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Update On 11-A-Side Games

Posted by rajiv on 9 July 2009

We don’t have a game this Saturday afternoon – we only got to 8 players, and Kevin has managed to line up other opponents for his team.

However, as Kevin’s team only has 11 players, anyone who is keen to play can join Kevin’s team for that match.  As Kevin said:

We have just enough (11 players) for this Saturday anyway, so with 5 – 6 FIOFAFI players, we’ll have some good rotation going. Rajseran has played with us before and Mark L is a regular. It’ll be FOC if you decide to play.

Add a comment below, or contact Kevin or Rajseran if you would like to play on Saturday.  Their numbers are on the telephone list circulated with the first e-mail newsletter of each month.

John S added the following comment this afternoon:

The British Club has proposed a rematch at 11-a-side for Saturday 18 July 5-7pm. Is there any interest?

I’m not sure why the response for the match this Saturday was relatively poor.  Perhaps it was the earlier kick-off (mid-afternoon).   Perhaps it was too soon after the last 11-a-side on 27 June 2009.

Like I’ve said before, I’m currently not too keen to be involved in organizing 11-a-side games against other opponents.  First, the bulk of our participants are primarily interested in futsal.  Secondly, organizing one-off 11-a-side game takes more effort than organizing up to 6 routine sessions a week.

However, like I’ve also said before, I’m happy to lend support to anyone using the blog to organize an 11-a-side match.

I’ve moved the participation record for the 11-a-side games so far this year to a separate sheet on the Excel document (Sheet 2) so that it easier to see who are interested in 11-a-side games.

If we are to continue organizing 11-a-side games or teams through the blog, it would be useful to have a squad of players with first choice, second choice, and even third choice players for each position.  Where there is strong competition for a place, or a player’s best position is not obvious, we can put the issue to a vote.

Hopefully, developing a squad in this way will enable us to have 11-a-side games more regularly, and play with better team-work.

In the meantime, those who are interested in an 11-a-side on 18 July 2009, please add your comment below.

8 Responses to “Update On 11-A-Side Games”

  1. rajiv said

    Kevin SMSed me to say that apart from John and Sushil (from whom he’s awaiting confirmation), all other FIOFAFI participants are out of this afternoon’s game.

    Coincidentally, “Iceman” from the Cage called me Wednesday night to ask if we’d like to have an 11-a-side game on Saturday afternoon. He had lined up a match, but one of the sides had pulled out. I informed me that we had ourselves been unable to put together a team for Saturday afternoon, and the other team had found other opponents.

    I’ve suggested Kevin contact Iceman to see if he knows anyone who doesn’t already have a match who would like to play this afternoon.

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  3. rajiv said

    Let’s see by the end of today if there is sufficient interest in a re-match against the British Club’s 2nd XI on Saturday, 18 July 2009, 5 to 7 pm.

  4. rajiv said

    Doesn’t look like we’ll have an 11-a-side this Saturday either.

    John, if the British Club 2nd XI are interested in a re-match, it might be worth trying for August, so that the 11-a-side games are more spaced out.

    • rajiv said

      John S, if there is any chance of the re-match against the the British Club 2nd XI in August, why don’t you discuss it with Andy M tonight – he’s managed to organize two 11-a-side games this year.

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