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The FIOFAFI Calendar Explained

Posted by rajiv on 28 September 2009

To cater for several sessions a week, I started a weekly schedule post in June 2008.

For a long time, our sessions were only on weeknights.   We now have routine sessions at the weekend.  We’ve had routine Sunday evening sessions at Turf City since May 2009, and routine Saturday evening sessions at Sports Planet, since early August 2009.

There is now a regular game or session every day of the week except Friday.

From mid May 2009 until last week, the FAFI game on Monday nights at Turf City has had its own scheduling post.  The weekend sessions have had their own scheduling post since late May 2009Last week, I merged the weekend schedule with the post for the FAFI game “as there is an overlap in the pool of regulars for each”.

Before last week, the weekend schedule came on Tuesdays, the FAFI game post came out on Wednesdays, and the following week’s mid-week schedule came on on Thursdays.  Apart from merging the weekend schedule with the post for the FAFI game, I will from now on also be scheduling Monday night sessions at The Cage more regularly, for now, whenever Monday night at Turf City is oversubscribed.

The routine weeknight sessions are from 8.50 to 10.00 pm.  The routine weekend sessions are from 4.50 to 6.00 pm.  The venues and colours for each day are settled.  If a weekday is a public holiday, the routine session may be brought forward to 4.50 to 6.00 pm.  As Monday nights are to be covered, and sessions could be brought forward on public holidays, the “Mid-Week Schedule” will be re-named the “Weekday Schedule”.

From now on, there will be just two scheduling posts each week:

  • “Weekend Schedule Plus FAFI Game” on Wednesdays.
  • “Weekday Schedule” on Thursdays (for the Monday to Thursday sessions the following week).

As the FAFI game on Monday nights will be included in the earlier post, and is in any event filled primarily by way of SMS, it will have first pick of players, before the Monday night session at The Cage.

As I am no longer keeping spare bookings, the bookings will primarily be used for routine sessions and will no longer be readily available for other games.   If a routine session fills up at least 2 whole days beforehand, I will see if another pitch is available for the same venue at the same time.  If it is not, I will consider either a different venue for the same time, or a later hour at the same venue.  Whether the second session goes on will depend on whether there are sufficient players.  It therefore makes sense to confirm early if you want to play in a session.

The list of bookings by month has been moved from the “OPSAGE” page to the “About FIOFAFI” page.

The “Session Previews” post, which covers all routine sessions from Monday to Sunday, will be put up on Monday, unless there is no session on Monday, in which case, it may be put up later in the week.  The line ups for each routine session appear under the “Session Previews” post on the day of the session itself, after the players for the session are finalized.

After each session, a summary or report will be put up by the next day.  The title for each post is the day, the venue(s) and the date.  If there is more than one session or game in one day, they will be covered by a single post, and if at more than one venue, the number of venues will be specified instead of the venues themselves.

All other games are covered by the “OPSAGE” post, which comes out on Fridays, and for which my involvement is likely to be limited to including it in the next e-mail circular.

There has been some form of a weekly round-up since October 2008Since April 2009, I have been putting up the “Weekly Round-Up” post on Sundays, covering the sessions from the previous Saturday to Thursday, including the player poll results for those sessions.    The current weekend’s sessions have not been included, to allow more time for voting.

From now on, like the “Session Previews” post, the “Weekly Round-Up” post will specify the period covered rather than the date on which it appears.

The participation records and player table have also been updated on Sundays, just before the “Weekly Round-Up” post is put up.

With routine sessions on both Saturday and Sunday, my weekends are busier.  To reduce the things I have to do over the weekend, and so that the “week” runs from Monday to the weekend across the board, the weekly round-up will from now on be put up mid-week and cover the Monday session at The Cage the previous week through to the FAFI game on Monday.

Anyway, it makes more sense for the start of each week to be Monday rather than Saturday.  Monday is also the start of the workweek in Singapore – FIOFAFI is after all for working adults in Singapore.

As the player table now covers a rolling 26 weeks, there is no longer any need for a quarterly update.  However, with the Player of the Month feature, it may be useful to have a monthly round-up.   I have also considered having a sporting gesture of the month feature.

The other regular posts are:

I may skip weeks if there is little or no new material to be added.

Other ad hoc posts appear from time to time and cover, as and when necessary, general information or a summary of developments relating to:

  • The blog and the system.
  • The matters covered by the above pages.

I have reduced the number of “RECENT POSTS” shown at the top half of the left hand column from 15 to 14.  With 1 or 2 regular posts each day, and other ad hoc posts, the list “rolls over” week by week.

Imposing a clearer routine on the system and the blog makes things easier for me, and, hopefully, makes the system and the blog more accessible and easier to use for everyone else.

31 Responses to “The FIOFAFI Calendar Explained”

  1. rajiv said

    As stated above, the “Weekly Round Up” post for last week has been held over until tomorrow or Wednesday.

  2. rajiv said

    The venues and colours for each day are currently as follows:

    • Monday: FAFI game at Turf City plus routine session at The Cage, red and black.
    • Tuesday: The Cage, black and white.
    • Wednesday: Sports Planet, white and red.
    • Thursday: The Cage, red and black.
    • Saturday: Sports Planet, black and white.
    • Sunday: Turf City, white and red.

    You will see that the colours “roll” as well, over 3 day-periods (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday). 🙂

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  4. […] The FIOFAFI Calendar Explained […]

  5. […] The FIOFAFI Calendar Explained […]

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  8. rajiv said

    The e-mails have also generally been following a cycle:

    • Monday “Heads”
    • Thursday “Tails”
    • Tuesday “Heads”
    • Friday “Tails”
    • Wednesday “Toss”


    Sometimes, it is abridged as follows:

    • Monday or Tuesday “Heads”
    • Thursday or Friday “Tails”
    • Wednesday “Toss”


  9. rajiv said

    I will not be scheduling any routine sessions from 24 October 2009 to 15 November 2009 as I will be largely unavailable during this period.

    The bookings for that period are currently still available, and can be viewed here.

    If anyone would like to take over any of the bookings during this period, please let me know.

    I will put up a post each Wednesday listing the bookings available for the weekend and the following week and the person who has taken over the booking (if any). If a booking is not taken over by anyone by Friday, I will cancel the booking.

    Anyone taking over a booking can SMS those who play on that day to try to fill it up. The updated telephone list will be circulated later this week.

    The blog will also be operated at a minimal level. However, if the line ups for a game are put up as a comment to the weekly post, I will put up a summary for that game when I next get to a computer.

    For this weekend, there is no booking for Sports Planet from 5 to 6 pm on Saturday as no pitch was available. If anyone is interested in organizing a game this Saturday, pitches at The Cage are often available for Saturday evenings. You can contact The Cage at 63449345.

    For Sunday, 5 to 6 pm at Turf City, Rajseran will be organizing a re-match against Jye’s team.

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  13. rajiv said

    There will be no separate scheduling or OPSAGE post before 15 November 2009. It will be all lumped together under one “Alternative Arrangements” post on Wednesday.

    Whether there are summaries or reports will depend on whether line ups or at least the names of those playing in a game are put up on the blog. If so, the weekly round-up will also be put up.

    I’ll try to do at least one of “Eye Catcher” or “Seven Days” each week.

  14. poh keng said

    i dont mind taking charge of all tues nite slot till nov 14 if there are slots on tue nites available

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  18. rajiv said

    NIT Picks (Eye-Catcher and Seven Days) are suspended for now.

  19. […] on Tue 17 November 2009 Although I did not schedule any routine sessions during the interruption from 24 October 2009 to 15 November 2009, alternative arrangements were made for the bookings I had to be used to organize games at the […]

  20. rajiv said

    I e-mailed Sports Planet last month to make bookings for December 2009. I noticed earlier this week that I hadn’t received any reply from them. When I called, they informed me that they had not made any bookings for me on Wednesdays 9 to 10 pm except for 30 December 2009, as no pitches were available on Wednesdays at that time on 2, 9, 16 and 23 December 2009.

    The least they could have done was let me know earlier.

    Anyway, anyone interested in playing from 10 to 11 pm on Wednesdays at Sports Planet?

    • Kevin A said

      Of course I would, but from 9th December onwards.

      Also, they seem to have increased their rates wef Dec 2009. Did they mention this when you called?

    • rajiv said

      Checked with Sports Planet again – I do have bookings for 9 to 10 pm on 9, 23 and 30 December 2009

      Might be my mistake. I think they told me when I made the bookings for December 2009 that there were no pitches available for 2 and 16 December 2009.

      When I called last week, the guy I spoke to must have overlooked the bookings for 9 and 23 December 2009.

      Sorry Kevin, looks like next Wednesday’s game will be from 9 to 10 pm, not 10 to 11 pm.

  21. Azmi said

    That sucks. I don’t know if its worth going there to play, though its 1 of my favourite venues. I hope others don’t follow suit.

  22. Yaseen said

    Hi Rajiv.. Whats the reason you are using an external board for games instead of sticking to the old system?? The new board is kind of sucks..

    • rajiv said

      More people have replied on the GIFFA message board in its first two weeks than have commented on the blog over the whole of October.

      The numbers speak for themselves.

  23. rajiv said

    There are now only two regular posts each month – the monthly OPSAGE post, and the monthly round-up post.

    Other ad hoc posts from time to time deal with the system as it evolves.

    As such, I have further reduced the number of posts under “Recent Posts” to 5.

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  26. […] We played against Dennis W’s team on a Saturday evening about a year ago (2 May 2009), the start of regular weekend games at Turf City, which eventually settled down to the regular Sunday evening game at Turf City. […]

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