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Tuesday Night At The Cage: 25 August 2009

Posted by rajiv on 26 August 2009

The default line ups were:

  • Whites: Gilbert L, Andy M, John S, Wei Wen, Kenesu
  • Blacks: Damian B, Bobby, Niel L, Ian, Ganesh

Anyone who played, please provide the result and any other comments below.


3 Responses to “Tuesday Night At The Cage: 25 August 2009”

  1. Gilbert said

    It was 5 on 4 for the first 15 minutes. Play in the begining was ‘tame’ as the teams were still warming up to each other. Having an extra player, Whites dominated play and scored a couple. This all changed when Ganesh arrived and injected more energy into the Blacks. With Niel and Damien full of running, Ian ever so dangerous in the middle and Bobby with good hands in goal, Whites were no longer in the driver’s seat. The newcomer Kenesu was a bit raw but showed good form, working well with Wei Wen. John was the runner as usual and was lurking everywhere where Andy and myself took turns to guard the gate. There were exchanges of good goals and bad defence, as well as a howler by Andy M fumbling the ball into the net like a hot potato! In the end, Whites were more fluent in their passing and took their chances in front of goal to emerge victors 6 to 5.

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