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FAFI Notes: 11 May 2009

Posted by rajiv on 12 May 2009

No author who played last night put up a report, but I’ve received the following:

From Mark L:

Monday Nite at Turf City is fun. We had a blast last nite with 12 pax.

A further SMS from Poh Keng to say he replaced “Deen” last night, and picked up a knee injury while running for the ball – the knee he had an operation on before.  Wishing him a speedy recovery.  I have no idea who “Deen” is though. 🙂

I SMSed Neil to see if he’d given up his place for Poh Keng, but he replied to say he played last night and his side won 10-7 although Blacks were a man short for about half the game.  I take it Neil was with Reds?

As I have no idea who Poh Keng replaced, or of the line ups, there’s no player poll.

Those who played, feel free to add your comments below.

Addendum (14 May 2009, 5.21 pm)

As the line ups have been provided in the comments below, the player poll has been added.

11 Responses to “FAFI Notes: 11 May 2009”

  1. Mark L said

    It was a great game. In many a ways- For 1, it marked the return to Mon nites at Turf City. For 2, it was 90 mins (we paid only 60 mins) of end to end action. The result being a most fantastic workout for all 12 players.

    i forgot the line up, something like Blacks (Tom, Clive, Clement, Poh Keng, Yassen, Mark) vs Reds (Rajseran, Glenn, Mark C, Eh.. Craps i forgot who else was there… Sorry). Long story cut short, it was 10-7 to the Reds at full time. Clive would add at 60 mins, it was 7-5 to Blacks? Fair result given Poh Keng was out of the game after 30 mins perhaps with the freak injury.

    Spirits were all good. A little bit of competitiveness with some line calls and fair natured gamesmanship. But i think the key for ME was the workout. Fatties like me need it, and thats what i got. So for 7$, it was sure worth every penny i invested.

    i dont know about a players poll, but all i can say was- it was truly fun!

    Oh.. i havent played futsal for a while.. so the workout meant that i was up to 1am before i could sleep…. hmm.. wonder if that means i should skip next Monday instead….

    • rajiv said

      Thanks Mark.

      The last pre-match information provided by Tom last Friday was:

      The twelve confirmed are Tom, George, Rajseran, Clement, Mark L, Mark C, Glen, friend K, Shankar, Clive, Neil and Yas.

      Poh Keng took someone’s place. It can’t be that difficult to figure out who played. I wasn’t there, so I wouldn’t know whose place Poh Keng took.

      • Mark L said

        Blacks (Tom, Clive, Clement, Poh Keng, Yassen, Mark) vs
        Reds (Rajseran, Glenn, Mark C, Shankar, Neil, George)

        Think the above would be right.

      • Mark L said

        Ha Ha. Player of the Session for me.. For Blacks.



        (1) Cos he Organised the Session
        (2) Cos he played in Goal with some farnie Results
        (3) Cos he played in Defence with some SUPERB last ditched Sliding Blocks (Ball Only, No ones Legs)
        (4) Cos he had some Verbal Highlights with Rajs which helps brighten the game…

      • rajseran said

        Plus TOM got his ass kicked by his own Team Mate Clement . LOL that was so damn funny. How could he missed the shot and ended up ramming the ball to Toms ass.

        Tom is your pantat doing well.

      • rajiv said

        So I guess Poh Keng took the place of “friend K”, whoever that was. 🙂

    • rajiv said

      I’ll put both scores down in the participation records.

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  3. yaseen said

    Hell of a game.. its like playing 1 whole football game! i sweat like mad and it was a very good workout. Tom definetly played his heart, ass and balls out and he is the player of the session! “deen” actually its kin.. Poh keng didnt know… after so long, the game on monday is simply fantastic!!! simply exilarating

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