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Schedule: Week Of 11 May 2009

Posted by rajiv on 7 May 2009

The schedule for next week is as follows:

  • Monday, 11 May 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at The Cage, Kallang.
  • Tuesday, 12 May 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at The Cage, Kallang.
  • Wednesday, 13 May 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at Sports Planet @ East Coast.
  • Thursday, 14 May 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at The Cage, Kallang.
  • Saturday, 16 May 2009, 3.50 pm to 5 pm at Turf City, Bukit Timah.
  • Sunday, 17 May 2009, 7.50 pm to 9 pm 5.50 pm to 7 pm 4.50 pm to 6 pm at Turf City, Bukit Timah.

The reason for switching the Turf City session from Monday night to Sunday night is set out here.   Weekend sessions will be scheduled regularly from now on.  The switch in the venue between Wednesday and Thursday is explained here.

Please note the changes in the colours for each day to accommodate the additional sessions.

Although there are more sessions, I will also cancel more readily if we don’t meet the minimum threshold of at least 7 confirmed in time:

  • 48 hours before the session for Sports Planet or Turf City.
  • 24 hours before the session for The Cage.

Tuesday night has become the most popular session since the end of March 2009, and I’ve finally been able to get a second pitch at The Cage for Tuesday night.   If we get up to 16 to 20 players, we can either have two sessions (a regular one and a less demanding one) or a mini-tournament.

Confirmations below as usual.

91 Responses to “Schedule: Week Of 11 May 2009”

  1. Yaseen said

    wednesday. thanks.

  2. Poh Keng said

    Tuesday for me. Thks

  3. rajiv said

    The more sustainable slot for Sunday evenings at Turf City appears to be 6 to 7 pm.

    I’ve amended the above post accordingly.

  4. philipp said

    Thursday at the Cage please!

  5. Sushil George said

    Sat & Sun @ the turf club pls.

    Dont forget Sat there is early kick off of United v Arsenal @ 745pm.

  6. Lukas said

    Thursday at the cage please

  7. Tom said

    Jiv – can you pass me the Monday Pitch booking? Thanks.

    • rajiv said

      Ok, I’ve e-mailed them to let them know you’ll be taking over the Monday night bookings for the rest of May and June. I tried to call a short while ago, but there was no reply. There’s often no one there to answer the phone in the morning, so it will probably be afternoon before I can get through to them on the phone.

  8. rajiv said

    Clive SMSed me from the airport to say he is travelling this weekend, but he can play on Monday.

  9. boon yick said

    wednesday for me pls

  10. andy pidden said

    tuesday for me pls, andy p

  11. Bobby said

    Wed @ EC pls.

  12. Andy N said

    Thursday for me please at the cage.

    Andy N

  13. Neil said

    Monday and Thursday for me please.


  14. Tom said


    The game is on! We have the following confirmed:

    Tom, George, Rajseran, Clement, Mark L, Mark C, Glen, friend K. That’s 8 plus Clive makes NINE.

    Anyone else wants to join? We have one more space but we can also have a 6-a-side meaning another 3 spots if desired.

    • Tom said


      The game is on!

      We have the following confirmed:

      Tom, George, Rajseran, Clement, Mark L, Mark C, Glen, friend K, Shankar, Clive. That’s 10 plus Neil if he can join us.

      Anyone else wants to join? We have one or two spaces left and we can have a 6-a-side match.

      • rajiv said

        Thanks Tom. I’ll cancel the Monday session at The Cage then.

        Neil had stated early last month that he can only play in the east. I’ll leave it to him whether he wants to play on Monday at Turf City or switch to Tuesday at The Cage.

        I’ve added details of the Monday game at Turf City under “Other Activities”.

        Feel free to put up a pre-match post, in addition to any post-match report. I’ll leave all details such as line ups and colours to you.

        PS. Your fickleness as to whether to cap numbers at 10 or go up to 12 was why your being a girl came up. 🙂

      • Tom said

        Cool. Oh, by the way, you mistakenly placed the game under “Other Activities”, but I assure you it is football, and it is FAFI. There’s no harm it being placed there, of course, even if it is less conspicuous than under “Current Schedule”. It’s all about the game on the pitch, Jiv.

      • rajiv said

        “Other Activities” covers ad hoc games or other games/activities not organized by me. The 11-a-side games have been under “Other Activities”. So were the one-off 7-a-side games on 28 March 2009 and 2 May 2009. They’re at least as much football as Monday nights at Turf City.

        Anyway, there is a reference on the “Current Schedule” page to Monday night’s game at Turf City being under “Other Activities”.

        It’s about the game Tom, both on and off the pitch, and not about you.

      • Tom said

        who said it has anything to do with me?

      • rajiv said

        Not me, I said it’s “not about you”.

      • Tom said

        You said:

        it’s … not about you.

        Apart from the above, who ever claimed that it was about me?

      • Poh Keng said

        Tom, i will be available to play tomorrow, monday @ turf city.. do u have any place left.. pl sms me@ xxxxxxxx if there is available place and colour to wear. cheers

      • rajiv said

        Whether there’s a report on last night’s game will depend on whether any author who played (Tom, Rajseran, Shankar) posts one.

  15. Yaseen said

    This sunday i may be able to make it.. IF i can will contact you straight Rajiv.. thanks

  16. Yaseen said

    Sorry for the amendments… Im in for monday… Im out for wednesday… And sunday also out

  17. rajseran said

    Hi Rajiv

    can you shift the Monday at Turf to Schedule: Week Of 11 May 2009 instead of Other activities so that it would be easier to register .

    Sorry Tom – what time are we playing ? The usual 9-10pm ?

    • rajiv said

      It was the same system used for the 11-a-side games you played on 21 February 2009 and 25 April 2009. You’ll get used to it.

    • Tom said

      Rajseran, the game kicks off at 9pm. Knowing the Pitch, we’ll probably play til 10.15 or so.

      The twelve confirmed are Tom, George, Rajseran, Clement, Mark L, Mark C, Glen, friend K, Shankar, Clive, Neil and Yas.

      Line ups – to be determined by a mystical, magical formula accompanied by Gregorian chanting – will be up over the weekend.

      • rajseran said

        Where is your Bro Raj ?

      • Yaseen said

        Raj sudah retire… thats the last i heard

      • Tom said

        Where …. is Raj

        Ahem … that fella has a baby boy now. Around the same time as Damian’s I think.

      • rajiv said

        Tom, for future reference, Jye is keen to play regularly on Monday nights at Turf City.

        Poh Keng has also made himself available.

        Their phone numbers are on the telephone list. You also have their e-mail addresses.

      • rajiv said

        Poh Keng SMSed me at 10.38 pm last night to say he’s out of tonight’s game with a knee injury. I suppose he must have played last night? I hope it’s nothing serious.

      • rajiv said

        Line ups – to be determined by a mystical, magical formula accompanied by Gregorian chanting – will be up over the weekend.

        Tom, the weekend is over.

      • rajiv said

        Tom’s line ups were so mystical and magical, they never appeared at all. 🙂

  18. Azmi said

    Put me for wednesday game pls…thks.

  19. rajiv said

    Neil SMSed me yesterday evening to say he’ll play Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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  22. Julius said

    Tue and Thur at the Cage please, for Julius and Clemens.



  23. rajseran said

    Thursday for me pls

  24. Lin Kang said

    Thurs at cage for me


  25. rajiv said

    David is in for Wednesday at Sports Planet. As he’s an older player and hasn’t played for a while, I’ll rotate with him.

    • 5 places left for Tuesday at The Cage.
    • 6 places left for Wednesday at Sports Planet.
    • 2 places left for Thursday at The Cage.
    • Lots of places left for Saturday and Sunday.

    I suppose most people will look at next weekend sometime later next week, but even then, two sessions at the weekend might be premature. If there are not enough for two, I’ll see which one is more popular and go with that one.

  26. Gilbert said

    Wednesday @ Sports Planet for me thanks.

  27. melvinl said

    Tues, Cage, thanks

  28. Azmi said

    Hi Rajiv,

    Weeliam will be playing for wednesday too.

  29. rajiv said

    Andy C SMSed yesterday to say he’s in for Wednesday too.

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  31. John J said


    I can make both Tuesday and Wednesday, if required.



  32. nick said

    hi can I get into the tuesday and sunday game cheers 🙂

  33. nick said

    actually looking at the times Sat might be better for me, however I heard its hard to get a full cohort on saturdays

    • rajiv said

      Well, Saturday may be hard at Turf City, but this Saturday is at Sports Planet at East Coast, so a different crowd I expect. Perhaps more of the 11-a-side crowd?

      If there are not enough for sessions on both Saturday and Sunday, I’ll go ahead with the one that is more popular.

      5 to 6 pm worked yesterday, so I’ve brought the Sunday game forward to 5 to 6 pm.

  34. Murray said

    Hi Jiv, I can play on Tue and Thursday games or be contingent for either.

    Will play twice but if session is full then don’t mind being shifted around. Either day this week is fine. Fit me in how you see best.


  35. rajiv said

    Places left for this week:

    • 1 place left for tomorrow night at The Cage.

    • 2 places left for Wednesday night at Sports Planet.

    • 1 place left for Thursday night at The Cage.

    • Lots of places left for the two weekend sessions. If there are not enough players for two sessions, but enough for one, I’ll go ahead with the one that is more popular, so if you choose only one, please state if you can make the other if the one you choose is cancelled. I’m looking to firm this up by Friday morning at the latest.

  36. Shankar said

    Thursday @ the Cage for me please


  37. vancino said

    can count me in Thursday’s game 14/5/09.


  38. Damian said

    Pls include me for Wed nite @ Sports Planet!! Wife hasn’t popped can’t sit around waiting anymore ….need some action!! ;0

  39. rajiv said

    Julius and Clemens are out tonight as they have to attend to a “surprise” engagement, but Adam, Alan and Sze Kuan are in, so we’re up to 9 for tonight at The Cage. Just one more place left.

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  41. Damian said

    Apologies guys, as it wld have it, wife decided to pop the moment I committed to a game…so have to bail on Wed nite.

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  43. rajiv said

    Ian is in for tonight. Still one place left (if David A and I rotate).

    I’ll play Saturday or Sunday, whichever goes on.

  44. Jye said

    I’m ok for 5pm Sun turf city

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  46. rajiv said

    Several places left for this weekend’s sessions.

    As we’re not likely to have enough for two sessions, we’ll go ahead with the one that is more popular.

  47. rajiv said

    Murray and Neil are both out tonight, so 1 place left for tonight at The Cage.

  48. Chris said

    I can make it tonight.

  49. rajiv said

    Saturday’s session at Sports Planet is cancelled.

    Anthony can play Sunday afternoon. We have 5 for Sunday’s session at Turf City from 5 to 6 pm. 5 more.

  50. Azmi said

    Saturday canceled? I’d like to play on sunday if possible, (I’ll be on leave) but can’t give confirmation til noon.

    • rajiv said

      Noon on Sunday?

      • Azmi said

        Yeah. Can’t confirm til then coz I might have a football game in the morning. But that too might not happen if lack of people.

      • rajiv said

        How many players do you have for Sunday morning? Would they consider a 6-a-side match against us on Sunday afternoon instead?

      • Azmi said

        Hi Rajiv,I’ll get back to you by tomorrow morning as agreed.

      • Azmi said

        Sorry Rajiv, looks like there might not be a game with my friends. They seem reluctant to play.

      • rajiv said

        Thanks for asking Azmi.

        As we don’t have enough players, tomorrow’s session is cancelled.

        I do however, have an invitation on Facebook for a game on Saturday afternoon at Bukit Timah campus.

        Details to follow.

      • rajiv said

        We got up to 7 for this afternoon’s game, but not enough.

      • rajiv said

        Rizal and Peter could have played as well, which would have taken us to 9, but by the time they got back to me, it was already too late.

  51. rajseran said

    Hi Everyone

    Just incase if you miss the link . We have a spot at the Premier Pitch Turf City on Monday 9pm to 10pm 18th May . If interested please register at

    Project FAFI: Game On 18 May 2009

    Thanks . Drinks Provided ( If the toilet is open – Tap Water is good for health – Guaranteed Swine Free )

  52. Nick said

    hey sorry cannot do sunday,

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