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11 October 2007

From: Rajiv
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2007 10:53 AM
To: Dennis; Tar-Rom; Yu Teik; Raj; Heath; Swee-Hoe; Nathan; Andrew G; Boon Yick
Subject: Geylang West Futsal

The following dates/times have been booked for Geylang West:

a. Wed, 17/10, 7.30 – 9.30 pm
b. Wed 24/10, 7.30 – 9.30 pm

I suppose minimum 8 people (2 teams) and maximum 15 people (3 teams)?

Dennis, you’ll arrange the numbers right?

From: Tar-Rom
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2007 11:13 AM
To: Dennis; Rajiv; Yu Teik; Raj; Heath; Swee Hoe; Nathan; Andrew G; Boon Yick
Subject: RE: Geylang West Futsal

Aye, Mr Reckless, what happened to the Day 2 commentary?

Mr Mathematician had done his part by giving us the nos… how bout you??

Teik is still waiting to be mentioned for his 6 goal contribution. And its no fluke!!!!

From: Dennis
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2007 11:42 AM
To: [Mailing List]
Subject: RE: Geylang West Futsal

Yes yes – pardon my inefficiency – mr mathematician clearly omitted the final score of 13-12 in our favour – thanks to a superbly taken goal by Mr Tim N –

It was a smashing game last night – When we first started – Raj was having a whale of a time – smashing the goals in – not because of excellent build up play or quality skill from his team but merely because the goal mouth was so big and the keepers were just crap!

So we changed the rules to provide for more passing, entertaining attacking football – only scoring inside the D – immediately Raj’s goals dried up – in short he had another stinker last night – 2 stinkers in a row – imagine – what were the chances !? but fortunately for their team – there was this player called the “mosquito” – now we all know what mosquitoes are like – irritating – fast – and all over the place – not to mention – they cause fever – This player is none other than our resident veteran – Teik! Heath had just been stung by the mosquito!! Teik weighed in with 6 goals for his team! And suddenly Raj’s poor form didn’t matter afterall – it was fever pitch for Raj’s team!!

of course towards the end the mosquito lost its sting and heath the Hulk McIntyre himself came true to form and plundered a number of goals for the team – for a man out for 3 months – you couldn’t fault him for his efforts – I tell you I have never seen heath run so hard in his life – maybe in anticipation of the kambeng soup which unfortunately never materialized –

Roy was in his usual rugby self – missing so many sitters – strike ratio for first half was probably 1 goal every 5 shots – but he improved in the 2nd half and scored some crucial goals – strike rate for the night was 20 shots – 7 goals I think – he needs to drop rugby and start playing with real balls –

Tarrom was not doing himself justice on the pitch maybe because he was sulking and rather be drinking his kambeng – but he did real well in goal and later on when everyone tired –

I have never seen Nathan put in such a colossus performance – with his deft dribbles and colossus defending – this was much more like the Nathan I knew –

Hoe was off colour – clattering into me once – and his usual accurate LONG range shooting was useless last night because of the rules regarding scoring in the D zone only – Hoe, now you know why I changed the rules when you came –

Rajiv – was not his usual self – even his maths was somewhat suspect – perhaps he felt too boxed in like Raj – maybe this is not a good hunting ground yet for them both –

Tim was a crafty player – he conserved his energy and hauled our team back into contention last night – scoring the last couple of goals – and sunk Raj’s team with a sucker punch – well in, Tim – the next round’s on you!

Anyway those who missed out –we are still playing at Millwall next – the game was end to end stuff cos the ball hardly ever goes out – unless Teik is in your team – he balloons them quite often – but he is a useful mosquito – he makes up for those in his own way!

Do join us next or you will find yourself really missing out on some serious fun – we should really have the kambeng soup next time! Till then watch this space –

Your weekly football correspondent signing out –

Best regards

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