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Navigating The Blog: Pages, Posts, Comments, Links, Etc

Posted by rajiv on 20 June 2009

It was almost a year ago that I first put up a post on navigating the blog.   The blog has become more structured since then.  I am making use of WordPress features, sometimes in unusual ways.  Some features of the blog:

  • Pages:
    • I am using pages to provide some basic and general information about FIOFAFI.  These are “About FIOFAFI”, “Participation” and “Sustainability”.
    • The “Routine Schedule” and “OPSAGE” pages are also used to summarize the current sessions, games, activities and projects.
    • The “Fun” page summarizes the other stuff available on the blog.
    • Click on the page you want in the row immediately below the top header.
    • More detailed information is provided in sub-pages, the links for which can be found within each page.
    • I am increasingly using my Totalworlds site to create sub-pages, so that I can use framed pages and tables and provide information without being constrained by the WordPress template.
  • Posts:
    • Posts are date-specific or cover  immediate or specific matters.  A list of recent posts can be found at the top of the left column.
    • Posts are also assigned categories.  I have replaced the pulldown menu in the left column showing categories and sub-categories with a “Categories” sub-page.  I have added a link to the sub-page under “Links” in the left column.   There is a brief description of each category on the sub-page to make them more structured and comprehensible.   In doing so, I have made some minor changes to the categories and sub-categories.
    • A list of “RECENT POSTS” appears in the top half of the left hand column.
    • Posts which describe the system at a point in time or provide other significant information are added as links in the relevant pages.
    • I am using posts to streamline the contents of the pages.  More detailed information that may change over time will be summarized from time to time in a post, and used to replace sub-pages.
    • You have to be added as an author to be able to put up a post.
  • Comments:
    • Anyone can comment on any post.  All that is required is a name or pseudonym and a valid e-mail address to be entered in the appropriate boxes.  If an invalid e-mail address is used, the comment may be deleted.
    • Although you can comment about anything. the contents of the comment should be lawful.  Anything which is defamatory or amounts to a breach of copyright will be deleted.
    • It is advisable that you do not include other personal details in your comment.
    • Click on any link under “RECENT COMMENTS” in the left column to read the comment.
    • Confirming for sessions, games and other activities is by way of adding a comment to the post by which the session, game or activity is scheduled.
    • Other comments count as “participation” for purposes of the Participant List.
    • Being abroad shouldn’t stop you from commenting on the blog – like Boris in Jordan and Dennis in Hong Kong.
  • Links:
    • I have changed the links in the right column.   I have added internal links to sub-pages and posts which may be of greater interest.  These are “Categories”, “Current Top 40”, “Football Insights”, “Heads & Tails”, “Participant List”, “Routine Session System” and “Rules & Principles”.
    • Anyone who has a blog or website they would like me to add under “Participants’ Websites”, please provide me with the web address.
    • I am in the process of moving all other links that previously used to appear under “Links” to a new sub-page, to be added under “External” links.
  • Others:
    • Twitter – I have added “Latest” at the top of the right column for those who use Twitter.  However, it also provides a quick summary of the places still available.
    • The “Search” function immediately below that searches pages and posts for the search words.  Unfortunately, it does not search comments.
    • “Archives” and “Calendar” lower down in the right hand column allows posts to be retrieved by date.

I have revised the general information on the “Home” page.  It now reads:

Click on “ROUTINE SCHEDULE” or “OPSAGE” immediately below top header to see what’s currently available.  The other general information pages are “ABOUT FIOFAFI”, “PARTICIPATION”, “SUSTAINABILITY” and “FUN”.

Click on any title under “Recent Posts” in the left column to read the post.  Go to “Categories” under “LINKS” in the right column for a listing of posts by category.

Anyone can add comments to any post.  All that is required is a name or pseudonym and a valid e-mail address to be entered in the appropriate boxes.  It is advisable that you do not include other person details in your comment. Click on any link under “RECENT COMMENTS” in the left column to read the comment.

Hopefully, it aids in navigating the blog.

23 Responses to “Navigating The Blog: Pages, Posts, Comments, Links, Etc”

  1. rajiv said

    The “About FIOFAFI” page has been streamlined. The “FIOFAFIer Profile” and “Credits” sub-pages have been moved to the “Participation” page.

  2. rajiv said

    “Other Links” added under External links.

  3. rajiv said

    To see what places are currently available, go to the “Routine Schedule” page.

    To confirm for a session or withdraw, follow the correct link from that page and add a comment.

    If you do not have access to the internet for a significant period of time, or are new and still unfamiliar with the blog, you can e-mail or SMS me instead.

    For other stuff, go to the “OPSAGE” page.

  4. rajiv said

    I have replaced the “Posts By Authors” sub-page with an “Authors” sub-page listing authors who have posts. You can find the sub-page either through the “About FIOFAFI” page or under the “Internal Links” in the right column.

  5. rajiv said

    I’ve re-ordered the Home page so that the basic information on navigating the blog is above the most recent clip.

  6. rajiv said

    The “Mind & Body” category has been renamed “Sustainability”.

  7. rajiv said

    A “Mini-Tournaments” sub-category has been added under the “Reports & Summaries” category.

  8. rajiv said

    The sub-categories under “OPSAGE” have been revised:

    • “Watching Live Sport” instead of “Other Football” and “Other Sport”.
    • “Playing Other Football” and “Playing Other Sport” are now separate categories from “Other Projects, Games & Activities”.
    • “Other Projects, Games & Activities” is now “Other Projects, Activities & Events”.
    • “Other Events” has been removed.

  9. rajiv said

    A “Polls” sub-category has been added under “FIOFAFI B & S” to cover polls used to canvass views. Player of the session polls will continue come under Session Reports & Summaries. Other frivolous polls will come under the “Fun” sub-category.

  10. rajiv said

    The “Routine Session” page has been significantly revised.

    To confirm for a routine session, the best place to start is the “Routine Session” page.

  11. rajiv said

    Apart from the OPSAGE post being switched to Fridays with effect from today, there is now a “Weekly OPSAGE Post” sub-category under the “OPSAGE” category.

  12. […] other regular posts […]

  13. rajiv said

    The “Mid-Week Schedule” category has been renamed “Weekday Schedule” category.

    The “Other Games” sub-category under the “Summaries & Reports” category have been split between “Representative Games” and “Mixed & Women’s Sessions”.

  14. rajiv said

    “Routine Sessions” is now a separate sub-category under “Summaries & Reports” from “Day & Venue”.

  15. rajiv said

    The “List of Leagues” has been added as a link in the right-hand column.

  16. rajiv said

    The “Routine Schedule” page has been replaced with the following:

    There will be no routine sessions from 24 October 2009 until 15 November 2009. For alternative arrangements, see:

    * Alternative Arrangements: 24 To 29 October 2009

    In the meantime, feel free to read the following:

    * Sustainability
    * Latest rules & principles

    The blog will also be operated at a reduced level.

    All posts will be in the name of “FIOFAFI”. All authors will be changed to contributors.

    The “Authors” has been renamed as “Contributors”. The link to the sub-page in the right hand column has been removed. The link remains on the “About FIOFAFI” page.

  17. […] It was convenient for me to have several sessions covered by a single post, as I alone was updating the Routine Schedule page. […]

  18. rajiv said

    The first part of the Home page has been revised as follows:

    Regular indoor football games are now under “CURRENT GIFFA GAMES”. Other projects, sports, activities, games and events are under “OPSAGE”.

    Apart from the Routine Schedule page being replaced by the Current GIFFA Games page (including Reports), the other pages have also been revised to reflect the recent changes.

    With the scheduling of and reporting on games now on the GIFFA Message Board instead of on the blog, the weekly turn over of posts on the blog is slower, so I’ve further reduced the number of posts shown under “Recent Posts” to 7.

  19. rajiv said

    As I will no longer be archiving e-mails, “Heads & Tails” has been removed from the links.

    The link to “List of Leagues” has been moved to Football Insights.

    “Latest” using Twitter has been removed as it is no longer useful.

    A link to a listing of MTPMTM has been removed from the “Fun” page and can now be found under “Old Categories”, which is a sub-page to “Categories”. “Categories” covers only the Categories which are current. All other categories have been moved to “Old Categories”. The link to the list of contributors has also been placed under “Old Categories”.

    Links from the Participation page to the Participants Profile and Credits sub-pages have also been removed, as they are out of date.

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  21. rajiv said

    There has been a line on the GIFFA Message Board main page, under “Schedule”, that reads “New players, please either register or add a comment on the FIOFAFI blog.” This is now also reflected in the GIFFA System page.

    There is a link from the line on the GIFFA Message Board page to the Home page of this blog. I have added a line on the Home page stating “If you are new, please introduce yourself under the latest “Comings & Goings” post”, with a link.

    As the latest clip on the Home page dates back to September 2009, I have removed the latest clip from the Home page, and merely left a link to the category of posts with clips.

  22. […] relate to development issues.  A separate “GIFFA” category has been created.  The categories will be revised over time to reflect this shift.  The summaries of the GIFFA system, principles […]

  23. […] June 2009 and January 2010, I used Twitter to provide a summary of the places available.  I stopped because […]

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