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Monthly Round Up: January 2010

Posted by rajiv on 8 February 2010

The player tables have been updated.

I’ve adjusted the points as follows:

  • 2.2 points for a win, 2.1 points for a draw, modified bonus or no result (with comments) and 2.0 points for a loss or no result (without comments) (over last 6 months).
  • 0.4 points for each vote in the player poll (over last 3 months).

The votes now carry more weight relative to the result.

The formula is now [total points/(total games over past 6 mnoths + 1)]

Nick goes top of the points table.  Dan B is second, Imran third and Poh Keng fourth.

For the player of the month, as voting is low, there is no longer a three game minimum.  Instead, for this month, I have modified the formula slightly – [total votes in the month/(total games in the month + 2)].

The result for the player of the month is as follows:

Position Name Votes Games Adjusted Average
1 Imran 2 5 0.29
2 Nick 2 6 0.25
3 Dan B 1 2 0.25
4 Neil S 2 9 0.18
5 Look Liew 1 5 0.14
5 Neil M 1 5 0.14
7 Timmy 1 6 0.13

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