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Routine Schedule: 2 To 4 June 2009

Posted by rajiv on 29 May 2009

Like I said, the post for the following week’s routine mid-week sessions will now be posted on Friday morning instead of Thursday morning.

After the partially enforced changes of this week, we’re back to the usual sessions for next week:

  • Tuesday, 2 June 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at The Cage, Kallang.
  • Wednesday, 3 June 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at Sports Planet, East Coast.
  • Thursday, 4 June 2009, 8.50 pm to 10 .00 pm, at The Cage, Kallang.

Confirmations and any withdrawals below as usual.


39 Responses to “Routine Schedule: 2 To 4 June 2009”

  1. rajseran said

    Thursday for me thanks

  2. yuchi said

    Thurs for me as well.
    Thanks Jiv.

  3. Niel said

    Tuesday for me please.


  4. yaseen said

    wednesday for me, qaleel and another friend alkaliq(newbee). Cheers

  5. Sushil George said

    Tue & Thur @ the cage for me pls.

    Sushil George

  6. philipp said

    Thursday at the cage please.

  7. Con said

    Thursday at the cage please

  8. Poh Keng said

    Tues for me please

  9. ace said

    wed for me.

  10. Edardy said

    tuesday and thursday for me please!

  11. Lukas said

    Thursday at the Cage please…Thanks

  12. Sivaraj said

    I am up for wed nite guys.

  13. Damian said

    Thurs @ Cage for me pls! Tks

  14. rajiv said

    I’m not sure if many people are away at the start of the school holidays, but there are several places left for this week’s mid-week sessions:

    • At least 4 more for tomorrow night at The Cage (Kallang).
    • 5 more for Wednesday night at Sports Planet (East Coast).
    • 2 more places for Thursday night at The Cage (Kallang).

  15. Benjamin Yeo said

    Tue & Thurs nite @ The Cage for me please. Thx.

  16. John J said

    Hi Rajiv,

    Can you put me down for Wednesday. Sorry for the delay – I thought I was going to be in Bangkok at short notice, but it is now next week!



  17. Azmi said

    I’d like to play on Thursday. If there’s already enough players for that game then wednesday for me.

  18. rajiv said

    Imran can play tonight, but we still don’t have enough for tonight’s session, so it’s cancelled. I’ll reserve a place for everyone confirmed for tonight for tomorrow night’s session until they inform me that they can’t make it. As Niel L and Poh Keng confirmed early and are not down for Thursday, they’ll have the same priority for Thursday.

  19. Joel said

    hi rajiv – can you put me down for wednesday and thursday if there are still places.

  20. Sushil George said

    Rajiv, I am not available for Wed. But will still play on Thursday and find something else to kick for today.

    Sushil George

  21. Edardy said

    I can’t make it tomorrow night. Sorry but i’ll still play n thursday.

  22. rajiv said

    Benjamin can play tomorrow at Sports Planet, so we’re up to 9. Poh Keng or Imran, can you play tomorrow?

    • rajiv said

      Imran messaged me on Facebook to say he can play, so we have 10 for tomorrow.

      Lukas is out of Thursday’s session, so one place left. Poh Keng, if you want to play on Thursday, let me know. If not, I’ll speak to Ben and Joel after tomorrow’s session to see who wants it.

      Poh Keng, if you can play Wednesday instead, let me know, and you can take my place.

  23. yuchi said

    Hi Jiv,

    Can’t play on thurs.


  24. yaseen said

    Hi Rajiv. sorry for the hiccups.. Alkaliq down with flu and cant come. Me and qaleel have to pull out as our grandpa is sick in hospital.. sorry bout that.. thanks

  25. philipp said

    Sorry, I have to cancel the Thursday session.
    Foot injury from last Thursday, got infected.
    Sounds like I am Dirk 🙂

  26. rajiv said

    Sze Kuan and Andrew T can play tonight. Still need one more.

    One place available for tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, Poh Keng can’t play today or tomorrow.

  27. Bobby said

    Count me in for tonight if not too late

  28. rajiv said

    Benjamin is out of tonight’s game at The Cage, but Chris is in.

    One place left.

  29. Chris said

    Hi Guys,

    I am really really sorry but I forgot about a dinner that I have on tonight and will not be able to play.

    Really sorry.


  30. Gilbert said

    I can fill in the gap

  31. rajiv said

    If anyone can’t play tonight, Lin Kang can play.

  32. Yaseen said

    It’s your game rajseran

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