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FAFI Notes: 13 July 2009

Posted by rajiv on 14 July 2009

The scheduled lines ups were:

  • Whites:  Neil M, Gilbert, Rizal, Shankar, Kin, Ron
  • Reds: Nick, Imran, Rajseran, George, Jye, Sushil

This is how it went.

Reds were leading 6-0 after 25 minutes so we decided to reshuffle the teams. Rajseran played for Whites and Shankar for Reds.

We started off again as 0-0.  Rajseran took no mercy to score for Whites before they went down 2-1 but got back 3-3. Three more stupid goals gave Reds the lead again but Whites came back and final score was  11-8 – Reds won but Whites scored the last goal.

Gilbert just got back from injuries therefore was not as his best like last few games as he had to be careful. Rizal played better last week  but looked tired yesterday either because of the bicycle ride from Jurong to the Turf City or either he had a quiky one before he came.

Otherwise it was a good game with Nick doing well although he screamed like a woman at times trying to stop our power shots. Jye had to save another close range shot from me with his butt. Hope his butt is ok. Imran, George and Nick did some good passing and not forgetting Sushil and Shankar – both did well too and this time no testicle problems with Sushil – Bravo.

On paper the teams looked even but I should have considered Kin not playing for awhile and Gilbert was coming back from his injury.

Thanks for playing guys we had a good game last night.

2 Responses to “FAFI Notes: 13 July 2009”

  1. rajiv said

    Rajseran, I’ve moved your comment into the post and attributed the post to you.

  2. […] FAFI Notes: 13 July 2009 […]

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