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OPSAGE: January / February 2010

Posted by rajiv on 13 January 2010

If, other than our regular indoor football games, anyone would like to propose a project, sport, activity, game or event over the next month or so, please add a comment below.

For representative or brokered games, it may make sense to stick to the following days/times when pitches may be more readily available:

  • Mondays or Fridays:  9 to 10 or 10 to 11 pm
  • Tuesdays to Thursdays:  10 to 11 pm
  • Saturdays:  4 to 5 pm
  • Sundays and public holidays:  10 to 11 am or 4 to 5 pm

Anyone proposing a representative/brokered pitch should check on the availability of a pitch.  Contact numbers are set out below for ease of reference:

  • The Cage – 63449345
  • Turf City – 64668211
  • Sports Planet – 93266635

The following teams have been available for representative/brokered games:

  • Dennis W’s team – Saturday or Sunday afternoons/evenings
  • Mark T’s team – Wednesday nights or Sunday mornings
  • Suraj/Anil’s team – Monday nights

Apart from the above, Neil M, Elvin and Jye have teams that may be available on Sunday evenings.

If anyone wishes to propose a representative/brokered game, it would make sense to do so at least a week in advance.

As I’ve said before, I have two concerns about regular sessions being used for representative games or brokered games:

  • Representative or brokered games deprive several regular participants the opportunity to play that session.
  • In regular sessions, an effort is made to make sides even, and to keep the game friendly. In representative games, no effort is made to keep the sides even, and there is a risk of the game being less than friendly.

I also received the following SMS from Mark T yesterday:

Are there players who are competitive and willing to take part in a league?  We are looking for more players.

If anyone is interested, add your name below.

5 Responses to “OPSAGE: January / February 2010”

  1. dennis thechocshop said

    shame I am in HK otherwise you would definitely have another active player – league or weekly sessions either way…how come we din get this going when I was still here Jiv? perhaps I should stop doing it and let u run things for starters!!?! anyway hv fun and enjoy hombres!

  2. rajiv said

    I received the following e-mail from Edardy yesterday:

    Hey Rajiv,

    Do you mind spreading the word about my farewell/30th bday cum charity event to the boys and their family/friends of FIOFAFI?

    Don’t buy me drinks or presents. But donate. The charity is a school centre for women and children in Afghanistan. Education was previously banned for them. All their teachers are volunteers and amongst these teachers, is a good friend of mine who will be representing the school at my party. We need to get them noticed before an NGO takes over the responsibility and provides support. Currently, it’s an independant foundation supporting them.

    SO! Contribute any amount at the party and enjoy Happy Hour till midnight. There will be great music as well!

    Drinks menu is as follows:

    All listed below is going for $11.75/2drinks till midnight if you contribute any amount. Can’t go wrong!

    1. Tiger
    2. Heineken
    3. Stella

    W INE
    1. Red Cabernet Sauvignon
    2. White Sauvignon Blanc Gran Hacidena Santa Rita.

    SPIRITS will be gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, bourbon with house mixers.

    Invite everyone!



    Click here for a poster for the party. It is on 12 February 2010 at Wild Oats.

    Everyone is invited.

  3. rajiv said

    I just received the following SMS from Mark T:

    Hi Rajiv, can u put up a thread if anyone is interested in playing tomorrow at 10 pm planet? Short of 3 players. Can leave down my number at the thread. Thanks. Apparently I can’t start a thread. Thanks mark.

    Mark’s number is 90675667.

    The GIFFA message board is for regular games where all places are open to everyone who can play football.

    For everything else, please use the OPSAGE post on the blog. Thanks.

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