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OPSAGE: Second Quarter 2010

Posted by rajiv on 6 April 2010

The OPSAGE post will appear quarterly from now on.

If, other than our regular indoor football games, anyone would like to propose a project, sport, activity, game or event over the next month or so, please add a comment below.

The indoor football games on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 9 to 10 pm, at The Cage, and Sunday evenings, 5 to 6 pm, at Turf City, have been very regular since the GIFFA System was introduced in November 2009.

The Wednesday night game from 9 to 10 pm at The Cage is becoming more regular, while I will try to re-start the Saturday evening game later this month.

Two additional games I would like to consider over the course of this year are:

Only a few people ever contributed to general chat and jokes on the blog.  Since I moved these sections to the message board, there have been no contributions at all.

In January 2010, the following boards were introduced under the “General” category of the GIFFA Message Board:

  • “Football & Sports Chat – Chat about football and any sport played anywhere. “
  • “Jokes – For Rajseran and Yaseen“.

I’ll replace these with two new boards:

  • Suggestions.
  • Chat.

The “Fun” page has been amended accordingly.

The “Suggestions” board can cover anything, including OPSAGE.

It is hard to believe it is just over a year since we had the result of our “Last Comic Standing / Anakin Skywalker” poll.   A lot has happened since then.

Most people just want to play football.  The message board works for that reason.  It has also allowed me to reduce the amount of work I do to continue with our regular indoor football games, making the system more sustainable.


5 Responses to “OPSAGE: Second Quarter 2010”

  1. Boris said

    Hey guys! Good to see FIOFAFI still going strong. Just a shout out! Seriously miss the weekly futsal sessions.

    • rajiv said

      Hi Boris, how’s life? Still in Jordan?

      Back in Singapore anytime soon?

      • Boris said

        Not in Jordan anymore Rajiv. In Dubai now. Too many projects here and doesn’t look like I will be going anywhere anytime soon. Thinking about doing my MBA though so I’ll see where that takes me. Cheers!

  2. rajiv said

    From the Message Board, posted by Dilesh a short while ago:

    Fellow Yids. There was some chat about where to watch the mighty Spurs take on the Man U Plc. I menioned a pub to a few of the guys. Here is the link.

    The pub poste on the site is 235 Selegie Road. SSSC is based at The Colonial.

    The Colonial is very centrally located at the junction of Selegie Road and Bukit Timah Road. Little India MRT station is within a minute’s walk, and a public car park with ample lots is also in the vicinity.

  3. […] Thu 26 August 2010 rajiv Leave a comment Go to comments I’m continuing with OPSAGE on a quarterly basis.  This one is a bit late in the quarter I […]

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