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Sunday Evening At Turf City: 27 September 2009

Posted by rajiv on 27 September 2009

The revised line ups were:

  • Whites: Imran, Rajseran, Azmi, Damian Y, Ken, Bob, Samuel
  • Reds: Ron, Timmy, Anthony, Gilbert G, Sunny, Dan B, Balach

I understand from Rajseran that Whites won 4-2.  Any other comments below please.

10 Responses to “Sunday Evening At Turf City: 27 September 2009”

  1. rajseran said

    IT was a good game . Reds took lead twice . 1-0 before Rajseran sent a cross from the outside line , deflected their defender and made it 1-1 . ( can i take credit for that heehehehe )

    Reds came back again with Dan having the ball only for the keeper to beat and he did that .Sunny was playing for Whites and we switched Samuel i guess . Sunny made it 2-2 with a good long shot and Ron did his best to save that but too bad 🙂

    It went all like it was gonna end at 2-2 when Imran took his opportunity and made it 3-2 and just before the game was abt to end , a nice Cross by Imran and Rajseran with a superb header made it 4-2 .

    Sunny had couple of Crosses by Rajseran but he missed all 4 headers . We have adviced him to grow some hair on his forehead for better accuracy in future. Lets see if that works .

    Not Forgetting Azmi , Damian and Bob who were busy guarding Timmy and Dan and Ken did well for the last 15 mins as a keep.

    Otherwise overall was an excellent match .Congrats Whites .

  2. Balach said

    Was a pretty good game!

    The first 30 mins were really good, Reds were short on 1 player (i think and one player wasn’t fully fit) yet were more fluent with their attacking and pretty solid defensive. Tommy and Dan were the stars for us Reds.

    3 of the goals by whites were thanks to defensive errors (one deflected of the defender, the other went through the keeper’s hands and the third, a header gifting the ball to their forward by yours truly).

    The numbers say, the Whites won, and they can be happy about it, Reds have a lot to take from this match!

    Cya guys in 6 days!

    • rajseran said


      Who was in your team that was not fit ??

      Or was it ours , Bob played with his back injury and struggled to run most of the time. Dont remember any of your team mates were not fit .

      Reds had one short player but we still played full 7 aside courtesy of that outsider who was probably better then most of us .

      There was never a time that the Reds played with one player short .

      Just to clear this with the readers . Thanks

      • Balach said

        I was playing with back pain and fever :). Yes about the added player, he came on after a while right?

        You won guys, chill out 😛

      • rajseran said

        That would have been better if you have said that earlier rather then saying otherwise cause i could not agree anything that you said was true . That new guy infact did scored a nice goal for the Reds .

        Even if that guy came on after awhile , we were still playing with even numbers incase you were to sick to count on that day . Cheers

  3. Imran said

    Hi, actually the outside player was really good. I think he was the one who scored the second goal for the Reds. I think you are contradicting yourself just a bit.. you say the Reds “were more fluent with their attacking and pretty solid defensive” and then you are also saying “3 of the goals by whites were thanks to defensive errors”. At the end of the day, it was a very competitive game and it could have easily gone either ways. I totally agree with you that Timmy and Dan are stars, not just for Reds but for Fiofafi. 🙂

  4. Balach said

    Arrite, you win again! Good game in any case.. (did I say 1st 30 minutes alongwid the fluency thing? :P)

    Reds were pwned by the Whites (if it makes anyone happy :D)

  5. Azmi said

    Whites didn’t do well in the beginning because a defensive player was playing forward (me) and an attacking player wanted to play keeper and defence (Imran), heaven knows why. We switched position later on and the game slowly shifted to the whites. Marking Dan and Timmy wasn’t easy but I enjoyed the challenge. Both teams played well. Sorry if some of my tackles were a bit hard on anyone. No malice intended.

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