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Wednesday Night At The Cage: 29 April 2009

Posted by rajiv on 29 April 2009

The default line ups were:

  • Whites: Nick, Andy P, Andy C, LinKang, Hairuddin/Mark T
  • Blacks: Rajseran, Alan, Steve F, Azmi, William

As there were three new players, I went down to meet them.

Rajseran was held up in traffic, so the game started with Mark T playing for Blacks.  The game kicked off just before 9.10 pm, and Rajseran arrived about 9.15 pm.   Thereafter, Hairuddin and Mark T took turns.

Whites took a 2-0 lead, and held it for a while before Blacks pulled it back to 2-2.  Blacks were defending well and creating chances, while Whites were unlucky to hit the post a couple of times.

Blacks took a 3-2 lead but Whites pulled it back to 3-3. At 10.00 pm, Blacks took the lead again, and Rajseran asked whether it was time. I told him the game started late, and could continue for another 8 minutes or so. Rajseran seemed very distracted by the time, and during such a moment of distraction, at about 10.05 pm, Whites equalized. The game continued for another 3 minutes or so before time was called.

Final score: 4-4

It was the first draw we’ve had since 4 March 2009. It was also the lowest scoring game we’ve had at The Cage. Both sides defended well.

The first of two video clips I recorded:

The second can be found here.


24 Responses to “Wednesday Night At The Cage: 29 April 2009”

  1. Azmi said

    Really fast update. I’m amazed. Good game too.

  2. sbobet said

    Its been awhile that i have played a game with such a low score .I got stuck with a bad traffic for at least 20 mins from Rochor to Cage – can you beat that .

    It was a good game . Played first time with Azmi and William and took awhile before we all gel together . Good movements for both team except that we were leading but some miscommunication from Rajiv allowed the Whites to take advantage while we stopped. I would have given that as a half goal cause i was still discussing with RAjiv

    Final Score Blacks 4 Whites 3.5 Close win 🙂

  3. rajseran said

    lol we had 10 players – + one spectator Rajiv and we have 14 votes today. Strange – could be some multiple names with diff accts .

  4. rajseran said

    15 votes now WOW . Was the game played live on Channel 22 last night ?

    • Yaseen said

      A bit fishy judging from the votes not for the old timers though.. My vote went to Rajseran from the video i saw… Wondered who voted for who how many times or same person vote for himself from multiple pcs.. Jokers..

      • rajiv said

        Not sure why that is, but the votes will be pro-rated so that the total doesn’t exceed 10.

        Might just be someone unfamiliar with the polls trying it out from different connections.

      • rajseran said

        Looks like it . Is there any way that you can get the individual to register first as a member before voting. This is the first time i came across with this . Looks desperado case to me.

      • Yaseen said

        W.T.F….. 18 votes bro… This page should be link to HUMOUR.. Suits it better…

      • rajiv said

        No registration available, other than to add as authors.

        Regarding your SMS, Mark T and Hairuddin work together, so they might have talked about it in the office, and some of their colleagues could be playing around with the votes.

        No harm, especially if they become interested enough to play in future sessions.

        As far as the voting is concerned, even if someone gets 1,000 votes, the maximum ranking points anyone can get from one session is 1. Not a big deal. 🙂

      • rajseran said

        Just got back . Yaseen sms me to watch the show . What the F – 19 votes now . This is getting from funny to Irritating.

        I think we have to advice new members that this is FIOFAFI for adults . Not for kids.

      • Hairuddin said


        I dun think any of my collegues vote as none of them knew Mark and I went.

        Btw, this is the second time I went to this post since the Wednesday session with Thursday morning around 9.30am being the first. That time, I already saw 7 votes being placed.

      • rajiv said


        I was just trying to guess why it might have happened, but like I said above and below, it doesn’t really matter.

        Are you playing next week?

      • Hairuddin said

        I dun think so.

        Both thigh and calf aching. Maybe give it a rest.

        Will try some light jogging.


      • rajiv said


  5. rajseran said

    Hi Rajiv ,

    its your call on this . I am not bothered at all .

    • rajiv said

      Even if it were possible, it’s not worth the effort of trying to find out who might be behind it.

      It will stop when whoever they are get bored. In the bigger scheme of things, it is of little consequence.

      Everyone who played, continue to vote as normal. I’ll take all votes that appear normal at face value. All other votes that appear to be the result of multiple voting or voting by anyone who didn’t play will be reduced or pro rated to bring the total to 10. The votes that are taken into account in the rankings will reflect a normal distribution.

  6. rajiv said

    29 votes as at this morning (15 for Rajseran, 13 for Mark T and 1 for LinKang. A further 5 votes since then. In view of the bizarre voting pattern, only a quarter of the votes as at this morning will be taken into account (rounded down). The one vote for LinKang and two vote margin will be maintained.

    About 5 to 10% of the 576 page views on Friday was probably down to the multiple voters. Thanks.

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  8. rajseran said

    Its 34 now but too bad – voting is over ,

    Try harder next time 🙂

  9. Boris said

    wow 18 votes for Mark T? New guy?

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