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Seven Days: 28 September 2009

Posted by rajiv on 28 September 2009

A random sampling of sports results, information and news over seven days.

I’ve moved the list of leagues to a separate page and broken it down into the following sections:

  • Section A:  Top level of big 4 European leagues (England, Germany, Italy, Spain)
  • Section B:  Top tier of other major European leagues (France, Netherlands, Scotland, Portugal)
  • Section C:  England & Germany from second tier to first level of regional leagues (levels 2 to 6 in England, levels 2 to 4 in Germany)
  • Section D:  Second tier in other major European leagues (Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands)
  • Section E:  Other leagues (currently Greece, Ukraine, other countries will be added over time)

The higher sections will be updated more regularly than the lower sections.

Lewis Hamilton won the Singapore Grand Prix, but I expect you’d know that by now.  Toyota’s Timmo Glock was second, and Fernando Alonso third.


2 Responses to “Seven Days: 28 September 2009”

  1. rajiv said

    Champions League matches played Tuesday and Wednesday night.

    Europa League matches to be played tonight.

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