially his English (youTube clip).

Which position would the manager of your favourite team play you? Logo developer

When did you realise that you weren’t good enough to play for your favourite team: see no 2.

What music would you listen to before you step out into the field? Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”

What do you think of Singapore (best and worst elements): A great fusion of different cultures and a certain lack to make more out of it (Editor’s remark: Hmmm, interesting observation there … yes, perhaps a metaphysical lack).

Does your spouse know what you do on game evenings? And do you tell your spouse about the goals you scored? Yes, but I don’t know what she is doing! I re-enact the entire game the same night until she falls asleep

Your favourite football-related book: Paul Breitner: Fußball Weltmeisterschaft 1982 (Editor’s comment: alas, not available in English.)

Paid sex. Discuss in 20 words of less: Have sex for free and keep the money for German beer

Women in football: Good idea? Only if Rajseran plays topless too

What do you think Tom does in his free time (when not conceiving of questionnaires like this)? Reading Kafka. (Editor’s comment: haha. Quite right, too).

What is it about soccer that drives you to torment your body so? It’s a great recreation from dragon boating 🙂

Any Other comments: Jörg Dahlmann (German football commentator): “Da geht er, ein großer Spieler. Ein Mann wie Steffi Graf.” (There he is leaving, a great player. A man like Steffi Graf)

18 Responses to “Meet the Player, Meet the Mann: Philipp”

  1. Mark L said

    Hey Phillip, some girls from Deutsche Bank want to try out the German Dragons.. actually, its my wife and some of her friends.. their DB Boat got disbanded this year.. can they get in touch with you?

  2. redseason said

    Philipp, can you tell us a little about the anarcho-leftist FC St. Pauli? and was your journey a straightforward “Berlin=>Zoologischer=>Singapur”?

  3. philipp said

    Their career as a “Kult” club can be read here:

    Regarding my journey it wasn’t that straight forward. In between I had a close look at a boring Westfalian town, East-Berlin, the baltic Sea, and finally Cologne.

    The right order of your path “Berlin=>Zoologischer Garten=>Singapur” though would be :
    “Berlin=>Zoologischer Garten=>Geylang” 🙂

  4. rajseran said

    Anyone ready for INdian Dragon

    please contact Rajseran at 96969696

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