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Tuesday Night At The Cage: 5 May 2009

Posted by rajiv on 5 May 2009

The default line ups were:

  • Blacks/Reds: Rajseran, Shankar, Poh Keng, Andy P, Andy N
  • Whites: Lukas, Philipp, Neil, Amaury, Jens

Anyone who played, please provide the final score/result as a comment below.  Feel free to add other details.  Everyone, feel free to add your comments.


12 Responses to “Tuesday Night At The Cage: 5 May 2009”

  1. Poh Keng said

    6-4 to reds but the scoreline did not tell the whole story. Reds scored first and the whites equalised. the story goes on and the score became 4-4 after abt 35 to 40mins with the white pinning the reds in their half for the last 20mins. After waves and waves of attack, the reds refused to bulge and defended desperately. It was quite frustrating for the whites and nervy for the reds. The whites clearly had the upper hand for the 2nd half of the game with better fitness and attacking skills.

    With 2 mins to go, the unimaginable happened! A rare counter attack result in a snap shot from Raj; found the post and into the net. Jubilations for the reds but disbelief for the whites.. And Andy(bigger one) finished off the game with a last min goal. No offence to my team(reds), i felt the whites was the better team tonite but kudos to the reds for using their experience to great advantage tonite.. well done to all the ten players.

    • rajiv said

      Thanks Poh Keng.

      If you open a WordPress account, and provide me with the e-mail address used to open the account, I’ll add you as an author.

    • Yas said

      wow sounds like an end to end stuff for me! Raj the saviour yet again.. Miss all these actions..Seems like the champion’ league final in 1999.. 2 goals in two minutes!

  2. rajiv said

    Philipp, could you let me have Jens e-mail address so that I can add him to the Updates?


  3. rajseran said

    It was an excellent match and i would have to agree with Poh Keng that Whites were better team then us in terms of stamina and speed . We were up by 3-0 with the first goal from Poh Keng and two from Rajseran . The Whites came back strongly with 3 goals and were leading 4-3 until Poh Keng scored another one to make it 4-4 . It all looked like the whites would have won the game or end up with 4-4 until the blacks did a last min counter . Rajseran brought the ball up , tricked Amaury with a dummy turn to his right but instead kicked the ball with his left leg and stunned everyone with a goal .

    Rajseran celebrated the goal like how Torres celebrated when scoring against Man u . It was 10.02 by then and within another minute the Whites fumbled infront of the goal and Andy the bigger one took no mercy and slamped in the final goal .

    Shankar and Andy the smaller one did well to defend . Lucas was not easy to handle but did their best .

    Whites played brilliant soccer but Blacks took every chances .
    6-4 it was another excellent match .

    Cheers .

  4. Andy N said

    Poh Keng and Rajseran are right. The better team were the whites, especially Lukas who held off a variety of interesting tackles from all of us! Having said that; am happy to take the points!

  5. rajiv said

    14 votes in total, exceeding the maximum of 10. Our usual range is between 4 and 8. I’ll just half the numbers – 3 for Lukas, 3 for Rajseran and 1 for Philipp.

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