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Sunday Evening At Turf City: 31 May 2009

Posted by rajiv on 31 May 2009

The line ups settled down as follows:

  • Blacks: Nick, Sze Kuan, Azmi, Look Liew, Ron, Balach
  • Reds: Sushil, Damian, Anthony, Timmy, Imran, Rajiv.

It started 5 v 4, with Blacks having an extra player.  Balach was lost, and Damian and Sze Kuan were late.  Chee Charn started for Blacks. I hadn’t planned to start, hadn’t changed yet, and was giving Balach directions.

Damian arrived soon after and joined Reds to make it 5 v 5.  When Balach arrived and changed, he was in black.  Although I got a red bib for him from the Premier Pitch office, Chee Charn took the opportunity to drop out as he hadn’t played for ages, and Balach took his place.

When Sze Kuan arrived, he joined Blacks while I joined Reds.

The score changed hands several times before finishing 13-13.

More new faces, but that’s what FIOFAFI is about. 🙂


4 Responses to “Sunday Evening At Turf City: 31 May 2009”

  1. Damian said

    Nice Sunday evening futsal! It was quite interesting to see the dynamics of the game change when switching from a 5 vs 5 to 6 vs 6. Somehow it felt we were playing better when we had fewer guys upfront? Weird!

    But it was a good match with Reds putting some good passing and skill in the early stages and taking the early lead. The complexion of the match changed with the introduction of the additional players and Blacks started to level the scores with some superb counterattacking. Nick was at his enthusiastic self and dancing his way through the Red defence. Anthony was very solid in central defence bring needed composure to the back. For the Blacks, Azmi was solid in the midfield, holding the ball and releasing Nick or Look Liew, Balach at critical moments.

    H/w Reds soon started to settle in with the new structure and Timmy once again was deadly in attack scoring many good goals and drawing the Black D with his incisive running. Sushil had a good spell too with sublime 1 – 2s.

    Jiv made a couple of critical interceptions in defence and did not exhibit any signs of his old injury good stuff!

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