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6 November 2007

From: Dennis
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2007 10:19 AM
To: [Mailing List]
Subject: RE: SMU Bukit Timah next Monday 5 Nov 2007 8-10pm –


This will be short.

Thanks for those of you who turned up last night –

Sorry if you didn’t enjoy the game – neither did I – problem is things happen when we invite guests to join us – guests who have no etiquette and don’t know the rules and don’t know how to behave – what rules are they? Rules that have been entrenched since we started this –

When you are a guests, playing for the first time – you should just play according to the rhythm of the team and not play among 2 persons – and you don’t try to dominate how people play the game – or mouth off – because when you are a guest – esp in your first game – you don’t get to mouth off – you must earn your right to mouth off – but always remember – mouth off within the rules – what rules are they again – rules of the host – then again, maybe its because I just don’t like the French – having supported the English champions for so long – we had a French twat last night –

Anyway, enuff of this crap – it was a boring and frustrating game last night – when you have 2 persons in one team who seem so focused on playing and passing only to each other – and dribbling as if one is ronaldinho and messi – it makes the game stink – be they Indonesians or otherwise – we just don’t like selfish people – football is a team game!

Well – we might play 9-10pm next week Monday then – Rajiv is organizing that – let him know how many of you can make it – I am tired – and leaving soon for good anyway –

Best regards

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