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Alternative Arrangements: 24 To 29 October 2009

Posted by rajiv on 21 October 2009

There are no routine sessions scheduled from 24 October to 15 November 2009.

The alternative arrangements for the period from 24 to 29 October 2009 are set out below.

  • There was no pitch available at Sports Planet from 5 to 6 pm this Saturday, 24 October 2009 when I made the regular bookings.  For anyone keen to play on Saturday evening, pitches may be available at other times,  or at The Cage or Turf City.
  • Rajseran has arranged a re-match against Jye’s this for this Sunday, 25 October 2009, 5 to 6 pm, at Turf City, on the big pitch.   He has put together the following team:  Jason D, Nick C, Alex T, Rajseran, Sushil, Dan B, Poh Keng, Ganesh.  The FIOFAFI team will be in red. Updates can be added as comments below.

For Monday night at Turf City, Tom or Rajseran can provide updates as comments below as usual.

The other bookings that I have for next week are:

  • Monday, 26 October 2009, 9 to 10 pm, The Cage (Pitch 3)
  • Tuesday, 27 October 2009, 9 to 10 pm, The Cage (Pitch 3)
  • Wednesday, 28 October 2009, 9 to 10 pm, Sports Planet
  • Thursday, 29 October 2009, 9 to 10 pm, The Cage (Pitch 3)

If anyone would like to take over any of the above bookings, please add a comment below.  Bookings not taken over by Friday will be cancelled.

Anyone taking over a booking can try to fill it the same way Tom and Rajseran fill the Monday night game at Turf City – by SMSing the regulars.  Any remaining places can be filled on the blog.

I will circulate the updated telephone list with the e-mail later this week.

The contact numbers for our regular venues are as follows:

  • The Premier Pitch, Turf City – 64668211
  • The Cage, Kallang – 63449345
  • Sports Planet, East Coast – 93266635

66 Responses to “Alternative Arrangements: 24 To 29 October 2009”

  1. Yaseen said

    im available to play on 27/10/2009… whoever is taking over the booking please take note.. thanks and cheers..

    • rajiv said

      Why don’t you take over the booking for next Tuesday Yaseen? 🙂

      • Yaseen said

        im pulling out of tuesday session as its not generating enough interest and poh keng is trying to arrange a mixed session… so im definetly out.. Thanks..

      • Poh Keng said

        I am taking over tuesday slot for mixed session. I have Ganesh, Weiwen, Suthish, Poh Keng,Kenneth L, Kimberly(girl), Yuhui(girl) and Priya(girl). So i need one more guy and girl to complete the line up..U can sms me your name. Thks.

      • rajseran said

        Did not know that Yaseen dont like Gals 🙂

  2. dan b said

    hey everyone,

    I have a 2 friends who’d like to play on Monday, so that’s 3 already. If 7-9 others want to play I would be happy to call turf city to confirm the Monday (26-10) 9-10pm reservation (I don’t have anyone’s cell number so I can’t sms). I would post proposed line-ups here.

  3. Desmond O said


    I will like to fill in on Mon night@TC too. tanks.

  4. rajseran said

    Hi Alex

    Can i have your friends names so that we can decide on the line up . Thanks

    So Far Confirm for Monday at Turf City are

    Alex T
    Jason D
    Desmond o
    Dan b

    We need two more to make it 12 cheers

  5. rajseran said

    Monday at the Turf is full . Once i get the names from Dan B , will post here on the line up . Cheers

    Alex T
    Jason D
    Desmond o
    Dan b
    Neil M

  6. rajseran said

    Hi Rajiv

    Take note that there is another Friendly match on the 1st November against Look Liew Friends Team ,

    Look Liew and Anthony will be interested to play for Fiofafi .I will leave this game open to all who is interested to play on Sunday 1st November next week .

  7. rajiv said

    Revised team for Sunday: Jason D, Nick C, Imran, Rajseran, Sushil, Dan B, Poh Keng, Ganesh.

    Rajseran, you can put further updates under this post.

  8. Poh Keng said

    Ganesh, Weiwen, Suthish, Poh Keng,Kenneth L, Kimberly(girl), Yuhui(girl), Priya(girl) and Erin(girl). One more guy

  9. rajseran said

    Put me in for Tuesday , i am free on that day. Cheers

  10. rajiv said

    Sushil has taken over the Wednesday booking and will arrange another match against Mark T’s team.

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  12. rajiv said

    Rajseran has taken over the booking for this Sunday, Poh Keng the one for Tuesday and Sushil the one for Wednesday.

    The bookings at The Cage on Monday, 26 October, and Thursday, 29 October 2009 are still available. If no one takes over, they will be cancelled.

  13. Neil S said

    Im heading back to the UK for 3 days tonight and wont have access to the computer while Im there but am available wednesday night so if someone can let me know if we are playing wednesday that would be appreciated. Thanks

  14. Neil M said

    I am also available for Wednesday and have sms’ed Sushil.

    If anyone takes over any other bookuings for Tuesday or Thursday, I can also play, but afraid I’m too busy to try and organise myself.


  15. tommy said

    Tommy , Kevin, are in for Thuesday,

    Tommy, kevin, Chris are in for Thuersday


  16. Fred said

    I can also do thursday, so that’s five so far

  17. Sagnik said


    I am in for Tuesday as well.


  18. Sivaraj said

    I am in for thursday.

  19. rajiv said

    Fred, Tommy or Sagnik, can any of you take over the Thursday booking? All you really need to do is make sure you get to 10 for the game.

    Whoever takes over, if you’re still short by early next week, SMS a few of those who play on Thursday to get numbers to 10.

    You can decide on the line ups as well. The usual Thursday colours are red and black, but it’s up to you.

    I’d suggest you SMS the line ups on the day itself to those who are playing to make sure everyone turns up, and with the correct colours. (I often don’t do that as I cover 5 or more sessions/games a week, and I rely on everyone using the blog, which isn’t always the case.)

  20. poh keng said

    ganesh will take over thurs slot.. both ganesh and poh keng will play on thurs

  21. Chris said

    Hi Guys,

    been a long time since I played I know, I can make Monday and Tuesday this week if there are spaces left, I might be up for Thursday as well but will not be able to confirm until Tuesday.



  22. Chris said

    Sorry, should have said this is Chris K and I can make the cage sessions if they are not already full or cancelled.

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  24. rajseran said

    THE line up for tomorrow Monday Fiofafi

    reds Imran , Rajseran , Dan b , Yaseen ,Guillaume , George

    blacks Jason D , Alex T , Sushil ,joane , Neil M ,Desmond O

    Alex T
    Jason D
    Desmond o
    Dan b
    Neil M

  25. Poh Keng said

    For next thurs, oct 29, the following 9 players are in. Poh Keng, Ganesh, Weiwen, Neil M, Tommy, Kevin, Chris, Fred, Sivaraj. Bring along both Black and White. Please SMS me for any withdrawal. My number is 91476765

    • fiofafi said

      Chris R is Kevin K’s friend. Tommy has put him down for Thursday. His telephone number is not on the latest telephone list as we don’t have it.

      Chris K’s number is on the list. He has said he’ll get back by tomorrow about playing on Thursday.

      It might be better you SMS the rest to ask them to let you know if there is any withdrawal than have your telephone up on the blog. The telephone numbers for yourself, the other 7 (excluding Chris R) and Chris K are on the list.

  26. Azmi said

    I have a friend who is interested to play next sunday, any game available. Please include our names. Thanks.

  27. Chris said

    Hi Guys,

    having been away from FIOFAFI for a while I am still getting my head around the new system of taking on each night.

    Assuming at this stage there are no games at the cage for tonight and tomorrow night.

    Poh Keng, if I can make the Thursday game I will only be able to make it if it is a cage game and not at turf city. Apologies if there was some confusion there.



    • rajiv said

      It’s not a new system Chris.

      Instead of cancelling all routine sessions from 24 October to 14 November 2009, if individual participants would like to take over particular bookings during this period, they can do so. Bookings not taken over will be cancelled.

      Poh Keng has taken over tomorrow’s booking at The Cage for a mixed session, and Sushil has taken over Wednesday’s booking at Sports Planet for a representative game.

      Poh Keng and Ganesh have also taken over Thursday’s booking at The Cage.

      I’m leaving it to those who have taken over the booking to confirm who the players are for each game.

      • Azmi said

        I’m considering to take over Saturday games. How to do it?

      • rajseran said

        Just volunteer , get your players and you are good . Be sure there is a slot for Fiofafi booked already in advance . you have to check with Rajiv.

  28. Lukas said

    I would like to play on thrusday if there is still a slot available…Let me know…cheers,

  29. Murray said

    I’m up for taking on next Tuesdays booking 3rd November – Poh Keng on Tuesday can you check we have a provisional booking at the Cage for 9pm slot the following week?

    Anyone up for a game next Tuesday 3rd Nov at the Cage, just add your name here if you are?

    • Poh Keng said

      Yes. I am taking over all tues slots until Rajiv takes over.. Just put your name in the blog and SMS me @91476765 with your name.. getting messy here.

  30. Azmi said

    Thanks Raj. I’ve contacted Rajiv already. Anyone who’s interested to play on Saturday please put your name down here.

  31. Poh Keng said

    Tuesday, 27 October 2009 @ The cage- (Whites) Poh Keng, Melvin C, Melvin L, Yuhui, Erin.
    (Blacks) Ganesh, Suthish, Sagnik, Kimberly, Priya

    Thursday, 28 October 2009 @ The cage- Neil M, Tommy, Kevin, Chris, Fred, Sivaraj, Poh Keng, Ganesh, Lucas, Weiwen

    Any cancellations, Please SMS me @91476765. I may not be online often. If you like to put your in reserves, let me know. Thanks

    • Sivaraj said

      Hey I have to pull out for thursday. sry guys!

      • poh keng said

        thursday, 28 October 2009 @ The cage- Neil M, Tommy, Kevin, Chris, Fred,kenneth l, Poh Keng, Ganesh and Weiwen. 1 more to go.

      • Poh Keng said

        Thursday,28 October 2009@The cage-(White) Neil M, Tommy, Kevin k, Chris R, Fred. ( Black) kenneth L, Poh Keng, Ganesh, Weiwen and Chris k. This will be the ten tative line-up for the game. Please bring along both colours in case of last min changes. Please SMS me @ 91476765 for any cancellations.

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  33. Sushil George said

    Wed Oct 28, 9-10 pm at Sports Planet @ East Coast, we are playing against Mark T’s team. The team assembled are:

    Ron, Nick, Imran, Neil M & Sushil = Pls wear red.

    In reserve – Bobby, Neil S

    Sorry for any disspointments, as the 5 slots fill up real quick.


    • Imran said

      Hi Everyone… This is just FYI. We had a match today againt Mark’s team.. The Fiofafi team was Ron, Sushil, Nick, Neil M and Imran. They were a younger and much faster team, Plus 1 Substitute. We won the game 18 – 10. Superb spirit, teamwork and great workout from our end. Sorry but I had no other place to post this 😀


  34. rajseran said

    Sundays Friendly Match is Full i guess for 1st November 09

    Look Liew
    Poh Keng
    Dan B


    I might sit out for this match . Will sms the rest of you
    PLease wear Red

  35. rajseran said

    Hi Rajiv

    Please bring this message along to the next new thread as i will be bust for the next few days and though i should put the names here so i can rememeber them .

    Monday 2nd Novemeber

    DAn B

    Anyone interested please add your name too . Thanks

    3more to go

  36. rajseran said

    Ron is in

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  39. Sagnik said

    Hi Poh Keng,

    I am in for Tuesday 3rd Nov at The Cage.


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