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Routine Session System: 23 May 2009

Posted by rajiv on 23 May 2009

I thought I’d summarize the entire routine session system in one post.   The routine session system comprises of:

  • Venues & Scheduling
  • Confirmations, Withdrawals & Cancellations
  • Numbers & Priority
  • Line Ups
  • Payment
  • Session Summaries Or Reports

The system has evolved from early on, especially since June last year.  Currently, it is geared primarily towards managing conveniently and in a routine manner a larger number of individual participants who may wish to play futsal each week.

Venues & Scheduling

I book pitches at various venues in advance, based on availability and participant preferences (inferred from past participation), or to develop new sessions.

From next week onwards, the posts scheduling sessions will be put up as follows:

  • The schedule for the weekend session(s) will go up on Wednesday.
  • The post for the following week’s mid-week sessions (Tuesday to Thursday) will go up on Friday.

In order to promote punctuality, each session is shown as starting 10 minutes before the actual booking.

Confirmations, Withdrawals & Cancellations

To play in a session, confirm as a comment to the post by which the session/game is scheduled.  You can find a link to the post through the “Routine Schedule” page.

If, having confirmed for a session, you subsequently have to withdraw, please also do so as a comment to the same post.  If you cancel less than 12 hours before the session, please also SMS the person in charge of the session.   If you cancel less than 6 hours before the session, please also try to find a replacement.

Depending on the venue and the minimum number needed to play, we need at least 7 confirmed a day or two before the session, otherwise, the session is likely to be cancelled.

Numbers & Priority

We aim to have 10 players for each session. For sessions at The Cage, we can get manage with 8. For sessions at Turf City, we can go up to 12.

If numbers are short, I may SMS to see if we can get more players.  I may SMS either those who haven’t played for a while, or those who often play that day of the week and/or at that venue.

If a session is oversubscribed, priority is entirely first-come-first-in for up to two week night sessions per participant.  Until the weekend sessions are up and running, it’s entirely first-come-first-in without taking into account any other sessions played during the week.

If a session fills up quickly (at least two days before the session), subject to the availability of  a second pitch, we can increase the number to fill two pitches, either with a second session or a mini-tournament (if the second pitch is at the same venue).

Line Ups

Once the players for a session are finalized, any two regulars can pick their sides using the selection method.  If there are no line ups selected 4 to 5 hours before the session, I will put up default line ups.  use the default method to determine line ups – using seedings based on the rankings.  If the default method is used, player swaps are available.

Line ups for the mid-week sessions are put up as a comment under that week’s session previews.

Each session is either a 2-pointer or 3-pointer, that is, there is a maximum of 2 or 3 ranking points at stake.  Where there are newer players, participants who haven’t played for a while, or more older (in terms of age) players, it will be a less competitive 2-pointer.

[Note:  The default method has been changed.  See Comment 10 below.]

The colours for each day are based on the day of the week.  From next week onwards, they will as follows:

  • Mondays: Black, White.
  • Tuesdays: White, Red.
  • Wednesdays: Red, Black.
  • Thursdays: Black, White.
  • Saturdays: White, Red.
  • Sundays: Red, Black.
  • [See below]


Our sessions are generally S$80 per hour, unless it’s a 7 or 8-a-side at Turf City on the bigger pitch, in which case, it is $160 per hour. The fee is divided by those who play. Any regular participant collects each player’s share and pays for the pitch before or after the session. It usually works out to $8 per person for  the usual 5-a-side.

Session Summaries Or Reports

Any author who plays can write a session report or summary as a fresh post. If I play, I’ll do one unless another author volunteers to do one. If I do not play, I will put up a bare summary later that day or the next morning comprising of the line ups and a player poll. Anyone who plays can add the final score or result as a comment to the post, and include a brief report or account. If the first person to do so is an author, I will move the contents of the comment into the post, and attribute the post to the author.

The result and the votes in the player poll for the sessions from Saturday to Thursday are added to the participation records for the end of week rankings that come out each Sunday.

Ok, now we have it all in one post. 🙂

32 Responses to “Routine Session System: 23 May 2009”

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  3. rajiv said

    As the seedings for any Sunday afternoon/evening session will be the first session to use the latest rankings (updated on Sunday morning), the Session Previews post could be put up on Sunday if there is a Sunday afternoon/evening session.

    However, as the weekend sessions have a separate scheduling post, and the weekend sessions are still in the process of settling into a routine, I’ll put the line ups for the weekend sessions under the weekend sessions post rather than the Session Previews post.

  4. rajiv said

    From this Sunday onwards, the colours for each day will be as follows:

    • Mondays: Red, Black.
    • Tuesdays: Black, White.
    • Wednesdays: White, Red.
    • Thursdays: Red, Black.
    • Saturdays: Black, White.
    • Sundays: White, Red.

    This brings Mondays back to red and black.

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  6. rajiv said

    Confirm early if you would like to play in a session. I didn’t have to SMS for mid-week sessions this week as for the first time ever, they filled up entirely on the blog.

    As I’ve said before, if you do not have access to the internet for a significant period of time, or are new and still unfamiliar with the blog, you can e-mail or SMS me instead.

    • rajiv said

      Last week, for the first time ever, all the places in the three mid-week sessions were filled by players who confirmed on the blog.

      It’s been a bit slower this week, so I’ve resorted to SMSing.

      If two days before the session, it is between one-third and two-thirds full, I’ll SMS a few participants at the a time until it is more than three-quarters full. I tend to SMS the following:

      • Regulars who haven’t played for a while.
      • Newer participants who may not be familiar with the system.
      • Those who haven’t played much in the current participation period.
      • Those who don’t confirm on the blog, but will play when SMSed.

      If the session is less than one-third full, it will in all likelihood be cancelled.

      If it’s more than two-thirds full, I’ll leave it to the day before or the day of the session. If there are still places left, I may also SMS those who usually play on that day or that venue.

      As the weekend sessions are still relatively new, I tend to SMS more for those.

      Generally, I aim to reduce reliance on SMSes.

    • rajiv said

      If you e-mail me or SMS me instead of confirming on the blog, your priority may run from the time I get to a computer to add your name.

  7. rajiv said

    As I am aiming to have a routine session on Saturday evenings as well as Sunday evenings, the weekend schedule will come out a day earlier, on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

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  11. rajiv said

    First come first in for two weekday sessions per participant will include the FAFI game on Monday nights. First come first in will apply to one weekend session per participant, but if the participant didn’t get a weekday game in the preceding week, it will apply to two weekend sessions. The participant will be in reserve for any additional sessions he wishes to play.

    To put it simply, first in time to confirm for up to two sessions mid-week and one or two weekend sessions, and whichever other sessions still have places on the day of the session.

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  13. rajiv said

    To allow more time to confirm for the following week’s mid-week sessions, the schedule will be posted immediately after the Thursday night session instead of Friday morning. If for any reason, there is no Thursday night session, it will be posted earlier on Thursday.

    • rajiv said

      Next week’s mid-week schedule was put up today immediately after the line ups for tonight’s sessions were confirmed. I’ll stick with that from now on. If there is no Thursday session, next week’s mid-week schedule may be out earlier on Thursday.

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  17. rajiv said

    I used to put up a separate post for every session, until:

    • On Sunday, I put up a single post for the consecutive sessions at Turf City (from 5 to 6 pm and from 6 to 7 pm).

    • Today, I’ve put up a single post for last night’s two simultaneous sessions at different venues (The Cage and Sports Planet).

    From now on, I will put up a single post for all sessions in the same morning, afternoon, evening or night, even if they are different times or at different venues.

    The main post will set out the line ups and include the player polls. Any write-up or report (including any by me) can be added as a comment to the post.

    Every session or game where the players or line ups are put up on the blog is covered.

    As the post may cover more than one session, I will no longer be moving write-ups or reports by authors into the post itself.

    The last time this was done last Tuesday. Fortunately, it enabled Damian to get his first post under his belt. Until then, he was the only author without a single post to his name.

    A list of authors can be found on the “Authors” sub-page.

  18. rajiv said

    I’ll review the payment system later this year.

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  22. rajiv said

    Even though I’ve had the big pitch at Turf City available for the Sunday evening sessions since last month, whether we play on the big pitch or the small pitch will depend on the numbers:

    • 10 to 12 players: 5 or 6-a-side on the small pitch.
    • 14 to 16 players: 7 or 8-a-side on the big pitch.
    • 20 to 24 players: 4 teams playing on two small pitches.

    I know there is a preference for a 7 or 8-a-side on a big pitch, and I do try to get just enough players for it, but I can’t guarantee it.

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  24. rajiv said

    For colours, we can stick with black and white from now on. It makes it easier.

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