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Update On Confirmations, Withdrawals & Cancellations: 6 May 2009

Posted by rajiv on 6 May 2009

Each week’s schedule comes out on the preceding Thursday morning.

You can confirm for any of the sessions listed in the post any time after the post is put up, and as many sessions as you like.    Please take note of the venue, date and time of the sessions in the post itself, as these may have changed from the preceding week.  There is no need to wait to receive the Extra by e-mail on Thursday or Friday before confirming.  In any event, there may not be an Extra every week.

“Confirming” means you would like to play and are able to play.  As I said before, confirming carries a commitment to turn up (on time) and play for the whole session (subject to any unforeseen circumstances). It also carries a commitment to pay a share of the cost of the pitch.

Some points to note on confirming:

  • After you confirm for a session, you will be listed as playing that session on the “Current Schedule” page.    If you confirm after the session has been filled, you’ll be “wait-listed”.
  • I have no issue with anyone confirming on behalf of others.  However, if you confirm on behalf of another, you’re “underwriting” that other person’s commitments, so I suggest that you only do so if that other person cannot access the blog at that time, and is someone you trust or has confirmed to you by SMS or e-mail that he is confirmed.
  • Our regular sessions are fairly demanding, so if you haven’t played for a while, or are coming back from injury or illness, or otherwise feel that you are not fit enough to last a full hour, please indicate as such.  If there are two concurrent sessions that night, I’ll put you down for the less demanding session.  If there is only one session, any two of you can confirm as a pair of players, so that the two of you can take turns.
  • If you subsequently have to withdraw, please do as a comment to the schedule post.  You can find the link to the correct post through the “Current Schedule” page.
  • If you would like to play but can’t confirm yet, I’ll put you down as “unconfirmed”.   (“Contingent” was being used to mean other things, which got confusing).   It gives you no priority, except that if there are still places available on the day of the session itself, I will contact you first to see if you are able to play.
  • If, in your confirmation, you get the venue wrong, I’ll put you down as “unconfirmed”, as I can’t be sure if you’d want to play at the venue stated in the post.
  • If you are able to play, but are not committed to playing (although you’ll play if we are short of players), I’ll put you down as “in reserve”.  If you later change your mind and want to play, please indicate as such, and I’ll put you in (if there are still places left at that time).  Conversely, if having confirmed, you would like someone to take your place, but you’ll play if we’re short of players, please indicate as such.
  • If you are able to play on several days, but would only like to play on one of those days, I’ll put your name down for all the days, but I’ll put your name in brackets for your second or third choice.  If your preferred session is cancelled, I’ll remove the brackets from your second choice, so you’ll still have the same priority for your second choice.
  • If  you withdraw less than 12 hours before the session, in addition to adding a comment on the blog, it would be good if you could try to find your own replacement.  I have provided everyone with the telephone list.  If you withdraw less than 6 hours before the session, in addition to adding a comment on the blog, please find your own replacement.  If I can, I will try to help find a replacement, but there is no guarantee I will be available to help out.  If there are participants “wait-listed”, of course, try them first.

In order for a session to go on, we need a certain number of confirmations either 24 or 48 hours before the session.  As The Cage accepts 24-hour cancellation while the other venues require 48-hour cancellation, we need to reach the following number for the session to go on:

  • At least 7 confirmed 24 hours before a session at The Cage.
  • At least 7 confirmed 48 hours before a session at Sports Planet or Turf City.

If we haven’t reached that number in that time or soon after, the session will in all likelihood be cancelled.   Unless you’ve indicated that the cancelled session is the only one you are available to play or that you can’t play any other session, I will SMS those confirmed for that session to see if they are able to switch to another session for which there are still places available.

If we have at least 7 confirmed a day or two before the session, with our pool of participants, we can usually get to 10 before the session itself.  If necessary, I will SMS those who often play on that day or at that venue to see if they would like to play.  Anyway, we can manage with 8 at The Cage.

Late cancellations should be the exception – if there are late withdrawals and/or we cannot make up any shortfall in players.

Like I said before, it’s all a numbers game.  And every individual confirmation counts.

13 Responses to “Update On Confirmations, Withdrawals & Cancellations: 6 May 2009”

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  6. rajiv said

    Late withdrawals haven’t been a significant problem for a while now, but perhaps time for a reminder soon.

  7. rajiv said

    I’ve been trying to cut back on the SMSing for ages now.

    It’s reaching the stage where I only SMS newer players, or if take up for a session is very slow, or there are still a couple of places to fill before the session.

    As far as possible, confirmations or even just indications of interest on the blog please.

    The advantage of indications of interest is that if there are still places left, I will SMS you before I SMS anyone else to fill any places that remain or become available.

  8. rajiv said

    A number of additional games have been proposed due to the public holiday on Monday. Sessions or games will be cancelled if there are insufficient players due to people being away for the long weekend or for any other reasons.

  9. […] common reasons for late withdrawals are flu and joint injuries.  I find a good multi-vitamin helps to reduce the incidence of flu.  […]

  10. rajiv said

    Apart from Tuesday sessions being regularly cancelled in the first quarter of this year due to insufficient players, cancellations have been rare since 1 April 2009:

    • There were no sessions on three consecutive Mondays, 20 and 27 April 2009, and 4 May 2009, due to insufficient players.

    • The sessions scheduled for Sports Planet on Thursday, 30 April 2009 and Wednesday, 6 May 2009 were cancelled due to insufficient players. This was period when the mid-week Sports Planet session was being switched from Thursday to Wednesday.

    • The Tuesday sessions scheduled for The Cage on 2 June 2009 and 23 June 2009 were cancelled due to insufficient players.

    • The session scheduled for Wednesday, 15 July 2009 at Sports Planet was cancelled due to insufficient players.

    • I tried scheduling two sessions on Wednesday, 29 July 2009, one at Sports Planet and the other at The Cage, to accommodate larger numbers, but both were cancelled as there were no players.

    • A Thursday session was cancelled two weeks ago.

    • The session last Sunday was cancelled, somewhat unfortunately.

    Cancellations have occurred less frequently since we started routine Sunday sessions at Turf City (from 10 May 2009 onwards) and routine Saturday sessions at Sports Planet (from 4 July 2009 onwards).

    Adding the weekend sessions has allowed the pool of players to grow faster, which has benefited the weeknight sessions.

  11. […] session goes on will depend on whether there are sufficient players.  It therefore makes sense to confirm early if you want to play in a […]

  12. rajiv said

    The Cage e-mailed me about a month ago to say they need 48-hour notice for cancellations too.

    From now on, we need at least 7 confirmed at least 2 days before the session to be reasonably sure it will go on. If we have less than 5 confirmed, it will most likely be cancelled.

    Yesterday’s session was cancelled but if those interested in playing had indicated their interest in playing sooner, it probably would have gone on.

    Like I said, it’s useful to let me know that you’re interested in playing, even if you can’t confirm yet.

  13. rajiv said

    If you confirm for another, don’t forget you are “underwriting” his attendance, so best you remind him of the session on the day itself.

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