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FAFI (Pre-January 2008)

From the old RJC at Mount Sinai to Bukit Timah campus (or anywhere else a court or pitch is available!) – regular Sunday morning football from the late 1980s, through the 1990s and into the 21st century, to regular weekday night football on Mondays (or any other day or time of the week as long as we have enough players).

Before I took over organizing our games in December 2007, and set up the blog in January 2008, our weekly game was organized by Dennis by e-mail and SMS.

The term “FAFI” was frequently used to describe our games when Dennis was organizing them. To the best of my recollection, the term was first coined soon after we moved to Bukit Timah campus, as a play on “FIFA”. According to Tom

“The FAFI moniker was coined by our dear Kin, who, increasingly frustrated at my and / or Dennis’s antics and dubious calls re. corners, goals etc, imagined an organisation contrary to fair play and transparency.”

(In which case, perhaps it should have been called FIFA!)

There were also the occasional 7-a-side games at St. Wilfred’s organized by Dennis and George, or the odd 11-a-side game.

Before Dennis, the sessions were organized by Ian and Kannan (from about 1989 to 2001) and Yu Teik (from about 2001 to 2004). With Dennis due to be posted to Hong Kong with effect from February 2008, I started taking over organizing the sessions in November 2007.

We used to play on Sunday mornings, first at the old RJC at Mount Sinai, and then at Bukit Timah campus (variously known as NIE, SPE, SMU, and now NUS Law & Social Sciences campus).

It was only in 2007 that we moved to Monday nights at Bukit Timah campus. As family commitments began to take up more of our time at the weekend, numbers for Sunday mornings began to dwindle, so Rajer (Tom’s brother) suggested moving the session to Monday nights.

Here is a picture taken at Bukit Timah campus in August 2003, which I have copied from the FAFI Group page on Facebook.

The picture on the left has been “watercolored”. Click on the picture for the original. I understand that Tom took the original picture, which would explain why he is not in it.

Before January 2008, all scheduling of games was by e-mail. Dennis would usually include a colourful report on the last game in his e-mails.

When I first set up this blog, I copied e-mails from October, November and December 2007 onto the blog. I subsequently found in an Outlook folder a host of other e-mails relating to the organizing of or reporting on games, dating back to 2005. These are now listed below:

The “Mark” referred to in the old e-mails is Mark C.

If anyone has any other old e-mails, or any other material to reminisce on, forward them to me, and I will include them.

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