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Routine Session Rules: 24 May 2009

Posted by rajiv on 24 May 2009

Having summarized the routine session system in one post, I figured I’d also summarize the rules we play to in one post.

The rules are geared towards keeping the game free flowing and to accommodate different styles of play.  It is also geared towards reducing the risk of injury.

  • We play to the goal lines, so if it crosses the goal line, it’s either a goal kick or corner.
  • Whether we play off the side nets (at Turf City and Sports Planet) or side walls (at The Cage) or to the side lines depends on the numbers we have:
    • 6-a-side at Turf City – off the nets or to the side lines.
    • 5-a-side at Sports Planet – off the nets
    • 5-a-side at The Cage  – off the walls
    • 5-a-side at Turf City – to the side lines
    • 4-a-side at The Cage – to the side lines
  • The goalkeeper can come out of the D.  Other players can enter the D.
  • No sliding tackles.  Everyone, stay on your feet.  The goalkeeper can dive to make a save, but hands/body first (at the goalkeeper’s own risk), not feet first.
  • We play without a referee.  If a player involved in a passage of play calls a foul, play it back to one of the goalkeepers until it is agreed that is is a foul.  If it is disputed, the game continues from the goalkeeper who has possession of the ball.  If necessary, the dispute can be resolved later on the blog.  Don’t just leave the ball for the opposing side and stop playing.  Sometimes, they will continue and score.
  • The same applies to corners.  If it is disputed that it is a corner, then it is a goal kick.
  • The final word is left to the players involved in the passage of play.  Other players not involved in the passage of play can express an opinion, but don’t press it.

Ultimately, the core values are:

  • Facilitating a work-life balance.
  • Maintaining health and fitness even as we get older through regular and sustainable participation in activity.
  • Voluntary participation with maturity and in good spirits.
  • Achieving a balanced and healthy perspective on sport and competition.
  • Developing friendships and finding enjoyment through participation.

18 Responses to “Routine Session Rules: 24 May 2009”

  1. Balach said

    hey guys,
    I have recently landed in Singapore and am living at Yew Tee (Choa Chu Kang North 7). I’m trying to find a place where I can train/play football whether indoor or outdoor. Can u recommend a nearby place? please email me back!

  2. rajiv said

    For 6-a-side at Turf City, the preference appears to be to play to the lines. I leave it to those playing.

    • rajiv said

      For the small pitch at Turf City, the netting on one side is temporary, can be pulled to one side and folds up on the ground. Players’ feet can get caught in the nets, and can be dangerous. As such, I don’t think we should play off the nets anymore for the small pitch. Even with 6-a-side, we can play to the lines the way they do for the FAFI game on Monday nights.

      For the big pitch, the temporary dividing netting is pulled to one side, so that the nets on all four sides are the permanent netting, and firmer. While it makes sense to play 7-a-side within the lines, 8-a-side can be played to the lines or to the nets. As the temporary netting remains on one side of the pitch, it can be a danger if players get their feet caught in the netting, so if the ball touches the netting, the ball should be considered out of play, and we re-start with a kick in.

      • rajiv said

        In the earlier session on the small pitch yesterday, as we finally had 6 v 6, Sushil was not keen to limit play to within the side lines. However, I don’t want to play off the temporary netting as it can be dangerous.

        As a solution, we played beyond the side lines, but if the ball touched the temporary netting, it was out of play, and a kick in. We played off the fixed netting on other side.

        In the longer term, I prefer to stick to 5-a-side for routine sessions at the small pitch, played within the side lines. I’ll only go to 6 v 6 if there are new or newer participants playing, or all the other sessions are full and there are more who want to play, but an additional session is not viable.

        If it’s 6-a-side, we’ll play to revised rule stated above.

        For the big pitch, I prefer to stick to 7-a-side, played within the side lines. Again, if there are new or newer participants playing, or all the other sessions are full and there are more who want to play but an additional session is not viable, we can go to 8 v 8.

        For an 8-a-side, we can play to the nets, but if the ball touches the temporary netting at the one side, it is out of play, and a kick in.

      • rajiv said

        Playing 7-a-side on the big pitch at Turf City in the first session yesterday worked out well. More space within the lines than an 8-a-side.

        Likewise, playing 5-a-side yesterday within the lines of the small pitch for the second session at Turf City was fun. Like the 7-a-side on the big pitch, there was more space.

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  4. rajiv said

    When one team is a player short at The Cage (4 against 5), the team with 5 plays with a handicap. We have tried restricting their scoring to within the opposing side’s D or within an imaginary line running through the opposing side’s penalty spot.

    Last night, we tried restricting scoring to within the D, but it was tough. Perhaps within the opposing side’s penalty spot would work better.

    The earlier discussion on one side playing with a player short is here.

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  10. rajiv said

    Any tackle which carries a real risk of taking out an opponent is reckless, even if the intent is to win the ball.

    A reminder that the above post and all the comments to it are required reading before playing in a routine session.

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