Regular indoor football, sport and other activity for working adults in Singapore


The first “F” in “FIOFAFI” stands for “Fun”.  Presumably, our participants who come back for more do so because our sessions and games are fun.

The player tables are based on the participation records and will be updated early each month.   It can be downloaded here as a Calc document.  The use of’s Calc is explained here. If you do not have Calc, and wish to view the participation records, you can download 3.2.0 for free from here.

There are 5 sheets in the document:

  • First sheet (Sheet 5) – Listing by number of games played over the past 6 months
  • Second sheet (Sheet 4) – Listing by points over the past 6 months
  • Third sheet (Sheet 1) – Details of games played over the past 6 months, computation for player of the month and total number of games played since 1 September 2008.
  • Fourth sheet (Sheet 3) – Alphabetical listing and computation of points.

The player of the preceding month will also be announced at the same time.   Since the player of the month was introduced for July 2009, the top 5 have been as follows:

  • Up to January 2010, based entirely on votes:
Month Player of the month Runner up Third Fourth Fifth
Jul 2009 Rajseran Lukas Dominic,
Poh Keng
Aug 2009 Rajseran Ace Imran Nick Timmy
Sep 2009 Tommy Rajseran Dan B Jason D,
Oct 2009 Andre Tommy Dan B Rajseran Nick
Nov 2009 Dan B Steve F Fred,
Poh Keng
Dec 2009 Timmy Florian,
Kevin K
Jan 2010 Imran Nick Dan B Neil S Look Liew,
Neil M
  • Since Feb 2010, taking into account degree of participation and participating in the right spirit:
Month Player of the month Runner up Third Fourth Fifth
Feb 2010 Jye Azmi Look Liew, Rajseran Damian Y, Neil M, Poh Keng, Imran
Mar 2010 Dan B Jamil Neil S Kenneth L, Ian D

The “General” category of the GIFFA Message Board now comprises of “Suggestions” and “Chat”.

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[Last revised on 8 April 2010]

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