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Tuesday Night At The Cage: 20 October 2009

Posted by rajiv on 21 October 2009

The scheduled line ups were:

  • Blacks: Poh Keng, Ganesh, Wei Wen, Melvin L, Fred
  • Whites: Tommy, Gilbert L, Barry, Sagnik, Kevin K

I received a telephone call from Tommy just after 9.00 pm to say Barry wasn’t there, and to ask whether I had heard from him.  Tommy couldn’t contact Barry, so I tried to call him, but his line appeared not to be functioning.  I hope he turned up.

Anyone, any other comments, and the result, below please.

3 Responses to “Tuesday Night At The Cage: 20 October 2009”

  1. Poh Keng said

    Game started with a representative from the cage side to replace Barry. Goaless in the first 5 mins until the whites scored through kevin. The black came back with 2 goals to take the lead. Then Tommy fell painfully with his hips hitting the edge of a 10cm thick concrete clearance located on the ground of the byeline of pitch two and he continued to struggle to play. After the blacks took a 4-1 lead and Tommy decided to stop. Poh keng went over to take over Tommy and the Cage representative went off. It became 4 vs 4.. Energy-sapping as usual and everyone tried hard to finish the game. the blacks took 7-6 lead only for Fred to break through the blacks defence to score the equalising goal with the last kick of the game. final score 7-7. ( I owed $1 to each of the players; The payment counter ran out of $1 coins.. remember to get it from me.)

    • rajiv said

      Thanks for the update Poh Keng.

      Still no word at all from Barry. It’s a pity he didn’t let me know he couldn’t make it, as Sivaraj called me at about 7.30 pm to ask if there was any withdrawal. As I was not aware of any, I told him there were none.

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