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Weekly Round-Up: 20 September 2009

Posted by rajiv on 20 September 2009

A summary of FIOFAFI sessions and games in the past week.

We had an extra mixed session on Tuesday, and two representative games on Wednesday, making a total of 8 sessions/game, equalling the number of three weeks ago.

The player poll results over the past week:

Session Player poll winner Other votes
Saturday evening at Sports Planet Ganesh, Kenneth L (1 each)
Sunday evening at Turf City Rajseran (2 votes) Imran, Jason D, Timmy (1 each)
FAFI game on Monday night Rajseran (2 votes) Clive (1)
Tuesday night at The Cage Barry, Federico, Nick, Tommy (1 each)
Mixed session on Tuesday at The Cage Kimberley, Priyanka (2 votes each)
First rep game on Wednesday at Sports Planet
Second rep game on Wednesday at Sports Planet Neil M (1)
Thursday night at The Cage Barry (1)

The player table has been updated.

Neil M played in 5 sessions/games between Monday and Thursday, equalling Sushil’s record, and joins Sushil and Ron in having played 40 sessions/games or more since 1 April 2009.

Download the full table as an Calc document, including workings and other details.  I have switched to’s Calc for the reasons set out here.

If you do not have Calc, and wish to view the participation records, you can download 3.1.1 for free from here.


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